Yumehito Ueda Wallpaper: Dawn Upon The Shore...

Yumehito Ueda Wallpaper
Yumehito Ueda Mangaka

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I have not much to say except on plain sight, this looks like a rip, I do hope that you spare time to have a look at what I have done with this wallpaper.
Because it was too difficult and too beautiful on its own to do anything about it, including cutting out background and all that jazz, plus being on a brain block, I choose to make a wallpaper = scan like wallpaper.

Source = www.genocidekiss.com
Artist = Yumehito Ueda

The artist seems to be male, and is a comic artist apparently.

This wallpaper is based on one of his/her walls, I took quite some time trying to figure out what I can do to make it better, but then, it didn't quite come to me, to me, the wallpaper was missing something, like widescreen for my new widescreen monitor, the lacking of resolution and quality, the lack of clarity, and of course, being a texture whore, textures was missing and it gave me a sense of over bright background versus character feeling.

So for that, I began work on it.
First, I cleaned it, of course. Slowly but surely, I make the blurry corners a bit clearer, gave some blending for the skin, added textures and blended them bit by bit to ensure the best effects without too much standing out. Then, the birds... they must be blended as they are too dark and too much contrast for my eyes (yes I dont have 2020 vision).
Then, I extended the character wall to nearly 152% from its original size to match 1920 res. This requires further cleaning after of course, and then, it is time to clear the table for signature textation.

I love text, I cant do without them in my walls. So this time, I wanted a long one, and thus we have that.

That said, this wallpaper might as well be a nice scan, I have no complaints if it were deleted due to lack of effort I am just gonna share it anyhow, my personal opinion is that it is a sad attempt to wall, but then it is still worth it cause I am using it now.

Anyhow, again, as per usual, Devildude offers all sorts of choices and along with this I have:

Other Versions:
TextlessBlue TexturelessTextlessBlue SephiaBrown No Textures Sephia BrownTextless Sephia Brown No textures and no text
Sephia Brown

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  1. Hanedas Mar 11, 2007

    awesome wall nice job really love d art in this wall

  2. JKLeganes Mar 11, 2007

    it seems so sad...but very beautiful anyway, it communicates a lot of energy. Sorry for not being able to describe what I see better :( Thanks for sharing!

  3. xmaryx Mar 11, 2007

    Really good! =O
    I like so much, the effects and all ^^!
    Awesome! :D

  4. KOKUJINDESU Mar 11, 2007

    Another great effort! Thanks for all the details--it helps those of us who have no idea as to how to creat a wallie!
    Ja ne

  5. Melisandre Mar 11, 2007

    Lovely wallie! + fav

  6. royaldarkness Mar 12, 2007

    Beautiful. Keep it up ;)

  7. enchantressinthedark Mar 12, 2007

    A really stunning piece of work ^^ Looks really beautiful but still kinda freaked out to see characters sooooooo close up XD

  8. eternallegend Mar 12, 2007

    the textures have been blended nicely into the background and the colours all seem to help create the mood :D the cleaning has been done nicely and the title and the words underneath are well positioned :) i like the meaning behind it :D lovely wall ^^

  9. MasterPivot Mar 12, 2007

    Excellent wallpaper.

  10. irix Mar 12, 2007

    magnificent! [i love it!] :nya:

  11. kiokorenay703 Mar 13, 2007

    wow. And i mean WOW. Holy, very nicely done. I bit blury... but i guess it figures... i mean. resizing, cleaning, and putting on texture makes images a bit blury. However... that has never stoped me XD haha lol. I think i sound smart... Hum... maybe cos i went brunet... dunno. :P lol.
    Anyways, this is A very nice piece of work, very unique character (never seen this art. And i suere am looking for MORE! XP lol, its very nice.) and of coures, the bg, and your Uwsom text! ^^ haha lol..

    Well... favs for me. Supper sweet. Thanks alot! :) lol. i mean for sharinz! ^^' favie!

  12. ShrinkNerv4Eva Mar 13, 2007

    Your work is always so good and I'm always afraid to comment on them because of that.

  13. flyable Mar 14, 2007

    I really like this new wallie..
    From far it looked normal..
    But then after i enlarged it & dl it..
    Man i was wrong! Totally luv it.. =)
    The texture is also good.. Adding it to fav.. :D

    merged: 03-15-2007 ~ 01:30am
    Aiks.. I don't remember how to add to fav.. =.=

  14. CarbonR Mar 16, 2007

    /b/lackup has arrived, i saw the original scan of this, but i always love how you touch it up. you gotta teach me cuz i can only vector lol.
    ^ ^
    (=???)? nyoro~n

  15. pamkips Mar 17, 2007

    wow, insane blurring? wow I <3 it

  16. FluffyNeko Mar 17, 2007

    What you've done with that picture is amazing. You've given it so much more depth than it had originally. Great job!

  17. norine07 Mar 17, 2007

    omg, 0.0 really nicely done! sa-chan like it! the way you madde it very unique! ^^

  18. shiwei Mar 17, 2007

    nice wallpaper, simple and nice. the clouds is good.
    keep it up, +fav

  19. mystvearn Mar 17, 2007

    A nice wallpaper, like the hair and the birds in the background

  20. rellik Mar 17, 2007

    I very like it, color, light effect ...

  21. enchantment Mar 17, 2007

    wow, this looks really lovely :D white but works well with your wall :D nice wall~^^

  22. chii0103 Mar 20, 2007

    wo nice wall..

    thanks for shaRing ^^

  23. RoyalPython Mar 21, 2007

    It's the girl's eyes that i love in your wall.
    Will have to get it to my screen resotution but truly a great wall

  24. Somnabu Mar 22, 2007

    what can i see... i mean seriously, the girl has perfect face, and such deep reflective eyes with godlike eagle inside. wonderful and i love this wall
    hope to see your next work..

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