Amy Sol Wallpaper: *Quidlibet Audendi Potestas*

Amy Sol, Vector Art Wallpaper
Amy Sol Mangaka Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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*inserts drums Illuminated Wallpaper at Celestial-Luminesse. Yaaay~ Am I dreaming, folks?

*drums* Ha~ha~ha~ha~ Another crappy wallpaper from dear Nari~chan here ^__^
So there's not too much to say about it... haah... still, I will try and give some details about how much of my life I spent on this >_>
Here is the original image ~ Clicky~!. Artwork by Amy Sol, she's a very veery talented artist [and a very nice person ^_^], just check out her site for more unique works - AmySol.com. And I have explicit written permission from her to use the image [i used in this wallp] so there won't be any problems with the copyright... like that I used the image with no permission blah blah. I hope. I just wouldn't like that the wallp I managed to make with so much effort would be deleted just like that. ^_^
The vector was painfully hard to do, mainly because I had to resize the image and I was trying to keep at least some of the uniqueness of the original image... I still omited some details ^_^. Why? Some of them were impossible to do, others I just forgot about them. So after I finished the girl and the other balloons [as in after a loooong time] I had to do the bg... that was even more difficult to make, I just couldn't see what colours I should use, dammit... >__> . I added some mist, made some clouds that look more... "cloud-ish" [it was my first time so please don't rub it in] ~ besides, I don't have a tablet, it would've been much easier for me to draw clouds with a tablet... Oh and the wallp is totally re-painted. 101% ^_^
Per total, the wallpaper took me about 1 week to finish. AND about 180 layers. AND it sucked all my inspiration out.

Sry for the title, had thought about it for days and finally came up with this [as in, found it in a book XD]. It means "The power to dare everything". So, what to dare? This is what I want you to think about. Like to dare to live, to love, to fight to blah blah... ^^

Oh btw btw, I wanted to say thank you to dearest Starr~chan - she, with her opinion about this wall, indirectly made me to actually want to submit it. So yah, she also helped indirectly. *hugz*

Hope you'll enjoy the wallpaper, please, I really mean it, pleaaase comment and fav if you want to.


*NewTime Magic*
celestial-luminesse~ the-dior ~ nugeneration

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  1. pamkips Mar 07, 2007

    This is fabulous :D I <3 the pale colors, and it just looks very vinatge
    and I <3 vintage

  2. inREVERIEforever Mar 08, 2007

    I absolutely love the wallpaper.
    I love her dress. It's beautiful. The vector and colors are amazing.
    You did a fabulous job. <3

  3. LordWe Mar 08, 2007

    Wow, Narikoneko, this is easily your best work yet! XD I can only imagine how much time (and frustration) it must have taken to get each element to look so good. Everything is so soft and dreamy, it is really beautiful. Her head seems to poke out from the rest of the wall, and depending on personal taste that could go either for or against it, but regardless this is an excellent wallpaper. Keep up the great work :)

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 08, 2007

    Fantastic wall! The colors are great and it looks so soft >_< The dress looks fabulous =D

  5. DREAM Mar 08, 2007

    j' adore. ^^
    im friending you Lady Narikoneko


  6. alterlier Mar 08, 2007

    the warm, death colors are fascinating, not to mention the vector and the original artwork, indeed this is your best work till date, and yeah im loving it.

  7. Oriya Mar 08, 2007

    incredible, I really like this style, gentle.

  8. Morphee Mar 08, 2007

    damn i can understand that vector was hard to do! the original picture is so small!
    you did an amazing job :) i really love it!

  9. Devilet Mar 09, 2007

    You vectored from that tiny image?! My gosh, you got some charisma. :D
    I like the colours and tones in the wallpaper, of course the remake of it is taking from the original.
    Her neck, wow, is long .. haha, but that's not your doing I'm sure, just a bit weird.

    I like it very much, nice work! :)

  10. enchantment Mar 09, 2007

    wow, i love how you repainted everything :D its really nicely done :) i love the soft colours and the background and clouds look lovely :D nice wall~^^

  11. eternallegend Mar 09, 2007

    i like how the colours help with the nice atmosphere and everything has been recreated well :) i like the colour combinations and the way everything has been done :D nice wall ^^

  12. aplastictree Mar 11, 2007

    The composition and colorization of this wall > :3 Gorgeous wall!

  13. AnomalyE Mar 12, 2007

    Very nice wall and the image brings a smile. The background may be a bit to bright in some places, but who cares. Still very nice.

  14. blackinque Mar 28, 2007


    sorry for the late comment ... I loved this ever since I saw it .... it's unique .... just had to +fav it ^^


  15. kiokorenay703 Apr 12, 2007

    VERY VERY VERY Unique! :D I love this. its very interesting, clean, and very pleasent to look at :D Great wallie! :) hehe. Favie of coures! XD

  16. GaiJiN Jun 06, 2007

    Wow never expected to find an Amy Sol wall here. I love all of her works (and Four Dreams in general actually). I kind of miss the original face and the wood lines but the smooth feel of the vector works well with the soft earthly colours.

  17. lovelylayla Sep 23, 2008

    love the hot air balloons, it would have been better if the colors had more contrast though

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