Sengoku Musou Wallpaper: S.e.n.g.o.k.u. M.u.s.o.u.

Koei, Sengoku Musou, Okuni Wallpaper
Koei Studio Sengoku Musou Series,Game Okuni Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Did this when i was half awake and half asleep so i dont know what i was doing, i got this scan from Gfxart and yes this is from the game called Sengoku Musou or to you english people Samurai warriors 4 and yes this is the only game where you can jump and hit, ride a horse, hit people while riding a horse, make the horse jump and fight with the horse. So anyway tried to incorporate this bg from he artbook scan and i got this done simple to get away yet again from my depressive state which is coming back, like no one would care....
but anyway lots of duplication and overlaying, took 2 hours to think and make a decent sky from this and in the end this was what it ended up as.

So anyway 35 layers and 6 hours of work. hope you like! ^ ^

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  1. Noctum Jul 21, 2004

    The character picture and bg looks excellent, but:
    - the poles of the red gate look a bit deformed, as if they were about to break
    - the text could use another font, perhaps also another text colour

  2. rory07 Jul 21, 2004

    very pretty :)

  3. ChuChiChaeschtli Jul 21, 2004

    actually a pretty good wall, but sorry, too blurry for me. Colors and such are all good :)

  4. Bloodlust Jul 21, 2004

    really good

  5. kenzuke Jul 21, 2004

    Nice wall!! :D ..but its a bit blurry for me.. :sweat:

  6. kyojun Jul 21, 2004

    cool wallpaper, good work

  7. keenan83 Jul 21, 2004

    nice wall, the scan looks great.

  8. Tsaphkiel Jul 21, 2004

    good work

  9. Asahi Jul 21, 2004

    yeah.. really nice wp work . but plse !! take another fontcolor... :o

  10. MHF Jul 21, 2004

    Good wall!!!

  11. Xueli Jul 21, 2004

    looks great!

  12. sammo Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2004

    nice work oracle ^_^

  13. hidekeitaro Jul 21, 2004

    Very beautifull :D

  14. nuniko Jul 21, 2004

    It's beautiful! ^_______^ I'd ditch the text, though. XD Or at least change the font...^^

    Great job. ^^

  15. Osiris Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2004

    love the whole concept and the flowers top left :D

  16. Saint-Rygar Jul 21, 2004

    Like most ppl says it's pretty and great colors but a little blurry =/

  17. Zelgadis Jul 21, 2004

    nice wall, not too blurry
    +fav :)

  18. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2004

    not a bad wall oracle....but she looks streched horizontally XD and i'm not too keen on the black text on the top left....being said....lovely BG and great composition :D ^_^

  19. shirahana Jul 22, 2004

    The colors match the character so well ^_^ I love the blurs, too!

  20. darkassailant001 Jul 24, 2004

    nice but blurry

  21. UndyingShadow Jul 24, 2004

    i like the colors.

  22. nadesico2 Jul 25, 2004

    Good job

  23. Ymooncrystal Aug 03, 2004

    pretty O.O .. keep it up ..

  24. aria-chan Sep 05, 2004

    Nicely done, but a bit too pink for me :)

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