Speed Grapher Wallpaper: Let My Spirit Fly

Tomozo, Gonzo, Speed Grapher, Kagura Tennouzu Wallpaper
Tomozo Mangaka Gonzo Studio Speed Grapher Series Kagura Tennouzu Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello Everyone,

Finally last second i submit my Free Your Inner Waller Contest entry.

My Theme was Freedom of the Spirit. I love being wild and crazy and just having no bounds and being myself, I also love the wind b/c to me the wind represents that. The wind can be gentle, yet wild at the same time. In my wallie I put a filtered and alter alot stock of a city scene on her outfit, representing her wanting to let go of the city life or chains that hold her down and be free where she has open spaces and the sky is the limits. I first wanted a simple wallie but then Kaisui1tatsu told me my wallie was anything but simple ^_^' but then again Im not a simple person either so i guess my inspiration and personality really did flow into my wallpaper, I also made the wall not just a regular blue, Im not really a blue kind of girl. I love pink with a passion but I also love the rainbow, so many different colors and exciting just like i wish to be. The butterflies represent also a softness of beauty yet also with the flying theme in them. I have a sort of country scene in it, because I live in the USA state Kentucky which is south eastern so i live in the country areas, so it represents me and my home, and the large colorful sky represents all the wide oppunities out there and the sky is the limit, so basically freedom of life as well. XD I worked on this the second the contest was announced and had it done by the next 4 days or so after wards i just never fully extracted the main character out properly b/c im so lazy.. so tada! I worked SUPER HARD ON IT. I hope you all like it.

I did alot to her scan alot just so u can see Original Scan by pastachan.
I have textures upon more textures, layers of colors and spots of colors, gradients, mutliple layers of scans, stocks used for the windmill, grass, and left side of the wallie a forest, which I also changed its colors and hues some. The sky was a brush i made from a stock and believe it or not i only used two colors to make that sky Blue and White, all the colors u see in this wall came from a brown textures, a mulitple black & white & blue gradients, and a Blue and White layers of brushes of my own cloud brushes. I then got a round brush and smudged it some to make the windy effect on the wallie, i also added a couple of birds from brushes from devianart i tweaked around. Butterflies from a scan I extracted and then changed its levels to white and added a soft gradient layer style on it. House came from a scan that i changed its colors and changed it some. I did so much to it, and did nothing but trial and error on this. I love the turn out, its so old now to me I hope its good enough.

Thanks to my twin sister thingperson, she taught me how to do Warp Text and I think its so cool, she is so sweet to me, thanks liz! love ya. Oh the thumbnail looks so bad, Ohh now im sad... oh well I tried :D. So sorries if this sounds messed up or to many grammer errors, its late and I was in a rush lol XD, thanks.

I'll write more later, Starr pressured me to hurry lol XD

oh and so sorries so slow on replies and such, school started last week and its been a real killer to me, but yay its getting better! XD Thanks for your awesome support I love you all !

Comments and Favs are always Welcomed!

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  1. thingperson Jan 31, 2007

    Oh my gosh i love this so much the colors are so pretty and the background looks great with her really i love the filters and the everything your so talented i love this so much..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. entity1660 Jan 31, 2007

    Fantastic watercolor effect. The textures on her dress is the best of all. The overall effect of the wallpaper gives it a "breezy" perspective. Marvelous entry. =3

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 31, 2007

    The colors look great and the textures work well, nicely done!

  4. Sinever Jan 31, 2007

    simply gorgeous :D
    I love the bg & the colors XD
    nice watercolor effect :)
    Overall awesome wallie XD
    & best of luck in the contest :D

  5. Devilet Jan 31, 2007

    A lot of movement and energy in the wallpaper.
    Great use of colours and textures, certainly shows the wind element.
    Keep up the work!

