Radiata Stories Wallpaper: As The Sun Goes Down

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This is my entry for the Free Your Inner Waller Contest.

Well the theme was Euphoria so I thought of many things that make me happy and well I couldn't think of anything for a wall to use it. I then suddenly thought about sunsets and how I love the colors and all. I think sunsets are so beautiful and peaceful so I really enjoy watching them. And I guess I would say sunrises too but I am not a morning person. lol. Well I thought the girl seemed to be relaxed so I thought it would fit perfect for my idea.

Okay this might look plain, I don't know. But it definitely was A LOT of hard work. It took forever at least it seemed to me. XD I kind of rushed it a bit since I did most of it last minute so I could finish before the deadline. This is something new for me because this is my first time doing a wall were I painted some things. At first everything was going to be vectored but then I didn't really like it too much. So I started painting the scan and then after that I decided to try to do the clouds. Some clouds I used other pictures to get an idea for how they would look then I made up some of the clouds XD and others I used brushes just to see the outline then painted on my own. So it's all mixed and weird. lol. The brick wall I used a stock photo but since it didn't cover all of it I tried to redraw and recolor some parts. The floor is based off the one in the original scan which I don't remember where I found the scan. XD I made up the sun so I don't know. lol. I am no good with text at all and that was really bothering me. Sorry if the text ruins it. hehe.

This took about a week to finish and well I tried really hard and this is definitely something new from me and I did really want to try something different anyways. hehe.

I think this would have taken less time if photoshop hadn't had froze on me so many times. I think I started somethings all over about 3 or 4 times. XD

Well thanks again to me triplets cuz they sweet. lol.

EDIT: oh dang so I guess the category is Radiata Stories then. Thanks for telling me! Sorry I was thinking it was from something else but I wasn't sure. XD

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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Feb 01, 2007

    OMG I LOVE IT YAY OMG OMG ILOVE IT, DANG TRIPLET you went all pro on me, i love it. THAT PAINTING IS AMAZING, i remember seeing it when u just had it as a vector it came a long way! Dang the colors, textures, stlye, layout, and vector, painting IS AMAZING I LOVE IT AND U ITS AMAZING! So great and talented you are dang! XD Great entry and yes i so think Sunsets match you, but hey i know we arent morning people but we did stay up late enough over the break in the AMs of the morning that we could have had seen one lol X-P haha. I MEAN IT, DANG I LOVE IT! I mean, im at awwhhh *Gasps* seriously great job.... *proud teary eyes, with a hug attack*. Favs from me duhhh im not stupid lol :D.

    Your triplet,
    ~* Lacus *~

  2. thingperson Feb 01, 2007

    Oh my gosh i love this so much triplet...oh my gosh she looks so pretty and the vectoring nd painting you did is great..wow so talented you vectored and painted her..oh my gosh and the idea with the morning thing..and he clouds and colors looks so pretty and you made it match her..wow and she is so pretty really..wow and the floor is so cool i love the texture look and the light off of it..oh my gosh and the text looks good to..wow i love this so much your so talented..wow..im so proud of you *hands you alot of crack*..hehe and *runs to jump on triplet and give hers all her favorite food*..and *hugs triplets so hard*.

    From your triplet,

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2007

    I think this is one of your best walls yet!
    The colors work well and the painting is neatly done! The texture seems a bit strong, but other than that, great job!

  4. inREVERIEforever Feb 01, 2007

    This is a lovely new style Rhonda!
    You did an outstanding job on the painting! The colors are beautiful. This wallpaper makes me really happy. :)

  5. Firemace Feb 01, 2007

    Radiata Stories Charactor ! Sugoi !

    I like your Colors Lots And Lots...*Gulps*...Painted ?

    I have nothing more to say then, Warm Colors And Summer-Flames ~~! Fantastic. Oh, no worries on the text. ;)

  6. Devilet Feb 01, 2007

    Ah nice, it looks more crisp than a painty thing though.
    But I understand not everything was. xD

    Got a lot of orange and yellow there, very warm colours.
    I think the brick wall didn't have to have the line below it, looks too defined, shadow alone is enough.

    Nice work!

  7. Sinever Feb 01, 2007

    gorgeous XD
    you did a great job on this one :D
    I love the bg & the colors as well :)
    its well made :D
    & best of luck in the contest :)

  8. starrliteangel Feb 01, 2007

    radiata stories = <3

    i agree with devilet about the brick wall

    btw, the text looks perfect so dont worry about it. hehe

  9. fawna-chan Feb 02, 2007

    Oh the sky looks so pretty in here...
    Sunsets are the best, I agree with ya. :)
    Nice work on the painting and the colors are surprisingly bright!

  10. rika23 Feb 02, 2007

    Kawaii.. na XD
    i love the wall. +fav

  11. enchantment Feb 02, 2007

    i love how you painted everything :D and the perspective of your wall is really nice :) i love the sunsetish theme and everything is placed really nicely :D lovely wall~^^

  12. eternallegend Feb 02, 2007

    i like the concept of your wall and how you portrayed it :D the sunset looks lovely and the sky looks wonderful :) the colours look really nice and i like how you arranged everything :D the painting is really well done and overall wonderful wall ^^

  13. IzumiChan Feb 03, 2007

    Waa, the color is so strong, so vivid~ :D
    I liked it, looks very sweet.
    Great work at that sky and the bricks! :)

  14. BlueAngel17 Feb 03, 2007

    I saw this at AP, and I was very pleased with this. I was only waiting for this to be shown at MT before I comment, ahaha. ^^ the angle and the sunset colors were the things that were totally eyecatching, and the weird thing would be the clouds, IF they were from a realistic point of view. But I think it's still beautiful. Good choice of the character too. I love it when they look at the back. *_*

  15. AlexXan Feb 03, 2007

    your painting is awsome here ~ i like this sundown color scheme :) and
    clouds, wall and used textures are just great ~
    Only one thing ~ mayby it is only me ~ but bottom of shoe is not completely
    parallel to floor ~ however it is only one little thing :)

  16. Rella Feb 04, 2007

    Oh, this is so nice! The scan matches the scene perfectly, good match! I also like sun sets but I usually like sun rises more. XP Anyway, the colors are chosen very nicely here and I'm so glad you painted the scan. It looks soo neat! The perspective is also very nice, good job! =D

  17. Sakura-K Feb 07, 2007

    You always make fantastic wallpapers ^^ I love it ^^
    The colours are really good. I can't say anything bad about it ^^ =P

  18. sakuya-sama Feb 08, 2007

    it's really beautifull, loved everything, you are really an artist ^^

  19. pegassuss Feb 09, 2007

    Beautiful work rhonda-san! ^__^ it's lovely, I love the perspective although maybe the slope is too big, but it loks ok, and the warm colors are great, they fit really well. Clouds and sky look beautiful and I like how the scan is cut and we can't see the whole face. Great work! Keep it up! :)

  20. KyoFan368 Feb 11, 2007

    I love this wall, Rhonda21! The Background looks great, and you did a wonderful job with the colors. The scan looks amazing too! You did a wonderful job on the wall! Thanks for sharing! ^_^ :) :D :pacman:

  21. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2007

    OMG I'm so behind, looks like painting is the IN thing right now XD Its a simple wall but when I fullviewed it, I see lotsa details, your hard work has definitely paid off ^^ I really love the orangy colours of this wall ^^ Awsome ;) Keep it up~!

  22. animanga Mar 10, 2007

    Did you PAINT her? It looks fantastic! Her shadows and the clouds look beautiful! I can't recall what I gave you as a judge in the contest, but I do recall it was pretty high, for the theme especially. ;) Well done!

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