Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Winter Paradise [For Aqi]

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Winter Paradise [For Aqi]

OMG How long has it been since my last wall? *counts* 7 months O.O Me have been a real slacker X-P Plus, my muse has gone for vacation, not much inspiration left to wall so sorry for the sudden hiatus >.<

Man 7 months is a really long time, all my skills have deteriorated BIG TIME. Trying something new (<--totally Aqi's fault) that is making a winter wall and I really suck at it >.< Aqi, hope you're not too disappointed with the outcome ^_^' *prepares to duck any chair-throw*

Its quite a simple wall, I just created an ice background (hardest part) and icified the stone thingy where Fye leans on. Yes, I call Icified a term :pacman: Then the rest was pretty random XD Fye's coat is seriously too long~! *prepares scissors* Muahahaha

As the title says, this wall is dedicated to Fye's queen, her royal majesty, Aqi~! *trumpet sounds* <3 She's one hell of a good userpage maker so I'm just gonna spam her avvy here XD THOSE WHO NEEDS A USERPAGE MAY ASK HER~!

aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua
aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua aqiaqua

Muahahahahahaha Hope you'll have a lovely birthday ^^

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  1. rubenz Mar 13, 2007

    Oh my its been a while since you make a wallpaper and yay your skill still great ^^ I really love the ice you made, it looks real and the color is great also ^^

  2. sakuya-sama Mar 13, 2007

    it's a really great work, loved the light bg and the scan looks clean ^^ nice work
    keep the great work up :)

  3. Machika Mar 13, 2007

    Wow...I love the bg you did! It's so dreamy and it fits Fay perfectly ^^ You did a great job cleaning the scan too, and I also love the color tone. Very eye-catching ;)

  4. aqiaqua Mar 13, 2007

    *screams and sets as desktop immediately*




    *glomps really tightly*

    XDDDDDDD would fave a bazillion times but MT don't allow that. TTTTTTTHAAAANK YOUU!

    XD and spamming my avvie. Ya, taking requests! *waves*

    XD 13 tomorrow, zomg O_o.

    merged: 03-13-2007 ~ 01:38pm
    *sets as desktop*


    I might print it off to and show to my friends and show off XD.

  5. milla-chan Mar 13, 2007

    that background is soooooo beautiful.

    ohh...and happy birthday from me too Aqi-san :D

  6. royaldarkness Mar 13, 2007

    Wheeee it's beautiful Mandy ^_______^ never once doubted your ability to make beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, amazing, fantastic, unbelievable...(running out of adjectives XD) wallies! And also happy birthday to aqiaqua!

  7. schwindelmagier Mar 13, 2007

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh *_*
    It's time that my birthday approaches, i want such an amazing wallie too <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 , wonderful job, Mandy, love it till death as I love you till death. ^_^
    the ice bg looks so....argh......amazingly beautiful.
    great job...fav fav fav fav fav fav <3

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2007

    OMG! A wall from Enchantress!
    Very nicely done! The colors are awesome and the scans fits with the bg! *Added to EDD*

  9. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 13, 2007

    It's been way too long >..<
    I've missed your wallies so ;_;

    Great color blends and character
    sketch, and of course the clouds XD
    which you so dear love, great job with
    everything, its so exciting to finally
    see something from you ^.^

  10. XxYukirinxX Mar 13, 2007

    0.0 that is a beautiful wallpaper! I love the background with the snow and the ground. Very nice work. Fantastic Job! ^^

  11. AngelKate Mar 13, 2007

    This is lovely! I'm glad you finally made a wall again! I missed your work. :) The details are great and I loooove this scan! Nice job! ^_^

  12. alterlier Mar 13, 2007

    it reminds me to walls i used to make, when I was lost and in my not normal state of mind.
    it looks good, I mean visually is something pretty but artisticly is not the super duper thing, you can easily tell what kind or where you used the brushes....mn but like i said is still pretty....

  13. pamkips Mar 13, 2007

    It's visually preety :3

  14. kokuyu Mar 15, 2007

    there! my bet strikes the bull's eye XD another priceless elite item <3
    i keep mistaken it's very blur...until i download it ^_________^" should have add "NOTE: PLEASE FULL-VIEW FOR BETTER VIEW" :3

    seriously, the snowy background is supremely fantastic. i LOVE every single bits of snow (but not ais kacang X-P ) viewing it cools my fever now ^_^" *coughs*

    shades, colour blending....all mix well. must be applauded ^^

  15. Ephemeral-Garden Mar 16, 2007

    Iiya... 7 months hiatus eh... well to tell the truth I didn't realise you've been absent for such along time. ^_^'

    Anyway, this wall... think the background might look over realistic for a handrawn character like Fye. They just don't match, the differences between 2D and 3D really shows. I was thinking maybe if you've chosen a 2D background the results might be better.

    The backish glow around Fye can be toned down a bit, it's just too obvious. It might be better off without it as well.

    Hm, I think this wall just doesn't look good with such background. I just can't find anything that can be taken from here. It just... doesn't look good. >.<

  16. moonfire Mar 17, 2007

    yay for you! and belated bday to aqi! :D
    the bg is so beautiful.. with the glowing things and stuff.. great work!
    nice job on cleaning the scan too. though i think you could work on the clouds more. but very good job on it, nonetheless! :)

  17. shiwei Mar 18, 2007

    nice wallpaper. the icy background is beautiful.
    like the clouds very much, keep it up, +fav

  18. sovo-kun Mar 20, 2007

    it does look great but i don t like the effect

    of the cape being different ... it doesn t look good on that point..

  19. xianghua Mar 24, 2007

    Oh WOw! Very lovely wall here Enchant-san!
    I just love the colour blue in walls :D
    Everything is just so magical!
    Great work!
    Hope to see more! :)

  20. norine07 Apr 07, 2007

    XD enchant-san! XD really lovely wallie, love the effects and all put together! XD the scan! XD to die for fye! XD hahax..! it gives a really nice magical and dreamy feel to it! XD nice one ne! XD hope to see more of your works though like you say your really very busy! XD XD

  21. jaejoong May 04, 2007


  22. sai927 Jul 21, 2007

    So nice work~

  23. lovelymade Mar 11, 2009

    Thank you verymuch

  24. daniticha Aug 24, 2009

    Fay is cute like always!

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