Ai Yori Aoshi Wallpaper: Love Love...

J.C. Staff, Ai Yori Aoshi, Kaoru Hanabishi, Aoi Sakuraba Wallpaper
J.C. Staff Studio Ai Yori Aoshi Series Kaoru Hanabishi Character Aoi Sakuraba Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full View Please to see the pics in the wall of love ^^ and other details

Hi hi! uff! finally finished my new wallie! ^^ 3 days O.o *faint*
Well this is my entry for the Free Your Inner Waller Contest the theme is euphoria, and is something that inspire us so i made two things that inspire me the love pics 'cuz love inspires me and also the flowers ^_^

Well let's talk now about the wall
I made all the background yes it was difficult to make especially working with the shadows u_u i put a texture that i found here and the flower brush from here it was difficult to work with some prespectives too. i worked a lot in the table and the pics, it was difficult to work with the table because of the prespective, and the pics to make them more real.

Well comments are always very welcome ^^

My lovely groups ^_^


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  1. sakuya-sama Jan 24, 2007

    Really beautifull scenary ^^
    Loved everything ~~

  2. roly-poly Jan 24, 2007

    very nice. i could never dream of having the effort to do all of that.

    just a few things. the vase's shape is a little too rectangular. and i don't think the texture was needed on everything, especially the image itself.

    apart from that, amazing really.

  3. Sinever Jan 24, 2007

    I dont have anything to say but gorgeous
    well done lum-sann

  4. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2007

    awwww soo pwety Lummy-chan!
    love the extures u used
    the colors are lovely
    and the scenery looks lovely
    great work Lummy-chan!

  5. enchantment Jan 24, 2007

    i love the room :) ahh, the textureyness XD i love the texturey look and the room looks really nice :D it looks a little flat though XD [hope i havent offended you ^_^' ] it doesnt seem like theres any shading to make it look non flatish ^_^' im not sure if im making any sense XD but anyway, i love how you placed everything and the room is really thought out and nice :D lovely wall~^^

  6. eternallegend Jan 24, 2007

    i like the nice concept of your wall and the textures look lovely :D the image doesnt seem to have been extracted all that well in a few areas ^_^' what really bothers me is the shadows since im not too sure of where the light source is and it seems a little strange as all the shadows point to the floor as the light source however it could just be the way im looking at it ^_^' the vase on the table looks really flat and not very real looking so maybe you could add a bit more shading to the area where the 'light' doesnt hit to help it look more 'real' ^_^' the table looks nice with the textured wood like look however it seems 2d with no dimensions ^_^' maybe you could remove the outline and go over some parts with the airbrush to give it some shading and help add some dimension but that is just a suggestion XD maybe you could add some shading to the frames on the wall as well [i hope i havent offended you ^_^'] i like the nice design of the door and the nice flowers :D the frames on the wall with images is a nice idea :) nice wall ^^

  7. Brooke81 Jan 30, 2007

    wow pretty nice wallpaper I love the anime series :3

  8. annakee Feb 01, 2007

    ai yori aoshi es uno de mis animes favoritos, aun cuando la trama tiene muchas caidas. uno de mis romanticos favoritos, asi como tu wallpaper.
    evil hug para ti itoko. ademas sume un favorito ^^

  9. IzumiChan Feb 25, 2007

    OMG I missed this! Didn't see it yet... gomen, Lum-chan... -__-
    Yay, elite! Congrats! ^o^
    I love the idea of placing other scans as pictures... I planned a wall like this once... ^-^
    Great use on textures! I finally learned how to use them, but I'm no good yet... XD
    The plant vase is just so cute! >.< ^_^
    Perspective and shadow are pro! Very good! ^.^
    You did a wonderful work, congrats! ^_^

  10. berona Feb 26, 2007

    thanks for sharing. ^^

  11. Magicalmoonangel Mar 22, 2007

    This wallie is awesome, i really like the effects you gave it! but maybe put more details/things in the background...

  12. kyosuke Sep 04, 2007

    Ai Yori Aoshi wallpapers = instant win for me ^^

    Specially this one :3

  13. akanYakusha Nov 19, 2008

    love the idea with the photos on the walls!

  14. icetee Mar 02, 2009

    Das ist ein sch

  15. rumiko23 Nov 05, 2011

    so nice... and so japanese-style! ^_^

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