Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: Future Foe Scenario

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Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Sora Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is for Paint-o-Rama's LET THERE BE LIGHT contest. It's Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and uhm. . . .well, it's not a scan repaint or smudge, (almost) completely from scratch, save the vectored lineart. So, yeah.

Oh, and tutorial: Gid paints a picture

I'll have a 1600 version up on InkyMonday sometime later, when I have a chance to fix the gallery.

EDIT: Softened the shadows. (:


Chosen by flyindreams and candy-chan

Eye-candy colours, dynamic composition and detailed painting together create this awesome wallpaper by Gid you shouldn't miss!

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by candy-chan.

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 04, 2007

    The eye is awesome :o
    Lovely painting and the lighting is excellent. Great job!

  2. flyindreams Mar 04, 2007

    Nicely done Gids... :D Especially like what you did with the eyes :3

    *thumbs up*

    *waits for 1600 version* yah you need to fix up IM woman!

  3. fawna-chan Mar 04, 2007

    I like the lighting on his face and that eye is ever so blue. >_<

  4. entity1660 Mar 04, 2007

    Wow, this makes Sora look so realistic in this painting, espacially the eyes, reminding me of the game itself. Favorite, desu~!

  5. pamkips Mar 04, 2007

    Amazing concept, I love the way it's painted and it's just extremely original

  6. gaara-no-shukaku Mar 04, 2007

    The shading is great. Background needs improvement. Vectored lines don't seem to be well-blended with the painting. Hmm, how do you paint the eye? Well, good luck anyway. :D

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Mar 04, 2007

    ooh pretty :) great rendering and shading, esp those eyes (very captivating ^^) and neat trees :)

    nice tutorial too (yay for magical non-folding clothes! lol, I can't do folds to save my life...). Do you do all of the highlighting/shading of one area on one layer?

    I like the dramatic lighting effects and the shadows, though I think the shadows on the trees should be softened a bit.

    and yay for widescreen! :)

  8. aplastictree Mar 04, 2007

    Ah yes, the eyes *pokes* So purtiful *-*

    This is insane painting *bows down to the awesomeness*

    Also, Silversun Pickups ftw :3 Assuming that's where it's from [the title]

  9. moonescape Mar 04, 2007

    The shading here was very good. It's lke you got all the spot in here. Though the trees I think need some more shading or softening like what MapleRose said.

    I don't know how do people paint the characters like that because I'm having problems with it. ^_^' Maybe it's because I'm very lazy when I don't smudge the shading/highlight parts. I just don't blur the outlines. It's too cheap now that I think about how I do it.

    Wow! I think there's quite a lot of people now that format the wallpaper in widescreen nowadays.

  10. alterlier Mar 05, 2007

    haha im totally getting into the tutorial to see how can i do that", the result, what i see right now, is a very clean, excellent, pro, work, and well I find the trees and their outline very attractive, it's not like if it's losing softness...bleh....

  11. starrliteangel Mar 06, 2007

    whoaaa now that is just sweet! I looove the eyes. theres so much detail in them! The lighting is really cool too.

    Quote: It's Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and uhm. . . .well, it's not a scan repaint or smudge, (almost) completely from scratch, save the vectored lineart. So, yeah.

    whoaa! so does that mean you made even the character up too? or did you use a screen shot or something? thats amazing!

    just my personal opinion, but I thought the pupil could be a little more smudged, or humm...some how blended into the rest of the eye? Or lower the opacity maybe. Im not really sure, but how it is now makes it look a little floaty

  12. DarthTofu Mar 06, 2007

    lol, Sora's face takes up the whole screen for me. x3 So big!
    The eye is so cool! The only thing that bothers me is that it makes the rest of the painting look bland. x3

  13. ArtificialRaindrop Mar 13, 2007

    I absolutely LOVE how you did Sora's eye! Unfortunately, I don't think that the eyelashes compliment it very well as rigged as they are :( (smudging might help a bit to soften them?) It's very well done as a whole, and a looks nice ^_^ great job!

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