  6. gabysango2011 Jan 31, 2007

    i luv it
    i luv the aky
    the girl looks great there too
    the houses and the ground are great too
    i luv that "wind" u put there..it gives a nice touch
    + fav

  7. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 31, 2007

    I really the colors and the textures, they look pretty good!
    I think that the buildings behind her looks too realistic for me...(maybe it's only me)
    Anyway, i totally love the colors
    Keep it up ;)

  8. Rhonda21 Feb 01, 2007

    omg yay I finally found your wallie. haha. Well anyways, great job me triplet! I love all the wind and how the text also matches with that. And the colors are lovely. Pretty scan as well. Great Job me triplet! hehe

  9. annakee Feb 01, 2007

    and i can't see the comment of the person that told me about this wallie.... sister, where are u? XD

    jaja, i can't see the hypnotic effect that alterlier told me before, but that dont matter really, because this is really something well done.
    you can do incredible things, samantha-sama.

    other fav here!

  10. xianghua Feb 01, 2007

    Beautiful work dear! I absolutely LOVE it! The background looks awesome! I can see you worked real hard girl! Keep it up!
    *favs from your best girl*

  11. inREVERIEforever Feb 01, 2007

    It's so beautiful Captain! I love the colors and textures. It adds such an enchanting effect to the wallie. You can tell there's a theme to this wallpaper. Awesome work!

  12. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Feb 01, 2007

    Wow! It's so colorful! Beautiful!

  13. schwindelmagier Feb 01, 2007

    wow, what a beautiful, colourful and fresh wallie you made there ^_^
    I simply love. Furthermore it has an attractive magical athmosphere, I think and that's what I like the most on your wallie together with the wind. I love wind (except in situations when you ride your bike and it comes from the false direction XD)
    But lying on a hill full of grass, the sun is shining on you, the sky is blue, some few little fluffy clouds and then the wind that blows gently through your hair. what a lovely place <3 <3
    fav from me + new desktop bg

  14. alterlier Feb 02, 2007

    well after I scared myself to death thinking I was crazy I finally agree with the whole bunch of people that already told you how good it looks.
    the hair is a bit hum brilliant? really brilliant, but in some way proves the severe changes you achieved.

  15. eternallegend Feb 02, 2007

    i like the textures and how they look really nice in your wall :D its intersting how there seems to be a lot of motion in your wall and the colours look wonderful :) i like the composition of the background and how everything is arranged XD i like the nice concept of your wall and the way you portrayed it :D lovely wall ^^

  16. enchantment Feb 02, 2007

    i love the texturey look and the butterflies around her add a nice touch :D the background looks really nice :) nice wall~^^

  17. Rella Feb 03, 2007

    =O OMG! I totally love your idea! Freedom is shown very well here especially the work of the wind. Haha, the title is also swept away by the wind, how cool is that! XD Ooh and I really like how you placed the butterflies near her feet and the whole countryside scene in the back. Very very nice, I sooo love it! =D

  18. norine07 Feb 04, 2007

    i love the texture..! nice one..! love the wind effect with makes them fly and all, so wonderful, colours used, i so cheery and colourfui, well done..! ^^ +faves

  19. rubenz Feb 08, 2007

    Its really pretty, I love the bg and the concept is great :D

  20. kaisui1tatsu Feb 09, 2007

    Nice job! I think that the finished product came out nicely! Her scarf finally does show up well! but now her sleeve is blending with the clouds now.. . .lol, oh well. Awesome work on it! I know that you worked hard too. *pets* Talk to you later!

  21. animefairy Feb 16, 2007

    Awesome wallie! xD I dont really like the text font tho. It's very colorful and cute!

  22. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2007

    When I look at this wall, I think of the song "I believe I can fly" XD Really love the freedom that this wall depicts ^^ The colours could have been better though ^_^' Keep it up!

  23. animanga Mar 10, 2007

    Pretty nice Sammy! :D I like all the colours & butterflies. :) & the wind looks great. ;)

  24. funkybass Mar 23, 2007

    It's so Colorful! Awesome! And I love your watercolor effect! & of course fave!

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