Monochrome (Visual Novel) Wallpaper: Transit Lounge

Hiro Suzuhira, Monochrome (Visual Novel), Risa Tsubaki Wallpaper
Hiro Suzuhira Mangaka Monochrome (Visual Novel) Visual Novel Risa Tsubaki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

No, it is not really a collab, but one cannot ignore the great effort pumped in by our lovely all rounded all powerful vectorer Umboody who makes great vectors that are full of detail.

When I found this scan from the series Monochrome, I was enthralled to wall it someday soon, little did I know I would find a great vector from browsing a random person's (Umboody) Gallery and come up with this.

One could tell how much I loved the vec when I posted it in his Guestbook stating my fiery desire to wall it.

So cut the crap and move on, founding stocks from all over the place and then finally once again, coming across Resurgere Borkr package and Crackz package was the the one that gave this wall its life, the colors from the stocks grant the originally pale blue and cold air port terminal some lively pink and purple and soft hues. The airport terminal came from a random find from airport pictures over google's search engine, somewhere around the 175th page I think, dunno, there was so many results, I even forgotten what I was looking for until I found this. I reckon the possibility of having found the airport background from 4chan or iichan, possibly in the landscape large HR pics or something in Photography. Oh well, sue me for not knowing the source.

So I went ahead, and after taking away her shadow, I blended and tweaked for another one that looked closer to the wall itself, as if she is leaning on the sides of that moving walkway, and so on and so forth, followed by the finishing touches of resurgere's latest Painted Textures.

I believe I was trying to capture what a song had as its name "Stairway to Heaven" by turning the wall into Walkway to Heaven I guess. Hope I did just that. grainyness was intended.
Anyhow, there are several versions, one of them is textless, the other has a little more text. (it says: waiting by the Transit Lounge to Heaven)
Enjoy. Special Thanks to Umboody, Resurgere for Great Textures and Photos.
http://Umboody.animepaper.net {Vectorer}
All textures are used according to the Resurgere License, None of any work may be used for commercial works, and all sub-produce from stocks are to remain credited to original stock creators. Resurgere rules!

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2007

    Love the colors and the background is well done. (Nice vector, Umboody =D)
    Keep up the great work!

  2. eternallegend Jan 24, 2007

    the soft hues and the nice colours look lovely :D the textured look is nice and i like the concept of your wall :) i like the atmosphere created and the overall idea :D nice wall ^^

  3. enchantment Jan 24, 2007

    wow, i love how you did the background and the use of the airport terminal is a really nice idea :D i love the soft colours and the textures add a nice touch :) lovely wall~^^

  4. thingperson Jan 25, 2007

    Hey there oh nice wallpaper if i could though give come C and C like you always give us..hehe.. well i understand your idea for making her stand up against the wall to a moving walkway but i do not understand why its moving walk way, doesnt really make since, and i like the soft colors you have put in it, but to be honest everything is so blended and the colors are so bright and soft, that she is just so solid color or dark to be more honest she stands out very much like she doesnt belong it might be better if you some how tweak the auto adjustment levels or even dupicating the layer of the vector you found and then lowering the opacity and then putting her on some blend mode to some now make her colors fit more into the wall she just looks like she doesnt belong.

    and also the background itself does not look like you put alot of time into it, i maybe wrong i know this may have taken you a while i do not know, but you claimed you tweaked and blended that may be so how you may have merged the stocks and so, but the whole backgroud is a stock when you think about it, and blending to me not every top a class walling if you ask me sorry. maybe next time using more scans in it or even creating some of the background yourself by hand or adding a few more objects, people, lights, newspaper, anything else to make it stand out, other than many stocks merged and blended together.

    and for one i like the idea of maybe it looking like she might be beginning to be in motion other than just sitting there and the background being blurred. maybe if you wanted that sidewalking movement you could try the motion blurr and some more items on a sidewalk to give that effect.

    Over all its pretty wall really i like the colors your useing and the girl great idea..but to me its just missing somethings.

    once again my opinion..*smiles*.


  5. PinkPrincessLacus Jan 25, 2007

    Oh a nice wallpaper, it has depth movement and some okay colors, and i like the text, but the stock needs to be filtered a little more, and the main character scan stands out alot b/c she is so vectory and the stocks bg is so texturery blurry that it doesnt seem to fit well together, its a nice idea and pretty colors. :D

    ~* Lacus *~

  6. flyable Jan 28, 2007

    Hey dude..
    It's been awhile &.. I'm back after a long holiday! lolz
    Anyway,just dropping by for a moment.. 2 visit an old friend.. :D
    Btw,nice wallie here.. But i think it would look better without the gal being in the wallie.. hehe
    Whoops.. My mistake.. On second thought.. Maybe what's lacked was probably the outline for the female char in ur wallie.. XD

  7. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2007

    You're great with making vectors blend into backgrounds, thats usually what I get a headache with ^_^' The colours for background are real nice ^^ But I don't really like the textures, seems too grainy plus the sign Walk Left Stand Right seems jagged ^_^'

  8. whatthesonson Jul 13, 2010

    love it. thanks for uploading this scan :D

  9. Krycha Jul 17, 2010

    very nice
    thanks for upload

  10. KwonLeeNa Dec 11, 2010

    thanks for sharing ...... Nice picture ...... sorry for my english which is not good .... the colors and graphics are great ^. ^
    gently but also very attractive ... it's a wonderful wallpaper .... you work very factor ..... good luck ..... A good day will come to you

  11. lemauve Mar 16, 2011

    f having found the airport background from 4chan or iichan, possibly in the landscape large HR pics or something in Photography. Oh well, sue

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