D Gray-Man: Bitter Sweet

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Timcanpy, Millenium Earl
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Timcanpy Character Millenium Earl Character


Artist Comment

aah...hehe yeah d.gray-man again ^_^'

this is odd, i got again inspiration at night just as i was going to shut my eyes and had nicely warm but *boom* i got idea and huge urge to draw. so what i did was paper and pen and drawed really fast sketch and writed down things i had in mind in case if i'm too tired to draw it finished. and actually i didn't get it finished, my back hurted so much that i had to stop before the sketch was ready.
on the next morning i took the paper and finished it. all there was left out was allen, and it sure was hard to draw him to look at least okay.

the huge white thing which inside the characters are and is forming the edging ~ that is supposed to be the millennium earl with his pumpkin umbrella ^^' the idea of my drawing was that what if the bad guys won, so here is kanda and allen fallen down and you can sense the enjoyment which the millennium earl might have since you can see the figure of him. i'm not good at drawing character look like he lies on the ground but i hope it looks even little bit like it.
from the characters, i have never drawed millennium earl before but he was quite easy since i only had to make his form, but i haven't ever drawn kanda either. drawing kanda was really challenging since he is so cool character and some way have to try to get his look right so he would actually look like him. am i making any sense ? XD anyway, he was hard to draw but in one way it was fun and i was so pleased from the way i was able to draw him.
allen then again was giving me a headache ~ i couldn't get him look good beside kanda and i drawed him like 5 times over before i got him look like how it shows in the drawing. and after finished the whole drawing as it is now, i noticed huuuuuuge mistake in him ~ but though it's really huge honestly, you don't maybe notice it that easily ^_^'

anyway, the drawing is coloured with bottled ink again and all the effects are handmade, the blood stains too. it was quite exciting to splash them with the watercolour brush since you can't really order the place were the stains will fall :D just had to try to cover with my hand the places as faces of characters where i didn't want to stains go. in this one the lining is really wobble, i don't know why but the paper was sucking the ink like crazy though it was the same papers which i used on my previous drawing. but it's not all fault of the paper, i think my hands still shake quite a bit so still have space to improvement.

hope you all enjoy it and i promise the next drawing won't be from d.gray-man !
comments and succestions are welcome as always ~ ^_^


Chosen by fireflywishes and euna

Zefie has this thing for drawing in the middle of the night and producing awesome doujinshis. The most striking feature in this doujinshi, is the creative edging. It adds professionalism to the drawing and immediately draws attention (already proven since you're reading this). There's much detail and careful shading work here that shows quality and effort at their highest. Fabulous work Zefie :)

Proposed by fireflywishes and highlighted by euna.

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  1. asinine Feb 07, 2007

    Love the design :D
    Simple black and whte doujin...

    Lol plus fav ;)

  2. LordWe Feb 07, 2007

    Gorgeous, as always. You don't have to worry about Allen and Kanda looking weird, they look great. One thing that is kind of odd though is Kanda's bangs. He is lying on his back but his bangs look as if he is leaning slightly forward. It doesn't look bad, but it's just a little odd. Also you're very brave (and skilled) to splatter ink with just your hand to block it x_x since of course if it goes where you don't want it to, you can't erase it. If it were me I would just add them in photoshop. This is wonderful, I can't wait to see what you draw next.

  3. entity1660 Feb 07, 2007

    Wow...It seems the outer blackness looks like marker, because it'd take forever (and inky) to do that with just ink. But it's another fabulous drawing, very detailed and...seldom. XD Favorite, desu~!

  4. schwindelmagier Feb 07, 2007

    wow, amazing O.O
    The idea is great, the outworking wonderful.
    Especially Kanda looks wonderful, with the blood dripping out of his mouth (or is this a hair? xD)
    To use the silhouette of the Earl holding Rero in his hands to stress the characters in your pic was well-thought, like it ^_^.
    And he waers the hat from the cover of volume 1, right?
    And, worth to mention, the blood, the blood looks so unbelievable cool *_*
    and keep up the great work xD

  5. starrliteangel Feb 07, 2007

    wow awesome! you are soo good at drawing! the blood splatters look so good and kanda looks hot (as usual!) everyone looks exactly like in the manga..amazing!
    i love the idea too.

