PP -Pianissimo- Wallpaper: Water Lily

Miki Sugina, Innocent Grey, PP -Pianissimo-, Ayane Shirakawa Wallpaper
Miki Sugina Mangaka Innocent Grey Studio PP -Pianissimo- Visual Novel Ayane Shirakawa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OH! another wall from Incoent Grey! ^^ lol. Yeah, yeah i know! Bad me.! XD lol.

Anyways, this was like... Should i wall it... or should i not wall the scan... And in the end i desited to WALL IT! ^^ lol.
Well, here is what i was working with=INOCENT GREY SCAN MT
As you can see the scan was very cute out, and i had to basicly make up the rest of the bg. I used some water brushes for the waves. made some of my own water waves, and stuff.

Added many more of those Gras blades. Cleaned out the scan, added TONS of filters, and effects to make the scan shine (My favortie XD lol) Then, out of her wings i made those Buterflies! yes, you think they look kind of familiour? Yeah, i made them from the two wings on top.

Made that... Added the sky, some dark, and light clouds. Added some sparkles to make the water seem like its a pretty lake, and not a swamp XD lol. Anyways, thats it. It doesnt seem like much,i know, but there was A LOT OF WORK! i think this one has more work than the Ebullience one does.... Anyways, it wasnt that hard either ^^' lol. Thats strange i know... I would of had thought that water would be harder to do... But no not really.

Anyways, PLEASE COMMENT+FAV! Really happy when those come! :) Thanks for any critics as well. I tried my BEST, so please be very spesific at what you are sain if its critics... Cos i really tried to get everything perfect! :P Really, i mean it! :D l o l.
hoteru-no-shiki (New Time MAGIC)

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  1. melymay Feb 06, 2007

    Pretty wall :D The colours make me feel so calm inside ^^ Everything flows well perfectly :) Keep it up! +fave

  2. asinine Feb 06, 2007

    ^_^ i like it!
    The wallpaper display its calm and relaxing atmosphere very well ;)
    My only problem is that the water seem to be merging with the clouds..
    I know you made it misty.... but it seem to look that way..
    But then again i have eyesight problem X-P

    But i still like the wallpaper overall...
    The butterflies is really fantastic...
    And i like the calm feeling i get when i look at it ;)

  3. kaisui1tatsu Feb 06, 2007

    That is a awesome wallpaper! I love the colors that you used and the whole atmosphere of it is really pretty! It would be a touch better if you could have alternated the wings on the small butterflys, or even change their color tones a little bit. Also the title would be more fitting if she was actually sitting on a water lily. lol Other than that this was is the awesomeness! I also really like the small sparkles you added too! It totally deserves a fav!

  4. royaldarkness Feb 06, 2007

    Very pretty! Somehow I really like the atmosphere of this wallie ^^

  5. Devildude Feb 06, 2007

    excellent by far, I really wanted to know how you replicated those butterflys all over so perfectly tho, the extraction for me would have caused some problems if anything. Wonderful capture of watering effects and what I like best is the surrounding. Peaceful by any means. Excellent work deserves a fav.

  6. eternallegend Feb 06, 2007

    i like the nice butterflies and how they seem to be flying around your wall XD the colours look nice and i like how everything blends nicely :D the colours look lovely and suit the overall atmosphere of your wall :) the water seems nicely done and the effects look nice :) lovely wall ^^

  7. norine07 Feb 06, 2007

    omh, this is so nice..! the fairy efects and all wonderful..! thanks for sharing..!

  8. enchantment Feb 06, 2007

    wow, i love the calmish and peaceful background :D i love the butterflies and she fits nicely in the background :) nice wall~^^

  9. Rhonda21 Feb 07, 2007

    OH this is so pretty! I am really glad you decided to wall this scan because it is really pretty and well I am glad you decided to make it like the scan. Everything looks great and I like how you did the text! Great Job!

  10. fawna-chan Feb 07, 2007

    Oh...how pretty! *.*
    But I do have some critiques...but they're pretty stupid and who cares, as long as the wallie's pretty? I actually like the fact that you used a scan that had colors way different from blue, though. But what's a rock doing in the middle of a lake? Btw, nice work on the wings and the waters so bluuee.....

  11. Anason Feb 07, 2007

    Wow, so preety :) Real nice wallie :D

  12. terry175 Feb 07, 2007

    whenever i see innocent grey CG, it gives me some different feeling inside me..

  13. gabysango2011 Feb 07, 2007

    the scan is nice
    i luv the scenery and the way u mixed the entire scan here
    + fav

  14. Xtabay Feb 08, 2007

    Wow this is so beautiful! I love the colors, and the visual is great! Good Job!

  15. drastikhate Feb 08, 2007

    My god, that was quick. You made another one so quickly. She looks like a sad butterfly spirit. Very original. +fav

  16. animefairy Feb 09, 2007

    So kawaii! I love the cute colors and the theme is nice! keep it up.


  17. viekazama Feb 09, 2007

    Totemo kirei wallie XD
    Nice job! I like the colours XD

  18. xianghua Feb 09, 2007

    wow that's beatiful! You made the bg very nicely! I love it!
    The only thing that bothers me is the colours of the scan doesn't really seem to match the bg all that much ^_^'
    But other than that great work! Going in my favs :D :D

  19. MissyG Feb 10, 2007

    Two elite items in just a few days? o_o
    She looks so saaad... but anyway, good idea with the butterflies ^^ background well made and it looks really beautiful! Good job! ^^

  20. billz Feb 11, 2007

    this pic so calming and relaxing. luv it nice job ;)

  21. griffon Feb 13, 2007

    She looks peaceful if you ask me.

    Innocent Grey, your wallpaper is awesome and one of the best I've seen.

  22. EternalSongtress Feb 13, 2007

    I love the colors its so beautiful,Great job! ^_^ best i've seen in the week

  23. ssr30594 Feb 13, 2007

    i love it
    its realy coool
    n da color r grate
    its veryy awesome

  24. Kyelor Feb 16, 2007

    I love how you did the water, especially around the girl's legs. The butterfly wings are well done!

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