Routes Wallpaper: One Shot .:[Dedicated to: Kaisui1tatsu]:.

AQUAPLUS, Routes, Lisa Vixen Wallpaper
AQUAPLUS Studio Routes Visual Novel Lisa Vixen Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

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Hellos Everyone :D,

OMG o.O its been so long since i've submitted somin. After a last few walls i got lazy and wanted a break so i've been doing nothing but makin avys, sigs, layouts, and watching my fav show Supernatural on youtube and on tv XD. I've been working on my CL contest wallie as well. I making Starr a userpage right now but i keep on changing it hhaha lol, and one day she was talking to me online and left me to go to classes and i got sooo bored and had a thought and I made this :D. I've also made this a couple of days ago but waited to submit it b/c my triplet rhondi wanted me to so she could comment on it b/c she is my triplet, and also SHOCK on accident i actually made this bigger than my usual 1024x768 wallies for those who watch my work and have ALWAYS commented wanting them to be bigger lol well here u go lol, i'll keep trying to keep them this size but cant make any promises XD.

I used a stock image in the back, i was so proud its my best Image Alteration ever, but i dont think u can see it all from what i've put on top of it lol but i think it is. I changed alot of things in it. Added all types of brushes and used blend modes and mutliple layers etc worked them all in, used layers of just brushes to create that bg effect on it, i have a texture on it that i filtered ALOT so basically all that stayed was the colors on it mostly lol, also layers of pure color and gradients, mutilple layers of altering to the girl and her extraction was so omg argh but quick she had like no lines, her scan was like white on white so most of her i had to make up where she had lines on her hair and gave her some and her legs etc, painted up the artist's name on her scan that was on her hair, alot of thinking and fun went into this. Oh and I added filters to the brushes, Starr gave me a tut that I used for the lines on the top and bottom and just tweaked it some to fit what i wanted more *bounces up and down*.

Its also amazing that i even did this, b/c Starr, thingperson, and Rhondi would tell you that im like scared of ..... *hates saying it* Blood i like calling it "paint" if i have to say it lol. So im so surprised i used it, but i had a vision for it and went for the creative side so in the name of art i say i used it lol XD.

This is dedicated to my captain gizzymos Vicki aka Kaisui1tatsu lol XD. She is the best and coolest friend ever, always with us and were just all so crazy and one big family. I promised her another wall but im still not sure i can do it so in case i did this, and she liked it alot when i showed her so i knew i had to give it to her :D. Thankies vicki-chan for all that u do *huggles and gives u a vincent and some fish* lol inside joke X-P. Oh and Vicki i hope i spelled your name right, I did that song u taught me lol XD.

Thanks to my triplet Rhondi for her super help to me on this espically on the "paint" part, im not used to seeing it so she helped me, and KaisuiTatsu for her input as well :D, and to Starr for giving me the site with the tut it was very useful, thankies to all *hugs*.

Oh and to URanimEnigma's question about what i wanted the title One Shot to mean was well like as in just One Shot to end it all, One Shot left. Sort of somin you would see in a dramatic movie where that one bullet counts and its the only and last hope, haha i have to much vision lol.

Comments and Favs are always Welcomed!

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  1. thingperson Jan 21, 2007

    Oh my gosh sam i love this..wow your so talented i love the scan you picked the background and whole idea of this..wow the colors match and everything..wow i love this so much..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. Rhonda21 Jan 21, 2007

    YAY triplet thanks for waiting for me. lol. Well I love the background! You did great fixing up the stock to match so well. And such a cool scan you used. What a great idea for a wallie as well hehe. Love the colors and different effects and such! Great work!

  3. kaisui1tatsu Jan 21, 2007

    *screams and jumps on Sammy Sam* I had no idea that you were going to dedicate it to me! lol, You are awesome! *huggles* And you did spell my username correctly! Good idea for making that song right? lol *takes Vincent and eats fish with him* And we are so one big family aren't we? *huggles PinkPrincess and Thingperson* *pets*
    And you are really freaked out by blood. . . you still freak out about my finger that I shut in my car door. . .lol. It has looked the same for a few weeks. . .lol
    You did an excellent job with the wall too! It is very different from your usual styles. All of your walls are so detailed as well, there is always something to look at in every part of the walls that you make! Awesome work!

  4. cassandraronald Jan 21, 2007

    awesome wall XD
    I love the scan that you used and the background is amazing >.<

  5. URanimEnigma Jan 21, 2007

    Ha haaH! If I wasn't aware of the fact that YOU did this Lacus, I'd totally mistake this for an artist's work. Not to say that you aren't an artist. I really don't have to reasure you on that, do I? It's funny because, when you mentioned that you didn't like blood(PAINT), it reminded me of my dream last night. I was being ripped apart and cut open by some people. It hurt. And the man who used to be my stepdad just allowed it. I'm lucky I woke up, or I would have been in trouble. Well, that's enough of that. :) I can see what you might mean by "ONE SHOT". Was it to imply that ONE SHOT is all it takes? Oh, and I might now have ideas for my next work. Thanks.

