Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: My Valentine

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Noticed in vectory

I'm surprise I posted this exactly at 12:00. XD That's what I get for procrasinating to post this vector. X-O I really liked this scan a lot. It was nice how they had a change of clothes here and the pose for them was too much to resist making as a vector.

The title was going ot be either Damsel In Distressed or My Hero, but the distressed part didn't fit Lacus and I don't consider much as Hero matching this vector. I just put My Valentne since Valentines' Day is coming up plus Lacus's Birthday and after 10 days from Lacus's Birthday is my Birthday. :) Ack! I feel old going to 15 already and in high school to as a freshman. DX

Inpiration: none
Started: Last Sunday which was January 21, 2007
Hours: 25 hours within 3 days.
Layers: Can't remember DX
Hardest Part: The extension on Kira's arm
Easiest Part: adding colors
Credits: Scan from ChIcHaN
Notes: Just changed the colors from the original scan I found on MT.

Well anyways about the vector it was difficult. I kept trying to redo to make the lines as straight as possible (since I was looking back at my horrible vectors). I hope this is better than the previous onces I've made so far? :D It was difficult trying to extend Lacus's dress and her hair was like making me go crazy because of the outlines. Kira's elbow looks so awkward here so I took about more than 2 hours so instead I just left it as that.

I tried changing the colors because it was quite weird how Kira's suit color from scan was purple so I tried to adjust by making it black. Sicne I see a lot of people try making Lacus's dress pink or purple I decided to try that too and it did fit perfectly on Lacus's with a lavendar color like dress.

There's not much to say anymore since that's all I can think about for now. Enjoy! ;)

My next vector I'm definiately working on the materpiece hosted in vectory. :D

[Edit] - This took forever for me to post it. It took me twice to upload it and 15 minutes just to reply saying cannot open page. :angry: Darn you computer! **smacks**

[Edi2] - OMG! I'm surprised that this is in the elite gallery. O_O This makes me very happy despite I should've done some more correction on this vector. Hopefullly my next vector I'll make it better than this one. ^_^'

Another thing is credit if you use the vector of Kira & Lacus though no posting this vector anywhere except me. :P

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  1. woodard Jan 27, 2007

    Very nice. Their faces and everything looks great.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Faqir Jan 27, 2007

    nice. great. cool. so neat! awesome job, moonescape. ^-^

  3. audeaya Jan 27, 2007

    great vector moonescape!

  4. aiqing Jan 27, 2007

    WOW! very nice vector! Nice one moonscape!

  5. norine07 Jan 27, 2007

    omg..! i love it nice vector, very neat..! ^^

  6. ysrsesrs2630 Banned Member Jan 27, 2007

    The pink completely suits lovable lacus and kira also completely
    matches oh

  7. Audry Jan 27, 2007

    Hi moonscape! I love your vector, I think that it is excelent. Good job and thanks for share it.
    Kisses, I wait to see you soon with another vector. Lucky

  8. Ivonne Jan 27, 2007

    Amazing, nice and lovely !
    Thanks :)

  9. gaara-no-shukaku Jan 27, 2007

    I'm surprise that you managed to finish the vector, though the scan just hit MT recently. >.< I love how you did the outlines, filling instead of whole stroking. But I'd rather suggest if the whole outlines use "filling" technique instead of half stroking, half filling. Though I see some "uncertain" outlines, you have done a great job overall, including the extension of Kira's arm and Lacus' hair. The background really suits the atmosphere of valentine. Plus changing the colours of Lacus' dress. Great job!

  10. entity1660 Jan 27, 2007

    Grr, beaten again! Don't worry, I'm still going to vector this! Wait till you see! =3

  11. Saki-Sama Jan 27, 2007

    really cute and lovely :D great job!

  12. FlowerDog Jan 27, 2007

    You shouldn't be surprise moonescape. :D This is one awesome vector. ;) Everything looks great and it does seems like you really worked your butt off. XD It looks difficult, but it turn out beautifully. :) Fantastic work!

  13. kira-freedom Jan 27, 2007

    very sweet in pink-wall....Kira X Lacus^^
    nice work.

  14. stardustsakura Jan 27, 2007

    Moonescape-chan! 'Tis shiroki_tenshi from LJ! :) Lovely vector as usual! Gonna snag it and perhaps use it in an icon if I can! ;)

    How do you vector? Teach me! XD

  15. enchantment Jan 27, 2007

    wow, the vectoring is really nicely done :D i love how you did her dress and ribbon :) its really nice and neat :D lovely work~^^

  16. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jan 28, 2007

    great work! you're improving so much in vectoring :) the lines are neat and smooth (and your outlines are getting better) I also like how you extended Kira's arm, nicely done ^__^

    oh yeah, the colour change is a good idea, 'cause Lacus has to wear pink right ;) And the title fits the pose too ^^

    congrats on making the elite gallery ^__^ The only complaint I'd have is that Lacus' eyes look a bit weird in terms of the position of the pupils, I think her right eye needs to be shifted right (our right, her left) a bit, or her left eye shift to the left (our left, her right), 'cause the eyes look a bit too far apart right now (I hope I'm making sense ^_^' )...

  17. eternallegend Jan 28, 2007

    the vectoring is nicely done and the lines are done really well :D the colours you used are lovely and everything suits well :) i like how you did her nice accessories :D wonderful vector ^^

  18. ASH-Hikari Jan 28, 2007

    I absolutely love it! I was wondering when someone would vector this pic, lol. I love how you changed her dress colour and everything! This is a wonderful vector! *Faves and downloads*

  19. barara Jan 29, 2007

    kyaaaa! Lovely! I love your vector... it is really nice, colors are so great X-P Thanks for sharing :D +fav

  20. animanga Jan 29, 2007

    X-P Sorry, awesome vector, I love this scan! ;)
    If I can think of an idea, I'll tell you if I use it. ;)
    Thanx SO much! <3

  21. Haven100 Jan 29, 2007

    Amazing! A very good vector! +FAV! You did very good job and it's very well made :) I also like how you changed Lacus dress color :) Hope to see more vectors from you :)

  22. merelie Jan 30, 2007

    the awesomeness of this vector cannot be properly put into words
    it is, it's just fantastic!
    i like the pink, don't ever let anyone tell you the pink is not good
    it is! it's excellent and it's perfect for this time of year!
    thanks a bunch for putting such great effort into and sharing with the rest of us

  23. mechanical-angel Jan 30, 2007

    adorable ^^

  24. SakuraXSyaoren Jan 30, 2007

    This pic is nice...where did u find it?

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