Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Wallpaper: EGO

Miwa Shirow, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, Naoto Fuyumine, Vector Art Wallpaper
Miwa Shirow Mangaka Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Series Naoto Fuyumine Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

embarrassing desc was embarrassing

To the wall:
I vectored(killed) one of the saikusa's scans then i vectored those weirds things caming out of her hair.
The size of those things=the size of my Ego :) (i have a big ego)
I was inspired on the Coca-cola cans *yay*
err texture from: DA! as always
Layers: a lot
Time: 2-3 weeks (i procrastinate too much)
Music: Panic!, Shiina Ringo, Suga Shikao
Special thanks to annakee and alterlier for their opinions (<3)


My groups:


Chosen by candy-chan and Saikusa

Such a gentle treatment, and yet it is still bold & full of confidence. Without being overwhelming, it throughs in a vast amount of floral detail and all the while retaining a simplistic beauty.

Proposed by candy-chan and highlighted by Saikusa.

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Browse Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 29, 2007

    Wow, very cool!
    The colors and textures work well and the vector is really neatly done. Love the simplicity, great job!

    It's hot over there? Aw man, you're so lucky (I'm freezing by butt off over here D= )

  2. sailorchiron Jan 29, 2007

    I want to be somewhere that I could go swimming...

    Nice wall, I like the simple colors. Very soothing.

  3. entity1660 Jan 29, 2007

    Phweee, the conept is so original, it makes me squeal! Fascinating vector/wall, Naomi-chan. Favorite, desu~

  4. LordWe Jan 29, 2007

    I love how simple this looks. The tendrils of flora are very nicely vectored (well, it all is, but it is most noticeable here with the little details of the vines and stems), and the textures make what would otherwise be a flat colour really jump out. Very cool, and good luck with your contest :)

  5. Iare Jan 30, 2007


  6. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2007

    yay congrats on the highlight! :)

    neat vector! Wow, you have a lot of patience >.< hehe, who wouldn't want vines and flowers to grow out of their heads XD Oh, I like how you've sort of hidden the title in those vines too, very clever ^_^

  7. Faqir Jan 30, 2007

    awesome work! :D

  8. saphira0589 Jan 30, 2007

    It's so pretty. I like the colours, and the flowers, leaves and vines are awesome. The lines are clean as well.

    *adds to favs* :D

  9. Sinever Jan 30, 2007

    I like the idea :)
    you have done it perfectly XD
    well done :D

  10. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2007

    Wow! This looks cool! I love the colors and textures! Great wallpaper!

  11. gaara-no-shukaku Jan 30, 2007

    Ego can be like vines? -lol- Anyway, the walpaper is awesome yet have that abstract and ego-ish feelings. I love how you use texture with the vector(almost all the colours there). I think that the siggy kinda annoying, and some jaggy parts on the vines. And vectoring the vines and flowers - I know it's such a death. Great use of colours and awesome job overall! It does deserve a highlight.

  12. rythem Jan 30, 2007

    love at first sight XD I love the design and concept . and the neat vectornessss ~ :3

    Quote: if my ego is big without the highlight go figure how big is now

    rofl . *favs*

  13. FlowerDog Jan 30, 2007

    Man, your ego is powerful! XD *FD melts* This definitely deserves to be highlighted. ;) It doesn't look simple to me. XD I think I would be dead from vectoring in this kind of wild desgin. I am so cheering you on to win that contest Naomi-chan2612! :D

  14. fawna-chan Jan 30, 2007

    Kyaaa! XD I love the floral design of your ego! The vectoring is neat and I love the color you used. Like candy-chan said, it's simple but it's also...er, pretty! Good luck on that contest! :D

  15. alterlier Jan 30, 2007

    hey so finally is up, wicked is how it looks, thing that complement the title, ego, lol
    the way she is vectored is pretty cool, I find something different, but guess I cant tell what it is.
    I think by the other hand that the "things" that are coming out from her head could be more colorful, I mean, not just I a plain color....a bit of texture may work, but heck is cool.

  16. gabysango2011 Jan 30, 2007

    i lvu it
    u will surely wind the round ^^
    i luv it
    + fav

  17. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 30, 2007

    I love the idea behind his, and the vector is very nice, as well. Keep up the great work! :)

  18. HaWaIIofHoaI Jan 30, 2007

    it's a crazy cool wallpaper mixed with simplicity and elegance in its own way.

  19. monicayurie Jan 30, 2007

    Great wallpaper!
    Really creative and original!
    Bye... :)

  20. Devilet Jan 31, 2007

    Haha, you're so funny girl. (reading your descrip)
    This wall just popped me to look at it from the main page.
    You definitely got some patience, and the ego helps too. xP
    I can't believe the amount of detail in the florals .... I'm a fan of redish tones, so naturally I approve of the colours!
    Love how you made her hair unlined ... like the flowers growing out of her hair (yes I know you meant that).
    It's quite the stylish wall. LOL @ big credit at the bottom, make sure no one rips it huh? xD

  21. viekazama Jan 31, 2007

    Nice wallpaper... so eyecatching and detailed XD
    Gotta fave em fur sure

  22. acid-awakening Jan 31, 2007

    Wow, not long ago it was in the recently submitted art, now its in the highlighted and popular XD
    this is indeed one to have it's place there
    It's great
    nice work

  23. schwindelmagier Jan 31, 2007

    Wow, what a simple yet amazing wallie, naomi-chan ^_^
    the scan (vector) is very nice and the colours are fresh. You're right with the Coca Cola thingies, it reminds me of them too ^_^

  24. AngelKate Jan 31, 2007

    Wow! This is really awesome! The flowers are really well done, I can imagine it must have taken you forever to vector all that. The colors and textures are awesome as well, great job! Congrats on the highlight!

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