Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper: Gray & Easy Manchester City Afternoon

Hiro Suzuhira Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka

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Lol, copy paste technic from Portobello wallpaper I made.

loved the gray myself, couldn't give a damn if you don't, but I really love it, and no textures.

I like how cold and warm Manchester can get, having lived there. The warm smiles and the occasional gusty wind, the nice gray days that are devoid of sunshine all year long, a fairly easy bus ride down the city center and entering the city district, where I go to the bank sometimes while riding my bicycle across the City Town Campus.
Oh, the great memories as I have a starbucks Coffee there, right where I took this picture.

I can imagine myself sitting there again and it comes back to me, I hope you can see what I am seeing right now. Cheers!

I have a 1600 x1200 version here posted

and have a widescreen.

Widescreen users get better choices, as this wall was meant to be that way anyway.

I personally used them on widescreen, it looks great on them.

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  1. enchantressinthedark Feb 20, 2007

    Wow, I really love the grayness of your wall here! :D Its been a while since I last commented on your walls, but I really do love this one! ^^ The soft feeling of the wall just makes me wanna pack my bags and fly to Manchester right now XD The scan KINDA blends into the background, but there are some flaws in your extraction. Other than that, everything looks fine to me :)

  2. royaldarkness Feb 20, 2007

    Very nice, another lovely looking wall :)

  3. Melisandre Feb 20, 2007

    Nice wallie, the colors are really british and I like the girl, she seems so happy on her bike, great work :)

  4. Devilet Feb 20, 2007

    I don't mind grey tones, it's easy on the eyes, due to the lack of colour.
    I'm not sure about the perspective, looks like she's heading into a car, lol.
    A bit blurry, but that's okay, I like how your wall turned out.

  5. fawna-chan Feb 20, 2007

    Oh, I like the grey tones very much. :) I can feel the place very well. Better that it has no color. :D I love the background so much and makes me want to ride off in that sunny sunny afternoon...

  6. chisaikame Feb 20, 2007

    hey DD! XD great wallie from you. simply incredible. i'm glad you opted for the grey look.. also the perspective of the buildings are well done as it gives almost a claustrophobic atmosphere surrounding the girl. XD that equally balance both serious and easy moods. i faves it! XD

  7. ShrinkNerv4Eva Feb 20, 2007

    Sweet thanks a bunch. Love the widescreen ones. We need more of those for the laptop folk.

  8. Firemace Feb 23, 2007

    WideScreen ~ ! ^^ You're a Devil ! X-P
    Wait, does that mean we wide screen users get to drink that cup of coffee at a discount from you too ? X-P

    Black, white and Grey gives is a monotone look like a picturesque from a past-time in one's history. Channels are right with a minor exception on the scan ( though i wonder, if i am the one sitting inside the car, that's probably the only thing i notice in London. Car crams and people on bicycles whooshing down the streets. ). However, to me, the Blend of the Scan is just right. Cause, it creates a one scene out of everyone's past. Like a person whom you cherish and know well with, cycling down that yet familiar street which is playback over in your mind. Very VERY Sentimental displacement.

    Back to reality, if to be truly perfect, what with that suspension seat springs near around her thighs ? Looks like the springs are floating or you cleaned wrongly ? Nah, can be my imagination gone wrong. ^_^' But i will like to know....curiosity... curiosity.

    I always love your Fonts. It's becoming a Trademark. ^^ English/Italian Touch.

    Shadows, Light. "Idealogy". A Hustle and Bustle of a Real City Photo. A Reminiscence effect.A Luminescence and kawaii Scan. A good place to place our tired legs. A nice photo-frame view of the place. A cup of Starbucks coffee you got me running for it after this comment right now. Boy..........this art piece is one done with pure Passion !

    What a Whirlwind of thinking from just Monotone-color picture you got me there ! :) Ouch...still working for that DSLR camera..... :hmpf: Now that you remind me. ^_^'


  9. slasherxwan Feb 25, 2007

    Like the color..
    Nice one..

  10. Faikenshin Feb 27, 2007

    Wow the girl and the background match so well its scary great job! Ive never been to Manchester but from what you say and this wallie it seems to be a very pleasent place this whole wallpaper seems to have harmony to it i also love the grayness to it! ^_^

  11. Dearth Mar 03, 2007

    nice style!

  12. carl123abc Mar 11, 2007

    wats that so cool u make it the bakground and pic connect so perfectly.

  13. nguyenhuy0906 Dec 21, 2007

    Very nice wallpaper . . . the scan is very cool . . . and the background is very nice

  14. Mononoke-Hime Dec 06, 2008

    that happy retro look is awesome. nice job

  15. Yumeri Mute Member Jun 26, 2010

    wao ...so cute and nice...i like ..this wallpaper

  16. Vaan Nov 09, 2010

    this has a nostalgic feel in it. The wallpaper is great

    Thanks for sharing!

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