Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Veil of Light

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Lacus Clyne Character Kira Yamato Character

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

A submission for the contest "Let There Be Light" hosted at paint-o-rama. You can find a vector version I posted here.

Inpiration: Submission for the paint-o-rama contest.
Started: Nearning the end of Janruary
Hours: 9 hours
Layers: 65
Hardest Part: brushing the rocky parts
Easiest Part: The light (Sun)
Credits: Scan from kyroooo
Notes: For this wallpaper I changed the vector colors a little brighter and blurry just so it could fit the background. I know it's very uncreative, but originally it was suppose to be Lacus walking on stairs up to the clouds where there is Heaven's Gate, but the cloud effects didn't go so well in close up. :sweat: I tried many tutorials and even guessed, but it didn't go so well despite I tried following the instruction.

I know I should've tried smudging the characters to make it more realistic and gave more shadowy depth to them to fit with the background, but it was too late by teh time when I finished vectorying them and I didn't have enough time.

The title was originally suppose to be "Heavenly Dawn", "Raphsody Dawn", or "Morning Dusk", but that didn't go as well. ^_^' My sister gave me the idea for the title "Veil of Light" so I just used it anyways. Suggest me a better name when you comment me on this wallpaper. :)

I won't mind the critism if the smudging and brushes weren't good because I must admit that there's one thing I hate above the whole wallpaper is the how badly I made the rocks they were suppose to walk on really just sicking me.

Currently Constructions

Breaking The Boundaries - Vector 11
(None yet) - Vector 12
Himeko & Chikane - Vector 13


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  1. gaara-no-shukaku Mar 05, 2007

    Yay, now you've posted your entry. :D
    Well, on the bright side, this wallpaper is lovely. The choice of colours really fits the whole atmosphere. Your vector is great. I have the original scan, which is sorta bad quality to vector though. And you nailed it, on the vector. ;) I love the light effect, very well-done. :)

    On the dark..side, the characters are lack of depth. (I know you already knew it XD) The clouds seem abit unreal, but still cool though. The sea is not really incorporated with the sky. The rocks also lack of depth, as well as the sea on the right. But I do love the sparkles on the sea. :D

    I think the title is okay, since I'm not good with titles too. XD And I wish to see your tutorial on how you paint the light effect behind Lacus. Personally, I think you've done really great here, for your first time painting. Just be sure to blend your vectors well with your painting. Great job, and good luck for the contest! :)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 05, 2007

    Ah no, I like the clouds!
    The lighting seems cool and the bg looks great though maybe the water needs a bit touching up. Other than that, nicely done~

  3. pamkips Mar 05, 2007

    Besides what the peeps above me have said,
    the walls fab
    nicely done :D anyways anyone who sits there
    and paints a wallie deserves respect yo, 'cause painting
    ain't easy, yo

  4. xianghua Mar 06, 2007

    Nice one! Your Lacus vector is really pretty!
    Great job on the painting! :D
    A wallie title? Hmm i think the title is alright but i can give ya some suggestions :D :
    "A new future"
    "Heavenly Light"
    "Morning Light"
    "Morning breeze"
    "Heading towards the light"
    "Light of future"
    "A new start"
    "Spirit of Light"
    "Shining future"
    Well i hope you'll be able to choose one! (it's really okay if you don't XD this is what i do sometimes when i can't think of a title ,I look at the image for a while and ideas just come in my head :D)
    Anyways good work! *favs*

  5. MapleRose Retired Moderator Mar 06, 2007

    nice work! esp for your first painting ;) great vectoring (you've improved so much! :) ) , esp with the transparent-ness of her dress.

    like gaara mentioned, I like the colour scheme. The clouds are not as bad as you think, though it could be smoothed out a bit more (esp on the left side). The rocks... I think the main reason is that it's over-smudged, so it looks too soft for rocks (but I'm never good at doing them either...)

    yeah it does lack a bit of depth. The shading on Lacus could be emphasized a lot more, esp given that the light source seems to be directly behind her (which would make her almost a silhouette).. though I think there is another light source seeing as how Kira's lighting is coming from the right...)...

    Also, Lacus' shadow looks too sharp. It should be softened a bit.

    anyway, good luck on the contest! ;) I'd like to see how the water is done for the tutorial, I esp like those reflection sparkles :)

  6. DarthTofu Mar 06, 2007

    ...All I can say is... SO PURPLE! xD

  7. ainthecute Mar 07, 2007

    It took a lot of hard work there ..

    But I like it:)

  8. audeaya Mar 08, 2007

    great moonescape i love it!

  9. merelie Mar 08, 2007

    i was curious how you'd bring the vectors together for your wallpaper
    it turned out wonderful, by the way :)
    i like the simple lines
    and awww, the expression on kira's face
    thank you for sharing

  10. rue Jun 25, 2007

    Awesome wall.
    Very dramatic, and striking.
    Good Work.

  11. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Nov 02, 2007

    This one is amazing! :) I don't know very much about this Gundam (I'm a big Gundam Wing fangirl!) but these images you have are beautiful! This one is truly breathtaking! This one is going on MY favorite list! :D (PLEASE make more!) ;)

  12. ImyImy Mar 04, 2009

    Such a beautiful wallpaper! :D
    Surely a fav! ^_^

  13. machimiko Sep 17, 2009

    Such a pretty picture you used, I love this wallpaper *-*

  14. shinigamiken Oct 28, 2009

    nice, thanks for sharing^^

  15. ninjaaal2on Jan 12, 2010

    Lacus is half naked... =] and i love it

  16. chimot Feb 11, 2010

  17. darkcloud7489 Feb 25, 2010

    very nice the vector wasnt that bad

  18. GemKingKilik88 Apr 10, 2010

    Very elegant, this is a masterful image and very beautiful.

  19. MysticGohan Aug 29, 2010

    lacus is always a plus in my books, thanks for sharing

  20. kingdarien2090 Sep 26, 2010

    Very Nice wallpaper.........i love it........lovely :)

  21. HaroHaro Dec 04, 2010

    Beautiful... Thanks for the wallpaper

  22. KiraYamato18 Jul 22, 2012

    This wallpaper are very dramatic and striking.
    Nice work and thaks for sharing

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