Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper: Jigoku Shoujo

Studio DEEN, Jigoku Shoujo, Ai Enma Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Jigoku Shoujo Series Ai Enma Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"What you adored looked beautiful to you
It became even brighter because you couldn't reach it
The broken pieces of your dream
Pierce my heart
Leaving the pain
That I should never forget
If my life is transient like a flower
I'll be in full bloom by your side
And after watching your smile
I'll fall alone, quietly"

"Moments" - AH

Happy Birthday Enchantressinthedark! (9 months late xD)

I owed her B-day present from last year but her b-day's coming around the corner again x.x

Full view if you want, I think the thumbnail looks better xD.
I'm not particularly proud of this wall and there's a ton of stuff that I could improve on. I just lack the skill right now cuz I haven't walled for so long. The grass and text are really plain. They were just space fillers. If anyone wants a textless version, then PM me or something. I wanted the text to be bigger too but there's no space to put it anywhere. I didn't really know what to do with the sig so I just made it simple. And colour of the wall didn't turn out like I wanted it to x.x Originally, I planned for the wall to be blue but then the scan I chose was red. I tried to convert it to blue tones but it didnâ?t work. So I redid half the wall in red tones. The space isn't particularly good either...just some brushes and filters. I'm sure I could have done better but I don't have the time to fix it.

I was really happy with how the blood stain on the bottom of the left shoji turned out though and how nicely it blended with the texture. I got the idea for adding blood to the shoji after researching about Jigoku Shoujo. Apparently, it's a horror/gore anime(correct me if I'm wrong). I'm happy with the wood floor too. I followed a tutorial and it came out really nicely. Other than that, there's nothing else that I'm happy with on the wall.

Layers: well over 100
Time: 10-15 hours
Music: Moments - Ayumi Hamasaki
Hana Kagari(Bamboo flower?) - Yumi Shizukusa (listen on my userpage)

This is probably going to be my last wall on MT for a while (a long while) and I might not have the time to wall anymore. So if you're bored, then read on...

Stuff that's unrelated to this wall whatsoever:

You all must out of mana trying to revive me from the dead x_X I'm not that active anymore (or at all) cuz I've probably lost interest in Minitokyo and there's always a pile of stuff that I need to study. I'm just procrastinating right now...so here goes:

Kai81220: I remember when I first started to wall, you were my first critic. I also remember that I refused to listen to you though and look what happened =P

Enchantressinthedark: I used to be your sensei but now it's the other way around x.x kinda embarrassing ...

Devildude/Omnidevil: Your works are always inspiring. You're always finding new and unique ways to use what you have and somehow, manage to create a new trend out of it. I never really got into your ecchi walls though...

Lillaoryo704: Thanks for encouraging me to learn to vector. Although I still suck at it, it's become an invaluable asset to making walls =)

RequiemX: Thanks for spamming my notifs with awesome and not-so-awesome scans =)

Mods: bromithia, shyxsakura, eunasahng and saikusa: Thanks for highlighting my vectors, even though they didn't deserve it =P

People who filled my hard drive with awesome walls(in no particular order): nolove, phamthuha, sapphiresky (where did you go? >.>), skillzpay (I was looking forward to that naruto wall x.x), fukushuusha, idril, triple-G, ladygoofy, glassheart, kitten(how come you don't wall anymore? =( ), ArtificialRaindrop, kawaii-chicken, sunira( awesome celestial brush pack =P), chloe-chan, sylvacoer (never stop drawing!), zaira, nona, and Sakuya-sama

A special thanks goes to redxxii for inspiring me to create my own walls. I saw one of his walls on the background of someone's site which led to Minitokyo. I still remember which wall it was too xD It was the Mai-Hime one with the blue haired girl (forgot her name xD).

