Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Cerulean Blue - for aqiaqua

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fay D. Flourite Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Fay D. Flourite Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy belated birthday aqi! So sorries this wall is late >.< It took me longer than I thought it would.

Sooo...I started off vectoring a different image of fye, one with him sitting on a barstool. I picked it because his outfit was pure black and it seemed like I would have a very easy time vectoring it. Well, then I saw the manga scan for the image I used in this wall, and I thought it might be even easier than the barstool one. ughhh talk about being lazy! ahha ironically, the one in the wall was much MUCH harder than the barstool one. soooo yea, moral #1 - dont be lazy like starr

The original title of this wall was actually "condensation keeps you cool"..for some reason it popped out of nowhere into my head while I was washing the dishes. Dont ask me why...I always get random ideas popping into my head when Im washing dishes (maybe the dish soap isnt really soap...lol) But then I thought about it for a while...and it didnt make sense. condensation is gas -> liquid, so technically, yes, it would make you cool with water, but it would also be humid. and then I realized that its evaporation that keeps you cool, when your sweat evaporates. moral #2 - keep your chemistry straight

I have no clue where I got the current title from. Its a last minute thing

umm..this is getting rather long. My head is literally splitting apart with this absolutely horrid ear ache Ive been having for a couple days now. I really think I have an ear infection..I can barely stand it and Im ready to go nuts. And this is usually the part where Pinkprincesslacus tells me Im already nuts, but shes out hollering at guys right now. lol

I dont really know what to say about this wall. I like it, but I dont like it at the same time. It took me forever to do, and I absolutely HATE vectoring (no offense to vector ppl). it seems really really plain, but I tried adding in stuff like auroras or birds and then it looked overcrowded. fye's outlines are light on purpose. They contrast too much if i make them black

huh, i dont even know what color cerulean is.

uhhh yea, for those of you wondering about whats goin on with the cheza wall...I think its just going to be sitting in my computer for a while.

Edit:: no more palm tree!
Im ready to keel over and die

edit #2 - hagane28 pointed out to me that fye's arm doesnt look clamp-ish. so she sketched and extended his arm for me and I worked off of that. Thanks so much hagane28!


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  1. alterlier Mar 18, 2007

    oh I see dead people :O

    is nice to see something from you..,so ...what normal people is used to say, cool vector, I dont know if I'm ok with the blurriness but looks really good, and at the same time it sure not was a simple vector to do...blah blah...but .... I'll admit an awful truth based on the horror of humanity, terror over the globe, non answer questions, non devoted thoughts, censored words on poor high standard channels, and it's matters,

    I..dont like that palm tree.

  2. Sinever Mar 18, 2007

    nice vector
    I love the bg
    well done

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2007

    ooo yes the palm
    tree messes it up >..<

  4. aqiaqua Mar 18, 2007

    *drooooooools onto keyboard......*

    I love you <3. This is so dreamy...weeet shirt....*saves as desktop and prepares to print off to show off to friends*

    Blueeee <3. Fye <3. That'd be my perfect day...he's dripping wet *continues to drool*..soooo...hotttt...

    *hugs Starr so tight she can't breathe*

    Only thing is the palm tree O_o. But I have no problem with Fye being so big xD.

    Another thing to feature at Fye-fans <3.

    *jumps into picture then steals Fye away* Muahahahaha :P.

  5. MapleRose Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2007

    nice vector, and I like what you did with his eyes.

    However, the vector just doesn't fit into the style at all. It lacks depth and realism that the background has, and the lightness doesn't fit with the colour scheme. I think it'd work better if you found a different scan with work with the background, or a different background (like a more abstract one, or one that's mostly vectored instead of painted) to work with the vector...

    the palm tree... not that it's bad, I mean, the painted style looks nice and all, it's just that it doesn't quite work with the style and composition of this wall. It's kinda competing with Fai for space in the foreground, which makes it look crowded (esp since Fai takes up so much space). It looks out of place, and waaaay out of proportion (either that, or it's a very skinny palm tree...)

    I like the water effects in the bg though, esp the light effects. and the clouds in the sky look nice too.

  6. PinkPrincessLacus Mar 18, 2007


    omg and yes u already have gone nuts your insane! and no I got hollered at tonight thankyou lol XD I love that bg, and i finally get to see it, danget u love men all wet and half shirtless dontcha LOL HAHA... well i do to so HECK YEAH YOU RULE! Oh wowies dang Aqi loves it i knew it XD Your so talented!

