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I'll post this before tomorrow is Lacus' Birthday. Anyways I vectored this dedicated to Lacus Clyne as you know her birthday is on Feb. 5 so it's tomorrow. :)

It was hard for me to think what should I vector. Then I came across this image from LJ. I can't find the link to where I originally found it because I losted it. DX Though the problem was that the screencap was too small so that's why this vector has less details and can look quite weird. I tried my best to smooth the outline and guess on some of the parts. -_-

Another reason I vectored this was because there's not a lot of picture in her pink suit.

I'm quite out of idea for the background so I just used some old brushes and the piano sheet from here.

Inpiration: Dedication to Lacus Clyne
Started: 2/2 - 2/4
Hours: 9 hours
Layers: 215+
Hardest Part: Hair clip
Easiest Part: Coloring
Credits: Here's the picture of the screencap. I can't find the original link to it because I losted it, but it was from here.
Notes: Tried to change the colors a little to make it less dull.

I'm so sorry it's not my best and I was suppose to start on my masterpiece vector for the contest hosted in vectory, but it's so difficult for me to find one. OX

- Credit me when you use te vector and don't post it anywhere except me.

[Edit] - I'll post the screencap of it later because I really need to go to bed.

Happy Birthday Lacus Clyne! :)

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  1. ZonSlashSykato Feb 05, 2007

    Would it be nice if shes wearing a orb suit ? btw This really looks nice. Nice job and thx for sharing.

  2. lacus21 Feb 05, 2007

    Great Job I Luv it! :D

  3. hhbfrance Feb 05, 2007

    You did a great job! +FAV

  4. LeoTravis80 Feb 05, 2007

    This Lacus vector is a top notch effort. Great job and thanks for sharing this gret piece of art! Have a great Birthday Lacus!

  5. amybraska Feb 05, 2007

    So cool! *Fave*

  6. ASH-Hikari Feb 06, 2007

    Happy birthday Lacus-samaaaa! *Hugs her lots* You surprised me here because we had the same idea in two ways! One, I was gonna make a wallie for Lacus' b-day and two, I was going to use sheet music from the exact same place in the background! Lol, I swear. But I haven't finished it yet or anything ^_^.
    Anyways you did a great job in this vector! I like seeing her in that outfit, it's a change from the usual, and she looks so cute! *Faves* Thanks for this! *Big hugs*

  7. merelie Feb 06, 2007

    i love all your vectors
    they're all so pretty
    and you vectored lacus really well
    she does make pink look good even though i never thought i'd ever say that about a gundam pilot suit LOL
    thanks for sharing

  8. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 06, 2007

    yay happy birthday Lacus! yeah she does look different in a pilot suit... I like her smile, though I think her face looks a bit weird (like her cheek's a bit puffed out or something)... I like the background though, it fits with her singer theme :)

  9. Lunariha Feb 06, 2007

    Happy birthday to my all-time fav anime gal...Lacus-sama!
    Oh I just love this vector of her..love it love it! >.<
    You rarely see pics of her in pilot suit....so I gotta download this one! Anyways, some of the outlines are kinda edgy...but it's still lovely! *hugs Lacus-sama's pic*

    merged: 02-06-2007 ~ 07:32pm
    I super love the bg too ;)

  10. saki-xan Feb 13, 2007

    hello! note that to you you enchant GSD to him, to my also, you were pending of the birthday of Lacus, it believes that you you like much to create vector, but in addition to that, their vectors are very good, it is not easy to find an image of Lacus with that clothes. congratulations!

  11. UchihaTaijiya Feb 13, 2007

    I love it! Her hair looks so pretty!
    Thanks for sharing it, you did an awesome job!

  12. norine07 Feb 17, 2007

    omg nicely done..! ^^

  13. TheFallingStar Apr 16, 2007

    very very nice.

    Looking forward for your next contribution!

  14. metalex2forge Restricted Member Aug 14, 2007

    I love this wallpaper!:) Actually I like Lacus with her pink suit! :)
    I think she looks great!

  15. Saulofein Oct 05, 2007

    Great job, it's beautiful ^^
    thx for this great wall :)

  16. goldenlena100 Mar 18, 2009

    Shy and cute... Love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Cholie Jul 22, 2009

    It's rare for her to wear her pilot pink suit.

    I know she rode on Justice b4 but can we pilot it O.o?

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