Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Hibiscus Sky

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1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Welcome to my first all-painted wallpaper. I wanted this to look like an oil painting: soft lines, smoothe colors, nothing rigid. I've had this scan forever, I think I got it from Project Zen back in the day...anyway, it's a great pic of Yuuko, Himawari and Sakura napping in the sun, but the scan, while big, was SO PIXELATED that it was almost hopeless. Here's a piece of the scan (I really think you should look at it):

Piece of Scan

This wall was almost entirely done with the smudge tool and and round brush. I even smudged the birds so that they fit in with the style. The hardest part was making the heavy black lines blend in without turning her skin into a nasty mess. I painted over them with a dark peach at very low opacity and then smudged it togethter.

This wall took about 12 hours total. I started it with just the mouse (boy did that suck) and part way through got a graphics tablet, which sped up the process A LOT and made things much easier.

Here's an attempt at a walk-through of my work if you're interested:


Comments and favs and stuff always appreciated.

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  1. Lucciola Feb 25, 2007

    That really cute Sakura wallpaper. I like flowers around Sakura. +fav!

  2. Yuzupt Feb 25, 2007

    I love it
    sakura and mokona look so cute
    My fav

  3. sailorcapuccino Feb 25, 2007

    It's lovelly ! Nice work ! ^^

  4. lamico Feb 26, 2007

    kawaii ,i like it
    add fav

  5. pamkips Feb 26, 2007

    Some of the smudge-ness bothers me :/ ((I know, I know, that's the effect you were going for)) but the whole wall looks pweety, the clouds are cool, I <3 'em

  6. gaara-no-shukaku Feb 26, 2007

    Nice painting. It looks quite smudgy. And some of Sakura's outlines and the pillow's are not that appealing. It sort of smudgy and blurry as well. You should should work more with it. I love the hibiscus, but you should give more depth to it. The sky looks simple and okay. Giving some details on the clouds will make it stand out against the whole atmosphere. Anyway, great job and good luck for the contest! :)

  7. Sinever Feb 26, 2007

    very colorful wallie
    you have painted it perfectly
    well done

  8. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 26, 2007

    Lolol. Why use a pixellated scan when there's a good one here >D


    Hmmm. About the outlines, I think that they are a little bit messy because of possibly some oversmudging (which isn't necessarily a bad thing)
    But if you ever wanted to have "smudgey" outlines without having to ruin the colours with black and mix it all in, simple solution: new layer, pentool> vector all outlines >duplicate layer > hide first layer for reference > smudge duplicate layer.

    Nevertheless it's quite nice :)

  9. enchantment Feb 26, 2007

    wow, i love how you painted it :D the sky looks nice and i love the colours :D nice wall~^^

  10. x-lawss Feb 26, 2007

    Wow~! Well done:)
    Keep it up XD

  11. Hanazaki Feb 26, 2007

    So kawai...

  12. eternallegend Feb 26, 2007

    everything is painted nicely and the colours are lovely :D i like how your wall seems vibrant yet relaxing :) the sky looks lovely and the colours you chose are well fitting :D great wall ^^

  13. IzumiChan Feb 26, 2007

    It's so pretty... great work at painting!~ :D
    But but... I think Sakura's mouth is a bit weird... it's kind of funny... XD
    Also, the sky is not painted, right? There's a contrast between the painted and the not painted part... it kind of stands out. >_<
    But you did a really beatiful work with the painting, it does look like a picture I'd hang in my wall. XD
    Good job! ^-^

  14. Kyelor Feb 27, 2007

    AMAZING job at fixing up that pixelated scan! It's nice and painted now, while also matching up well to your painted background ^_^

  15. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 27, 2007

    I like the soft painty feel of this, esp on Sakura's hair :) Though some parts look a bit over-smudged (like on Mokona and places on Sakura's dress, and the outlines). Also, the wall behind her, although it's a nice touch, looks over-smudged, that it's losing the stony texture. The hibiscus, I agree with gaara that it needs a bit more depth with shading.

    Just a question: did you smudge everything on one layer or different layers?

    good luck on the contest! ;)

  16. FallenAngelZoicyte Feb 27, 2007

    it looks soft and pretty

  17. moonescape Feb 28, 2007

    I really liked the concept in here, but I must agree with MapleRose that it may have been a bit over smudged. At the same time I agree too with Garra that maybe there should've been a more depth with the shading because that's how usually sunset like area are unless it's the afternoon. I actually even agree this piece or work for the contest is better than the one I'm about to submit. **shuddders at the thought of my wallpaper**

    Good luck in the contest. :)

  18. DarthTofu Feb 28, 2007

    I too agree with MapleRose and Gaara and everyone else that it is oversmudged. Use layers
    Nonetheless, it's very pleasant to look at, if not a bit fuzzy.

  19. merelie Mar 03, 2007

    it looks so soft
    i like the brush-like fuzziness
    it makes the whole piece seem very dreamy, just like the sleeping sakura
    thanks for sharing!

  20. Rella Mar 05, 2007

    Wow, this looks very nice! The scan sure was improved with the smudge tool. XD Good job! =D

  21. Seiba May 19, 2007

    O.O...o.o....>.o....o.<....>.<......--....z(...) _._ zZZ ...

    very kute/cute XD XD x3...

  22. abul Oct 25, 2007

    wish i knew how to use the smudge tool
    i mean i know how but i just cant T_T
    awesomeness >.<

  23. Sitsu-chan01 Mar 16, 2009


  24. yukka-kino Mar 31, 2009

    Really love this. So cute

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