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Nothing much to say here.

Just, this is me and my girlfriend : D

I'm a bit off CGing because of college. Been busy and very sick. Sorry.
I'll try posting more soon after my term ends.


Chosen by LordWe and fireflywishes

Ryuuen never ceases to amaze with his creativity and CGing skills. Ryuuen's talent is showcased in this piece from the shading and colors to the expressions on each character's face. Congrats on an excellent doujin, Ryuuen! (And hope that you're feeling better!)

Proposed by LordWe and highlighted by fireflywishes.

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  1. Azumi11 Mar 02, 2007

    This is a great artwork..Ganbatte!

  2. twilightofrose Mar 02, 2007

    When I first saw it, I thought it was an artwork taken from a game! It's so adorable and cute! :D

  3. janicehamtaro Mar 02, 2007

    That is one awesome piece of work. the colours are great! you and your girlfriend...how cute. +fav

  4. catcrazy Mar 02, 2007

    Hi great work! good drawing and coloring.

  5. LordWe Mar 02, 2007

    Very impressive! I wouldn't say the CGing is off at all, it looks great. You just keep getting better and better as time goes on XD I hope you will submit more of your art when you have the time.

  6. MapleRose Retired Moderator Mar 02, 2007

    I am jealous of your mad CGing skills >.< I love the shading, esp the cape :) and neat pose too (ah I wish someone would protect me like that XD)

  7. Wapy Mar 02, 2007

    awesome! grweat pose, great clours, great!

  8. starhellokittyangel Mar 02, 2007

    That is some awesome CG work there, I love the poses and the colours ^^ well done!

  9. Ardenta Mar 02, 2007

    I like it very much, you're good. ^^

  10. HitomiEyes Mar 02, 2007

    thats so cute with you and ur girlfriend and the picture is amazing!~fav~

  11. acid-awakening Mar 02, 2007

    Wow... Good as ever
    But... I think there's a slight problem... It's either he's wearing a muscle shaped shoulder armour or he's got very big muscles with none on his neck.
    But other than that it's very good

  12. FlowerDog Mar 03, 2007

    The quality on this CG art is excellent. :D I don't have much to say, but that you have create a lovely doujinshi. I especially like the coloring style. ;) Awesome work Ryuuen and I hope you do get well.

  13. rythem Mar 03, 2007

    the characters are drawn excellently <3 their expressions is the most striking in this piece imo . though the cging/shading part might need more work . try to use double colour swatches (colours not from the same pallete that look very good together - e.g the base colour is red , but isn't necessary to use dark red for the shading , take dark blue/or anything which suits the mood best) . but overall , really nice work :3

  14. Steffimon Mar 03, 2007

    I love your work. The charas are awesome and the details are great, particularly the hairs are beautiful. It is the best picture, which I see for a long time. And face-express, but above all the eyes, radiate so much emotions. I can only say, it a fantastic picture became. Much luck ebi your study.

    of course Fav and WL :)

  15. Ephemeral-Garden Mar 03, 2007

    Issit you or its just me who hasn't been noticing much about your uploaded works? XD

    This drawing is awesome. Character design is top notch. ^^ (well it's you and your girlfriend, it has to look good) Well I definitely can't see anything wrong with your cg skill, I really admire your work. The expression in this work really shows; especially the princess with such sad face clinging to her knight, those are just amazing.

    Kya! I love that pose! >.<

  16. Anjhurin Mar 03, 2007

    Quote by firefly-LordWeAnd hope that you're feeling better!

    huh ?

    Anyway, great job as usual, i really like those works where you soften up the shading / coloring (even though it is still as good as ever). Great facial expressions, and i love that piece of armor, it looks really worn off.
    One thing bothers me though : they're not looking at the same thing, i guess "you" are looking at the dragon, but is your gf looking at the 'camera' ? that is weird. Otherwise, the mid-long hair really suits ^_^.

    Thumbs up :D

  17. Danielly Mar 04, 2007

    my fried it really deserved a hightlite XD
    that's perfect
    all your effects are soo well done
    good job once again ^^

    and of couse it's


    at Made-to-create ;)

  18. Zellions Mar 05, 2007

    Awesome! Your skill are really high, I like your artwork! ^_^

  19. IronSerpent Mar 05, 2007

    A very nice image. It reminds me greatly of Ryu and Yua, from Breath of Fire 2 (albeit, an Adult Ryu and a Childhood Yua). The little light flare dot thing in the middle if the image (by the male's chin) is a bit annoying, as it looks a lot like an extension of his chin, but otherwise, the image is finely done.

    Nice work!

  20. asinine Mar 05, 2007

    oh this is simply amazing...
    I cant criticise it or anything but just be awed by its awesomeness...

    Man your girlfriend will be head over heels for you XD

  21. Blueheart Mar 05, 2007

    it's pretty cool!
    I love it!
    wonderful job!

  22. pamkips Mar 05, 2007


  23. Arche0n Mar 07, 2007

    wow.. nice job..

  24. Tauro Mar 08, 2007

    So this is an original doujinshi, and not that of a game?

    You have done well with this image, and I've not any criticisms. Keep up the good work, eh? :)

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