Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Super Mokona VS KuroZilla!

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Artist Comment

And here I come with my third vector! (Okay, I promise I'll stop counting after this one~ XD )

My inspiration was that Super Sentai Series and Super Man, of course. XD
Everything is fully vectored and/or drawn by me. :)
At first, my idea was to form a Power Rangers troop with Syaoran being the red, (duhh~ XD ) Sakura being the pink (ultra duhh... XD XD ) Fay being the green and Mokona the blue, but I ended up deciding for a Mokona solo version and the others being just observers. XD

Original screencaps are from the episode 37, of course. (it was soo cute! >.< )

Fay, Syaoran and Sakura: ''Are? O.O'' - SO KAWAII! I loved Syaoran's, to be expecific. :D

Kuropon: ''GAO!'' - ''KYAA'' again! XD (You may find a little strand of hair on the wallie that's not on the ''scan''... that was one of my many extra touchs. XD XD )

Mokona Flying - It appears on barely every episode, it's from the ''let's go to another world!'' sequence. T.T

If you feel it's too full of stuff and classify it as the ''antithesis of simpleness'', (yes, I've received this comment~ XD ) I can say it's not as full as it looks like. XD (maybe that's just an excuse... maybe not. >.< XD )

Just to make it clear, the beam Mokona is using at Kuropon isn't meant to hurt him~
Moko-chan is a nice guy, so this ray will turn Kororin into a normal person again. XD
And the thunders you see in the BG are actually the solid representation of Kuro-san's madness. XD XD

That's all... hope you'll like it. :D

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  1. aqiaqua Feb 03, 2007

    *falls onto ground laughing*

    That episode was absolutely hilarious! I love it. And good redrawing and vectoring, but a lot of the lines are jagged. Nevertheless, an adoreable wallie, fave from me.

  2. Fran Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2007

    Hahaha so cute!
    I love the idea, but the lines look too jagged for me.
    Anyway, nice job!

  3. entity1660 Feb 03, 2007

    I loved that episode, I was even considerting vectoring a screenshot from it, too. Whenever I feel like it, I guess. When a vector is so cute such as yours, the jagged lines is less than a problem [for me]. Favorite, desu~!

  4. eternallegend Feb 03, 2007

    aww how cute XD i like the idea and the way everything has been pieced together :D the design is really neat and the vector is nicely done although it does seem a bit jagged ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] the colours are nicely chosen and i like how with everything combined helps bring out the mood :) nice wall ^^

  5. enchantment Feb 03, 2007

    really cute wall :D its nicely done and i love how you placed everything :) nice wall~^^

  6. Rhonda21 Feb 03, 2007

    haha awww this is so cute and funny. I really like it and well nice work with the vectoring and all!

  7. Elves Feb 03, 2007

    A very good vector for your third one. ;) I'd be keeping count too, so don't sweat it.
    There are some jagged/pixelated lines around the smaller curved lines (such as Faye's hair) but the larger lines are right on. I like how you put different screen caps together to recreate the episode (which I have yet to see, so I'm assuming). ;) Great work - keep it up!

  8. Seiba Feb 03, 2007

    Lol...........very cute, I love that chibi tsubasa episode, so kawaii ^_^..

  9. fawna-chan Feb 03, 2007

    Hahaha....I was laughing at the thumbnail...XD
    Er, anyway, nice vector and very cute idea. :)

  10. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Feb 03, 2007

    Soooo cute! >_< Great!

  11. Lum-sann Feb 03, 2007

    OMG! lol XD the wallpaper is super cute kyaumi! ^_^ the idea was from power rangers? O_O XD oh well let's talk about the wall ^^
    The screencaps that i saw they were without quality but u made a great work with them ^^ they are nice and clean *OMG aquele dinaussaro eh de mais" (aparte) XD
    the mokona have pants and a a... "capa" XD lol like super man *_* those clouds look so flufy woah kawaii! ^_^
    Hm i looked again at that monster is it a dinassaur or a crock? XD or really a monster or the mix of them three? XD
    Sakura Sayoran and Fay are very funny especially sakura she looks cute and funny ^^ with those *blushes* kyahaha XD
    Well think that is all ^^ keep it up kyaumi! ^^ i wanna see more cute vectors :D

  12. auraderecca Feb 03, 2007

    Cutie! I love it.. haha... ggn set it as my wall! =) Lols

  13. CosmoStar Feb 03, 2007

    I loved it! And I'm speechless! You're so talented and creative, girl! I really like how Fye is looking here... you used the picture in a perfect arrangement! The couple of school kids, the clever but weird professor, the super hero and the monster, every classic toukusatsu character is here in you wall! It's awesome!Congrats!
    I loved Kurozilla too! Sooo cute!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your art! Keep up your awesome work!

  14. HaWaIIofHoaI Feb 03, 2007

    it's one of those wallpapers that just pwns. =)

  15. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2007

    XD awesome! I like the idea, and a great stress-reliever to have on the desktop ;)

    hehe yay chibis! and go Mokona!

  16. CrazyGiirl Feb 04, 2007


    this is co cute! XDDD

    +FAVS! :D

  17. sakuya-sama Feb 05, 2007

    Wow, it's really beautiful, you made a really good work, you are really good making this type of wallie ^^
    Perfect, loved everything ^.^

  18. burijetto Feb 05, 2007

    Kawaii, ne!
    Kurogane looks awesome in chibi form.
    Hilarious in the dinosaur suit >w<

  19. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 05, 2007

    hahaha lols!
    its so funny, love their expressions, if you put those blue lines to Syaoran's face would look more funny ^^
    some lines look a bit jagged, but that its the less, looking your wall makes me laugh, I needed it haha
    and the idea of the power rangers! hahaha was funny to think it
    this one is great Ishumi-chan

  20. cassandraronald Feb 07, 2007

    OMG it is very cute XD

  21. merelie Feb 08, 2007

    omg i love everything about this picture
    i must shower it with love because it is that funny
    i don't even know where to start: monster kuro, super-mokona, sakura and syaoran's faces or fye's shiny-shiny smile LOL
    thanks for sharing!

  22. AngelKate Feb 14, 2007

    Aww! This is so cute! Some of the lines are a little jagged but that's all right, you still did a great job with the coloring and overall design. Nice work!

  23. AngelSakura86 Feb 14, 2007

    AHAHAHAH! so cute! so cute!

  24. soryane Feb 16, 2007

    so fun ^^ thanks for sharing !

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