  6. starrliteangel Jan 21, 2007

    coolio. a wall with BLOOD in it by sam. HAR HAR HAR. i dunno why, but the title "one shot" reminds me of black cat. Nice wall sam!

  7. Sinever Jan 21, 2007

    an excellent wallie as usual
    I dont know how you make such awesome wallies
    well I love the bg & its colors as well
    well done Lacus

  8. Melisandre Jan 21, 2007

    gorgeous and bloody wallie, I like the stock picture and the way you changed it and the chara seems really strong, maybe too much blood but it's cool anyway, congratulations! + fav

  9. akira1234 Jan 21, 2007

    wow! it is soo beautiful.awesome realy.the blood droplets are fit with the pict.well done.

  10. xianghua Jan 21, 2007

    Very cute wallie Sammy! I really love it!
    The scan fits the wallie perfectly!
    P.S.: Hope your father is alright now :D Sorry i signed out without saying good-bye ^_^' I was in a hurry and i completly forgot ^_^'
    Well great work with the wall! *favs*

  11. norine07 Jan 22, 2007

    kkyyayahhh, lacus-san..! >.< your works are gettting better..! hahax..! this time is something playful..! XD i love it though it is a different style, you seem to have accomplish it really well.! omg, how do you do that..! XD your so good..! really cool art work, full of action and blood, hahax..! violence always has a price to pay hahax.! so anyways..! wonderful wallie..! how i wish i can be like you making wallies like this..! i have been waiting for you newest art, and finnaly you sibitted one..! yay! XD sa-chan is so happy..! hee hee..! see ya around, wonderful wallie, +faves.

  12. eternallegend Jan 22, 2007

    i like the design of your wall and the interesting underlying message within your wall :D the blood adds a nice touch and helps with the message you are portraying :) the title is very fitting and goes well with the theme of your wall XD the colours contrast nicely and overall nice wall ^^

  13. aqiaqua Jan 23, 2007

    OMG LACUS-SAN HAS FINALLY DONE A WALLPAPER THAT'LL FIT MY RESOLUTION! AZZAH! *throws confetti, sets as bg imedientely*

    Blood....blooooooooooooodd! I love this one, so dramatic, and great photo editing job thingo! It ties together quite well :D. Fave from me :D.

  14. Jyzaphiel Jan 23, 2007

    its kinda crazy.. yeah.
    and i like crazy grunge things like this xD
    you have made it very nice *g* respect :>
    i like it a lot.

    it really looks somehow like a "real" scene.. with those blood on the "camera lense".. xD

  15. ShinobiHime Jan 25, 2007

    I think the saturation in the blood is very potent and a little too extreme. I think that it takes away from the picture. but hey, *shrug* maybe thats what you were goin for, just hoping to offer some helpfull critisism. I do like that scan though its very sugestive and forecfull! Cool!

  16. royaldarkness Jan 25, 2007

    Very cool wall ;)

  17. Butterflysushi Jan 26, 2007

    Nice blood stains... Brings back those notalgic needs to watch horror and action anime.

    Keep up the good work

  18. ShiNsh Jan 27, 2007

    that's COOL

    I like other pic of U


  19. Rella Jan 27, 2007

    Yay! I'm finally here to comment and favorite it! XD

    Blood, blood, blood! >=D LOL, it looks awesome! The "paint" XD is done very nicely. The perspective is very nice and the title matches the theme very well. Love the background too and the scan is just pure evil. XD Good work!

  20. EldaLacus92 Jan 29, 2007

    Uhh, scary... or should I say bloody? But it's a wonderful wallie :D How do you manage sweetie? I've always envied you how creative you are with wallies <3.

  21. animanga Jan 29, 2007

    Sorry this is so late, I was on holiday when you posted it. T_T
    A little different for you, Lacus? X-P
    I like how the scan looks & the variation & look of the blood is very good. I was having trouble with that earlier today. ^_^'
    It all fits very well, awesome wallie! :)

  22. Magicalmoonangel Feb 05, 2007

    Luv this wallie, there's just something about it....great job!

  23. enchantressinthedark Feb 24, 2007

    Yea, the girl's about to kill! XD The blood's so awesome *___* You've made the background very fitting for such walls as well :) Keep it up!

  24. koryu123 Aug 22, 2007

    simply innocent....beautiful

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