Shuffle! Wallpaper: Saturday at Portobello Market Square

Hiro Suzuhira, Shuffle!, Kaede Fuyou Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Shuffle! Series,Visual Novel Kaede Fuyou Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oh yes yes yes... another wallpaper...! This time is should satisfy the crowd b*tching over my use of ecchi...
(oh please, you think I would even care...?)
Okay, long story short, I took (cause I only asked today as I submitted this piece) the vector made by Solwyvern.animepaper.net and made this wall.

What is so special about it?
Well, notice the Portobello Market theme?
Guess what...? The stock photo is from me, my camera portfolio collection of shots all across sites of my choosing in LONDON UK. Everything is of my intention to capture, the old couple, the english flags (one of them now hangs in my room, signed too), the market scene to the totally original composure of the photo...Well, in essence, I took the picture! Wheeeee! Hooray for DigiCam Technology!

It is all me...whoooot! Ok, so how far would a waller go to make a wall? Paying 8k to go to England for studies, spend a holiday down at London and all that, and taking photos for use in walling? I doubt anyone has done that thus far, taking their own stocks to use.

Many thanks to Solwyvern who created the awesome vector, sorry I used it so soon just after your wall on it, I loved it so much, Kaede is made of win (also Nerine).

So erm, without further adieu, enjoy.
Textures are by Resurgere.deviantart.com
Vector by Solwyvern.animepaper.net
Stock picture by Devildude/Omnidevil.Minitokyo/Animepaper.net

Alternate Version Textless:


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  1. kiokorenay703 Feb 04, 2007

    ^^ Love the combination of Reall People, and Anime. Very nice. To bad thou some people think it doesnt look good. But hell, who cares what they think Most important thing is that you like it XD lol. Anyways, Supper nice Quality wise, and work wiese. Even thou its not your vector ( and if it was a JPG) then Good job on extracting as well. Love the colors, Love the Bg pic, and i also love... guess what? YOUR TEXT/FONT! ^^ lol. (Don't think im crazy.. I just never get good results with text, or fonts soo....)

    Anyhow, Love it! I dunno... if you ask me... I NEVER have any complains, any comments about changing something... or anything like that... Maybe i just think everything is perfect!? :P lol.
    Good job once again, and FAvs! (I think im going to go, and fav your entire Gallery... maybe... XD
    P.S. hey im first to comment! XP

  2. burijetto Feb 04, 2007

    The effects are really well done! Normally, real people pictures and anime pictures don't really go well together cause of the effects but yours really does blend in together! I really like the fonts and effects of the wall. Simple yet not to complicated (:

  3. norine07 Feb 04, 2007

    wow nice one..! a really lovely wallies..! ^^ though the scan does not really go well with the stock it looks nice, maybe you can sort of make the stock a little animated, it would be better..! other than than everything is nice..! ^^

  4. aiqing Feb 04, 2007

    really really beautiful and the texture is really nice.

  5. Anason Feb 04, 2007

    Nice wallie :)

  6. royaldarkness Feb 04, 2007

    Wow this really blends together really well XD

  7. irix Feb 04, 2007

    this is ecchi? ...wel, i don't mind! is Suzuhira Hiro and works well with me! :nya: [great photograph take!]

  8. EvilDragonBlade Feb 04, 2007

    Awesomeness, if only this was widescreen :). Great job on the blending.

  9. Cheza1982 Feb 04, 2007

    Wow, another version wallpaper with this gorgeous vector!

    I really like your version of this pic.
    It's totally different from the one before.
    I like the dark touch of this one and you did an amazing job on the background.
    Everything fits perfect with each other and gives the hole wall a very unique note.
    Like the one Solwyvern did some days ago this is also definitly a fav for me ^.^

  10. chii0103 Feb 05, 2007

    cool.. ^_^ nice background u gOt there.. ^^ nice wallie... i salute you for your effOrt on taking pics in london.. =p keep it up! ^^ ill w8 for more.. :)

  11. kokuyu Feb 05, 2007

    something unique that needs no introduction! XD it's reality blending with fantasy into *ta~da!* :D

  12. ArtificialRaindrop Feb 05, 2007

    Actually, using personal stock photos isn't a new idea, it's just rare (and alot of times those people just don't mention the stocks are ones they took themselves). Anyways, your photograph alone is AMAZING, then turning it into a wall looks great too! ^_^ The colors are so rich and allow for so much detail, it looks very professional. I agree with burijetto, normally real and anime don't look good together without alot of altering, but the vector fits perfectly with your photo. Awesome job ^_^

  13. candy-chan Retired Moderator Feb 05, 2007

    textures & blending are cool and all, but having real people in the stock kills it all.

  14. Firemace Feb 06, 2007

    Ecchi ? eh ? eh ? Hey !~ That's MY Store ! *points picture* And I am in it ! XD

    I love what i see. >.< Argh...The DevilDude Strikes again ~ Although,...well...sue me for this, just "magic" erase that person in the store. It's a Sore eye. *Gulps...contradicts self*

    I like your Blending lots. ALOT. Oh..sorry...about the caps. Eheh...too excited "ga-ga" over the wallie... :P Your signature alway end with a big bang. *points Text* That is so unique. :) Encore~! Encore~! ..er..wait..you are studying...^_^' Forgive me on the bluntness of comments.

  15. DarkDemonz Feb 06, 2007

    Awesome idea on this one, amazing !

  16. sakuya-sama Feb 06, 2007

    Wow, I really liked the bg, everything is well done, and I really loved the textures.
    An amazing wallie *****

  17. mecphistor Feb 07, 2007

    Well done dude haha. Keep doing it!

  18. pengi-san Feb 07, 2007

    Very nice! Blending anime and real photos can look pretty cheesy, but you pulled it off really well.

  19. Kyelor Feb 08, 2007

    The girls is very well matched up with this scene! Although having real people in the background threw me off a little (anime chara's would've been nice!) this is probably one of the best fusion of realistic background and anime scan that I've seen!

  20. Thebuzzsaw Feb 09, 2007

    Hey Kick A** picture And Im talking about your stock Photo and your techinique with merging anime with life love it Putting in my favoriets to download later thanks

  21. animefairy Feb 09, 2007

    This wall is so pretty! it reminds me of London, i have no idea why either. lol. xP awesome wallie. me loves it very very muchie! keep it up!


  22. Xenshin Feb 10, 2007

    makes london look better :p

  23. Tilz Feb 15, 2007

    Nice wallie.The scan fits the BG very well =)
    But I think this wallie is too simple....

  24. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2007

    OMG The vector blends in VERY well with the stock~! Whoa, and the textures, just one word - awesome~! :) I'm so in love with this wall, and I've always love how you make your font XD Keep it up!

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