And also I'd like to thank people who kept on encouraging me though their comments on my walls/vectors.
If I forgot anyone, then I apologize. I'll add people on as my memory starts coming back xD
I'll still be lurking(and leeching) around Minitokyo though so keep creating those awesome walls =) If I fav your wall, then that's my way of saying I like it =)

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Browse Jigoku Shoujo Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. jaeminloves4yuki Feb 25, 2007

    veyr catchy^^
    keep on submit more so ic an favorite them^^

  2. yalubluchay Feb 25, 2007


  3. Elyvania Feb 25, 2007

    Excelent! I love the light and the perspective and most of all how you worked the trees, you're a great artist =) (my desktop also say thanks, you're grooming my computer hehe). Great job hongrboi ^_^ can I add you to my watchlist? I would feel so honored to have you in my watchlist! PLEASE say YES! (lol looks like a marriage proposal).

  4. enchantressinthedark Feb 25, 2007

    OMFG Is that really you? *rubs eyes* LOL...Just to make sure X-P Finally you came back after your long term hibernation again with another awesome wall~! And its for me~! Yay! *jumps around* I love the colours of this wall a lot, really matches the scan and the blood splatters on the doors are awesome~!

    In reply to your message: Me? Your sensei? No way~! You'll still be my sensei, always! Will never forget about your advice - NO OUTER GLOW ON THE CHARACTERS! XD

    Awesome work Hongrboi ^^

  5. x-lawss Feb 25, 2007

    This looks great!
    The background and colours are awesome XD
    And she is cute too~!

  6. royaldarkness Feb 26, 2007

    Wow, amazing wall :) I'm so in love with this wall ^_________^ (unhealthy obsession with ai lately, I've been quoting her XD)

    Great job!

  7. Devildude Feb 26, 2007

    albeit the intense effort in this piece, it really lacks in the lighting department entirely, for one, it is too bright, you can't see her face and due to the background of planets and brightness, it really disturbs the flow and the eyes a bit, for me at least.
    The wall itself does get many pointers for great idea and great placement of scan vs wall quality and style. That alone deserves a bit of appreciation and I must say, if it were a little bit lesser bright I might like it so much more.

  8. enchantment Feb 26, 2007

    wow, i love the background :D it looks really lovely :) i love the sky and the colours :) a tad bright but it looks lovely like that :D the blood adds a nice touch and really lovely wall~^^

  9. eternallegend Feb 26, 2007

    i like the lovely scene you created and the effects you used :D the bottom is a bit bright ^_^' but the sky looks lovely and the blood adds an interesting touch :D wonderful wall ^^

  10. Faikenshin Feb 27, 2007

    Wow i love the sky! the colors r so strong! this is just wonderful!

  11. Eziara Mar 03, 2007

    wowee,i'am gonna dump one of my favourites to get this 1!

  12. gabysango2011 Mar 03, 2007

    i luv it
    it's really a good wall
    i luv the bottom...and the bgr is really awesome..the colours are nice..it's like a new dimension
    i luv it
    + fav
    also the scan is soo pretty
    keep it up

  13. ArtificialRaindrop Mar 23, 2007

    Aaaw, I'm glad you like my walls! ^_^ But I wanna talk about yours... This wall is so lovely! All the attention to detail really paid off, and it never cease to amaze me when people pull off a night scene with bright colors. The celestial background works so well with the scan, and the hazy/sparkly cloud in the foreground looks magnificent. I hope you start to wall more again, 'cause your's are always so cool :D But I understand life gets in the way :sweat: *is digging herself out of that rut right now* Well, I'll just keep an eye out for you when you do appear :) Anyways, Awesome wall!

  14. vatican92 Apr 13, 2007

    Amazing wallie indeed!
    Scan blends in very well.....the color, tone and brightness is very well planned out
    Colorful and the window thing is very creative!

  15. Liesel Feb 14, 2009

    Very pretty thanks, Enma looks really cute and I love the background

  16. endlesswing Feb 24, 2009

    Very cute Enma!
    i use it now!

  17. TifaStrife17 Apr 04, 2009

    kyahhh! I gotta say, I love this!
    uber kawaii!

  18. ehemehemm Feb 28, 2010

    so gooooooooooooooooood! beuty!

  19. yanifh May 15, 2010

    Her eyes look really good *.*

  20. Oblivion01 Jul 02, 2010

    Awesome wallie! I really love it!

  21. marvjin Jul 07, 2010

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOLL! WIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(...)

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