  6. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2007

    Excellent doujin Zefie! Interesting and creative concept (even though the bad guys win...). Nice job on the inking as well as the ink splatters. Really gives your piece that "violent death" aura. The only suggestion I have for your next piece is to choose one type of shading and stick with it. It looks a little odd because you've got both dotted shading as well as lined shading. But overall great work! Keep it up! :D

  7. euna Retired Moderator Feb 08, 2007

    You have a thing for getting ideas before going to bed lol When are you going to sleep? >_<

    Anyway, really nice work. It's a very creative concept as firefly put it and the detailed inking and some cross-hatching really makes it look like a page off a manga. It's fabulous to see such a lovely drawing here. Keep it up =D

  8. rythem Feb 09, 2007

    uwaaa all the people above already said everything I wanted to xD (sorry for the late commenting , I havent been checking my notifs properly ; ; )

    and yet another excellent work from you zefie . not only you have the patience to do inking , etc but your concepts and ideas are always good too *__* I really like how you drew kanda's hair . it's just lovely ~ shading and composition nicely done like always . keep up the great work zefie-chan ~ ! :3 <333

  9. Danielly Feb 10, 2007

    my God!
    it's impresive zefie-chan. the details and the way it turned out is marvelous...well i don't know nothing abou d.gray-man but with your drawing you are really makimg me look forward to see it
    everything is so well done my my i'm absolutly your fan!

  10. Azumi11 Feb 13, 2007

    Very stylish and cool..
    U are really-really good...

  11. Spriggan Feb 18, 2007

    I really like how it has been review by Fireflywishes, this is very true^^ You have proven again how good you are with the inking black and white artwork, as your usual, awesome job Zefie ;P keep them coming :) +fav!

  12. FlowerDog Feb 23, 2007

    Another awesome artwork from you. :) This is actually much more impressive and you seem to have alot of great ideas! ;) I don't mind the different types of shading that you chose for this artwork because the variety of details help the artwork look alive and dramatic. I think it's perfect. I hope your back feels better after sleeping. :D I am really looking forward to your next work. ;)

  13. heavens-Dragon Feb 26, 2007

    Wahhh! Sorry for the late comments! But I definitely had to check out this artwork!

    One word: Magnificiant!
    I really love your artwork, especially since you're so skillful with the bottled ink and pen! And great idea with the outline of Millennium Earl with the fallen heros (sad but nonetheless excellent work)!. I love it!

  14. MyrrhLynn Feb 27, 2007

    Ohhh cool! I like the idea of using the Earl as the outline for the characters, I recognized right away that was him. :) Great work, just like on the last D.Grayman piece. Except... isn't Allen's um... "weapon arm" on his other side? Is that the huge mistake you were talking about? XD

  15. Kasuga14 Mar 11, 2007

    Very nice D-gray-man doujinshi, and don't worry, we don't mind if it's d-gray-man.
    Love the linework in the doujinshi, and i also love the splatter effect with the blood, its very really realistic, and its good you had fun with it without making the mess.
    I also love the white space as Earl and then the detailed allen, defeated, it really stands out the defeat. what i also love is the linework on kanda, and his detailed and nice hair, he still looks cool so you don't have to worry about him :D.
    And don't worry, its not odd sketching in the middle of the night.
    The inking is very good, and even though theres space for improvement, you're certainly improving, so don't worry. Its a grade A doujinshi

  16. ventures May 12, 2007

    I've never seen D gray man but I really like the concept of ur drawing. I especially like the guy at the bottom, wif the dark hair , kanda? I loove how u drew the hair ~ looks really awesome. the inking is great~ awesome job zefie, and congrats on the highlight, u really deserved it.

  17. YoruAngel866 Jun 07, 2008

    wow, this is like cool
    excelent drawing
    and congrats on highlight since it worth of it
    and i love how you drew kanda and allen, they are goregous

  18. ccyyaann Jun 17, 2008

    omgh so beautyfull and till so sad

  19. akirashindou Oct 09, 2008

    this is so owsem and i ove it

  20. chrsto Jan 19, 2009

    excellent except that im seeing two left hands and the innocence on the right side of allen

  21. Evercold Mute Member Jan 23, 2009

    It is just amazing work! *__*

  22. Black02wing Jun 27, 2010

    i like how you're using The Earl as the frame
    it's amazing

  23. ryuume Nov 26, 2010

    impressive design! simply divine!


  24. naruka2 Dec 02, 2010

    *-* Very good*-* Thanks so much!

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