Spirited Away Wallpaper: You have to get across the river before it gets dark

Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away, Haku (Spirited Away) Wallpaper
Studio Ghibli Studio Spirited Away Series,OVA Haku (Spirited Away) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I started this wall (and finished) a long time ago, so stop complaining that I post too much :E

This is my favorite scene of the movie, the animation and atmosphere get to me every time. <3
screenshot and stocks, vector and paint, Illustrator and Photoshop
procrastination and last kick in the butt

higher resolutions @ Revolution Apparel

EDIT- I was asked to make a preview wall for the p-o-r contest, but forgot about it. Thinking it through, this fits pretty well except it's not very very painty XD

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paint-o-rama and featured in simple-ism

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  1. x-lawss Feb 02, 2007

    Wow~! This is nice! I like this movie too :)
    Thanks for that!

  2. MuZ0NaZ Feb 02, 2007

    You're a machine o_O;;
    I love Spirited Away ;_; excellent wall just you need more petalsssss and sparklesss and COLORFULL-ness and a nekkid chick and a moon.

  3. asinine Feb 02, 2007

    O.O i was going to say... OMG! another wall from candy-chan....
    X-P thank god you say you made it a long while ago...

    Its great...
    Nothing obvious imperfection or whatsoever...
    And i get that "spirit away" feeling i get when i see those petal being blown away XD
    Nice job ;)

  4. gaara-no-shukaku Feb 02, 2007

    Wow, awesome! I mean the clouds look awesome. >.< You have so many free times to do so many free walls. XD

  5. Fran Retired Moderator Feb 02, 2007

    ;_; i have always love that movie!
    The wall looks gorgeous, the clouds are so beautiful.
    Excellent wall as always!

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 02, 2007

    Could the title be any longer? :P:P
    The background is awesome and the lighting is fantastic! Great job!

  7. enchantment Feb 02, 2007

    wow, the background looks great :D i love the sunsetish theme and the sky looks lovely :) i love the petals :D lovely wall~^^

  8. eternallegend Feb 02, 2007

    i like the nice background with its nice array of colours and wonderful design :) the petals add a nice touch and i like how everything blends nicely and fits together :D the sky looks wonderful and overall wonderful wall ^^

  9. shiningdays Feb 03, 2007

    i loved this scene too ;) a bit plain, but nice.

  10. starrliteangel Feb 06, 2007

    omg this is my absolutely FAVORITE scene! lighting is wonderful and Haku looks cute! (hehe)

  11. moonescape Feb 09, 2007

    I kind of thought the title was a moth full. ^_^' Though it's hard to shorten something like that I guess. Well this was a nice scene despite it may look plain. Though what makes it difficult is that you painted it and how everything turned out nicely plus making it more dramatic than the one in the screencap of it. Definiately a graet work and the lighting effects as I said made it dramatic. :)

  12. ryuujinnomiko Feb 21, 2007

    Just perfect! Thanks fo much for this!

  13. N9e1 Mar 03, 2007

    What a great wallie of Haku~ I also really like this scene~
    Thank you for sharing! :D

  14. Sakura-K Mar 07, 2007

    Wow...I just love this wallpaper, I've been looking for Spirited Away wallpaper and I have never come across something like this. I really like it ^^


  15. nevaehkrad Apr 12, 2007

    Beautiful,that's one of my favorite scenes too. It really gives you the feeling of the scene,it just sucks you right in. I especially love the sky and clouds,very beautiful.

  16. fruitscandy Jun 05, 2007

    Thank you for sharing! Its really nice

  17. iristella Oct 24, 2008

    This is a very beautiful wallpaper...... The way Haku blows the spell is so realistic.... This actually was one of my favorite scenes when I was watching the movie (though it was a bit different)...... Well Done

  18. Hakimichan Oct 29, 2008

    Oh wow, this is so surreal.. I love it *_* <33

  19. spiderdeadpool Nov 29, 2008

    Beautiful Pic, wish i can find Spirited Away movie in an amazing quality as in this pic

  20. Tifa-chan Dec 16, 2008

    HOLY God what a cool wallpaper of Haku! *____*

  21. joylyn May 29, 2009

    This is awesome, I love what you did with this scene. The Revolution Apparel site doesn't seem to be up right now, are there higher resolutions anywhere else?

  22. importedmegami Dec 04, 2009

    I LOVE this wallpaper. It's also one of my favorite scenes in the movie. ^_^ Thanks for sharing this.

  23. Sharna Dec 30, 2009

    omy that is fantastic, i love it to peices

  24. MikamiRichi May 26, 2010

    Excellent! My mom will be thrilled! XDDD

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