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i decided to try something and do something i have never done before, so i decided to created this

when i saw this scan i wanted to wall it but then the next thing was how to wall this scan and what to do with it, so in the end i cleaned, repaired and cloned the background and it was a lot of work OX

i would say the most difficut part was to repair the part with all the words >.<

the orignal scan which can be found here from asinine

as you can see there is a lot of text covering the scan and there is a huge crease right down the middle >.<

this is another textured like wallie XD

i used a few textures to give the wall that look :D

there are trees in the background but you might have to squint a bit to be able to see them XD

i added the sparkles to give it that magical look XD

the sparkles may help it look as though the pictures shes releasing are magical in a way :D

i gave the wall a slight misty look to help create a mysterious like atmosphere especially since she seems as though she has a mysterious like air about her XD

i changed the colour and added some shooting stars and some stars in the sky :)

this wall took about five hours to complete and there are about 40 layers

thank you for viewing :D

letting go of memories,
things remembered, friends, family, loved ones,
all those fun times we've shared,
all have been let go, freed from my memory,
discarded and left behind,
these memories of mine,

im letting them go,
letting go all that i have held dear,
certain that i will not fear,
everything will be just fine,
as time will go by,
i've let everything go,
letting go my memories...







hoteru-no-shiki ~*~Star Revolution~*~


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  1. silentdestroyer101 Feb 16, 2007

    Pretty.. :O

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2007

    The colors look great and you did really well repairing the scan. Excellent job!

  3. sayuritchan Feb 17, 2007

    It looks really beautiful!
    Great job!
    Bye... :)

  4. x-lawss Feb 17, 2007

    You are getting better and better each time you make a wallpaper! :)
    Keep it up~!

  5. Sinever Feb 17, 2007

    the bg & the scan are really wonderful
    you have repaired the scan perfectly
    well done eternal-chan

  6. rika23 Feb 17, 2007

    Omg! XD i like the water XD i like sparking one XD i like sky XD
    how do you do the water o_0 ?
    i like the feather~ umm.. *look again the wallie* wait its not feather.. its photograph XD haha wari na~ XP
    Well, Fav from me XD

  7. Melisandre Feb 17, 2007

    I like it, I love the purple colors and the bg is amazing, so detailed and very well done. The chara is also great treated, congratulations :D

  8. Devilet Feb 17, 2007

    oh yeah, I've seen that scan, the crease is annoying.
    Good job at recreating the scene, the texture or w/e you put over it though, makes it look grainy, not sure why, lol.

    I like the dark purplish tones and stuff though, and eesh, those sparkles *faints*
    haha, keep it up!

  9. starhellokittyangel Feb 17, 2007

    I love the effects and the detail, its great. ^^

  10. fawna-chan Feb 17, 2007

    Oh, this is gorgeous...I love the purple and sparkles. I don't usually like sparkles, only here, you didn't use too much so that's okay. :) Good job cleaning up the scan too!

  11. sakuya-sama Feb 17, 2007

    WOW, it's beautifull, loved the fealling, and the effects are really good ^^

  12. Anason Feb 18, 2007

    Love it my friend XD Made a new group :D

  13. norine07 Feb 19, 2007

    omg, the water efffect is super nice, the blending the colours used, the scan the stock, everything is well choosen, i just have no idea, where you all get all the nice stock, maybe i'm just finding the wrong stuff..! >.< anyways wonderful job done, everything is so beautiful, expression of scan omg, the scan so kawaii..! good job, eternal-chan!


  14. royaldarkness Feb 19, 2007

    Wow this is awesome, I totally love it! Love the purpleness of the whole wall!

  15. Fire-sGoddess Feb 20, 2007

    hiw magic scenary, loved it

  16. enchantment Feb 20, 2007

    wow,i love the sky :D purplish wall XD i love the stars and all the sparkles :D you fixed the wall nicely :D nice wall~^^

  17. LonelyFriend Feb 20, 2007

    Wow....This one is extreme fantastic and amazing .....I like this background and looks very very great ^^...

  18. Darkn3ssPhantom Feb 20, 2007

    like ur wall very much....(^(00)^)

  19. pamkips Feb 21, 2007

    Colorings pweety and the texture it has is rad :3 I personally <3 it

  20. kiokorenay703 Feb 21, 2007

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW ^^ gurl. SUPPER NICE ! :) haha. love it! FAVS FOR ME! :D VEry elite job on the scan, and every other little detail XD haha. Only thou... i cant really see the text.. but thats no obther :D Nice job! ^^

  21. Yuzupt Feb 21, 2007

    It's so so pretty
    I love it so much
    You did a great work
    And the feeling of the wally fantastic, wonderfull, amazing
    My fav

  22. kiokorenay703 Feb 22, 2007

    haha ^^ Its still very beautiful :) haha dont worry about that :D. Nice job once again! :) Good luck! :D

  23. Kyelor Feb 23, 2007

    The water is so AWESOME! It's so shiny and sparkly . . . it looks like it's really reflecting light! Love the subtle text . . . I like it when text is non-intrusive.

  24. enchantressinthedark Feb 23, 2007

    Whoa, I just love such magical walls, it just suits my taste~! Such amazing effort has been put to make such a beautiful and brilliant wall ^^ I'm most mesmerized by your water~ Its very sparkly and realistic looking ^^ The only problem is your font ^_^' Its barely visible and I think that you should change it. Other than that, this is a really good wall! ;) Keep up the good work!

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