    ~* Lacus *~

  7. milla-chan Mar 18, 2007

    weel...besides the palm-tree i really like it,
    who dosn't like Fay all wet in a white shirt, hehe ;)

  8. Saikusa Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2007

    It wasn't until I read your description that I understood what the big brown thing is. If you don't like it then get rid of it. It is distracting from the nice vector you've created, and just looks completely out of place. Lose the palm tree-sand storm and then you'll have a nice little vector/wall.

  9. sailorchiron Mar 18, 2007

    The vector is beautiful, very dreamy. Like everyone the palm tree is my least favorite part. Cerulean is a beautiful color of blue, like the Carribbean or the Pacific.

  10. Saikusa Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2007

    Huzzah! That is so much better! It's like a poster for a dream holiday. The vector is nice, an although the background doesn't have a lot of detail that adds to the dreamy feel of it. Lovely!

  11. Devilet Mar 18, 2007

    Oh good, you got rid of the palm tree. I saw this wallpaper yesterday, didn't feel like bitching about it, since you heard it already a few times, lol.

    Wonderful vector honestly, I hate vectoring too, takes too much time for me y'know.
    The background is so .... nicely done! But I feel the vector looks a bit flat compared to it.
    Still! I like this wallpaper, it's quite amazing with the two things on their own.

  12. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2007

    Very nice! The background looks good and the vectoring is well done, though he seems a bit too... faded compared to the background (dunno if that made sense).

  13. pamkips Mar 19, 2007

    *laughs* there was an evil palm tree kawaii didn't know about? :O ZOM-IGOSH!
    and everyone wanted to kill it? *looked @ above comments* Oh my, why Starr, this
    palm tree must of been preety evil to piss peoples off :O The vector is fan-ta-bulous,
    it's so pweety and smexy, makes me want to poor stuff all over him and eat him :D
    ewwwws anyways Fye is gorgeouslyhottorific in the pic :D painted and se-xy :D

    Yay awesome starr wallie *hands over Jell-O* shanyuus for the fan service

  14. CosmoStar Mar 19, 2007

    I loved the vector of Fye! Gorgeous! He's looking so lovely and so like KAmui on that scan that's wet and sit under a shower...
    The beach behind him looks awesome! Congrats!
    This is a def fav! XD

  15. aneres Mar 19, 2007

    I really like the soft tones you used for the vector. XD The plain background certainly makes up for the dreamy and elegant feel.

  16. annakee Mar 20, 2007

    and i was looking for the palm trees.... maybe everybody was wrong and the trees was just fine >_<"
    anyway. a fav from nekoland!

  17. enchantment Mar 20, 2007

    i love the soft colours you used for the vector :D it makes it easier on the eyes XD lol XD i love the background :) nice beach scene :D nice wall~^^

  18. KatyNimbus Mar 20, 2007

    waaaaaa kawaiiiii *_______* *luv*

  19. rika23 Mar 21, 2007

    Kyah~ desu~ XD
    Nice Vector that you made XD
    oww,i really want to make soft tone like that >_<
    oh well,
    Love the background there XD
    Nice wall desu~ ^^

  20. xianghua Mar 22, 2007

    Oh wow! Nice one anri! :D
    I really love the water in back! And of course the sky!
    Great work on those!
    The scan fits the wall nicely! The guy's is hot :D :D :D XD I really like the colour blue in the wall:D
    And perfect title for this wall! Love it! Can't believe u said you choose it at the last minute!
    Great job! Can't wait to see more!

  21. CuteSherry Mar 22, 2007

    It's my 2nd time seeing this wall and the arm is so much better (the first time, the arm thing kinda shocked my view) but for someone who hates vectoring you sure did an amazing job! Great vectoring and coloring skills ^__^ I can hear all the fye's fans screaming *auditive illusion truer then truth :P*
    I hope to see more nice walls from you!

  22. ReBeKiCHii Mar 23, 2007

    Wow! even though you hate vectoring ... i reckon you did a great job! you just used the right colours and the wallie is perfect! it's simple an calm~ i like it! (^___^)

  23. eternallegend Mar 24, 2007

    the vector looks lovely and i like how you did the background :D the scenery looks lovely and i like the nice atmosphere :) the colours all blend well together and i like how you did the water :D great wall ^^

  24. kyokawaii Mar 24, 2007

    gosh you are simply amazing!

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