Shakugan no Shana Wallpaper: Line of Sight

Noizi Ito, Shakugan no Shana, Shana Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka Shakugan no Shana Series,OVA Shana Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hmm, yes, lazy so copy and pasted:

The image is a fantastic Shana scan that I got from AP. The scan ends on either side of Shana's body, so I had to draw her right arm and the right and left sides of her hair by hand. I used this scan as a guide for her hand, the arm I drew myself.

So, I vectored Shana obviously. Then I vectored another Shana scan for her sword, and yet another scan for her necklace. THEN I painted the flames, using yet another Shana scan as a guide, by hand in Photoshop. (I tried making some realistic flames, but it really didn't seem to suit the wall, so I went with the style flames that are in all of the Shana scans.) Then I imported it all into one document in Photoshop and and began lots of blending...and blending...and just for a change of pace some more blending, creating the sky and other such effects. At the end I decided that I didn't want to crowd it with text; sorry for all you text lovers out there.

So, I hope you like it. Comments as usual are appreciated!


Chosen by Revan and kuroimisa

This is an amazing effort from afwells. I can't believe the scan extension on this (it seriously looks like it was drawn from a full scan... O-O) and the vector quality is just so good <3
And talking about multi-media/skilled: a very hot painted background blended in very nicely XD

Proposed by Revan and highlighted by kuroimisa.

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Browse Shakugan no Shana Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Devilet Feb 17, 2007

    Wow, when I get back home I'll download it again and put this as my desktop.
    I remember the original scan, fantastic vector, and doing the arm and sword yourself?! Amazing.

    I adore flames and fire, you did nicely with them, in painting. So glad you didn't overcrowd the wall with text, I kinda dislike walls with that.

    I love it! I'll look for more walls from you.

  2. Revan Retired Moderator Feb 17, 2007

    Flames & darkness is a winner combo for me... it gives so much intensity to the whole mood. Anyways, I'm very pleased to see the the way you have worked the scan, the result shows the hard work you did.

    It was quite a while since I saw such a good Shana wallpaper and this piece is a very worthy download :D

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 17, 2007

    Commented on AP, but I'll say it again: very high quality and the vectoring is really well done. Excellent job!

  4. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 17, 2007

    This is crazy-amazing o_o The scan extension is so well done... everything is so well done. Everything has been kept consistent to a high level: this wall is... win o.o

  5. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 17, 2007

    wow i can't believe I missed this! It's an absolute great wallpaper
    The vector is flawless and blends in very well with the soft firey bg, great job on those flames they look perfect- And yay for no bothering text! Seriously this wall is like flawless


  6. zaira Feb 17, 2007

    great shana wall! very awesome vectir and its flaming bg! nice one for that!
    kkep it up making awesome wallies! +fav!

  7. gaara-no-shukaku Feb 18, 2007

    Perfect vector, perfect painting, wow, everything is perfect here. And the extension parts, you did ver well. I can say that the sword is some sort of distraction to the beauty of this wall, Kinda too bright. >.<

  8. norine07 Feb 18, 2007

    wow, this is really good, your vectoring sskills are really good the lines and everything is just so good..! the effects and all, just wonderful, really brings out the scan well, with the colours as well. good job! ^^

  9. EvilDragonBlade Feb 18, 2007

    Beautiful work. Great job on the vectoring, I was planning to vector this beautiful scan too but you beat me to it :)

  10. terry175 Feb 18, 2007

    OMG? though it don't looks like shana, i have to admit it looks very great, and with your hand drawing skill + effect, i really have nothing to say but a thumb up for you.. thanks man

  11. TygerStryke Feb 19, 2007

    They should have let YOU do the artwork for the series - Shana never looked THIS good :D

  12. fawna-chan Feb 19, 2007

    Sorry that's just so perfect...my chin dropped anime style after I saw the full view of this. Everything looks so smooth and the painting looks so good with the flames. I can't believe that you drew the rest of the scan yourself...gawd...it's so cool...

  13. anji Feb 19, 2007

    This is very impressive. Colors and effects are stunning. And the vector work...
    Really nice job done!

  14. sash Feb 19, 2007

    hech what can i say .. very nice indeed .. kewl posture .. gotta fav it ;)

  15. pamkips Feb 19, 2007

    absolutely well done ^__^ It's awesome and the coloring is fab

  16. DarthTofu Feb 20, 2007

    Woah! *passes out from awesomeness*

  17. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 20, 2007

    woah, the extension is seamless! awesome vector, and nice job on the background too ;)

  18. akazookin Feb 20, 2007

    this is very impressive! XD :D

    love the colours.. and ur vector O__O is awesome..it's flawless X-P
    excellent job! ^^v thumbs up!


  19. Fire-sGoddess Feb 20, 2007

    really nice work, everything is beautifull

  20. eternallegend Feb 20, 2007

    the background looks amazing and the extension of the scan is really well done :D the flames look wonderful and i like the way everything has been pieced together :) lovely wall ^^

  21. enchantment Feb 20, 2007

    wow, you vectored her really nicely and the flames are nice as well :D nice wall~^^

  22. kawaitenshi Feb 21, 2007

    OMG its so pretty, background is amazing.

  23. sailorchiron Feb 21, 2007

    Wow, a huge amountof work went into this! Great job!

  24. alexiel01 Mar 01, 2007

    GOODNESS! you did her arm and the sword? You really had the patience for that.. A really nice job! :)

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