Polan Amamiya Wallpaper: pure morning

Polan Amamiya, Orbit Wallpaper
Polan Amamiya Mangaka Orbit Studio

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please FULL VIEW and see all the details, it will have better quality.

Hello MTers,

here is my newest wallie. I hope that it you please.

It is my entry for the Cute-Wallies Neko girl or boy contest.

As I saw this scan I had know that this will be the scan for my wall for the Neko contest. And so ... here is it. :D

Click here for the scan.

She looks so tired and nice, cause she awoke straight. XD

Now enjoy the wall and give me everything what u have for me
comments, criticism ...fav all what u want ;)

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  1. wanderingknight Jan 20, 2007

    Nice wall! I loved the lighting and the detail of the sakura tree.

  2. norine07 Jan 20, 2007

    nice walie.

  3. AnimeFanChris Jan 20, 2007

    Nice job its really cute and has a great attention to detail. ^_^

  4. Kuro-kun15 Jan 20, 2007

    OMG! That is sooooo cute! The little kitty is adorable and the way her hand is up near her face when cats clean their heads! Awww! ^^ Definately a fav. I hope you win the Neko contest!

  5. bella-ella Jan 20, 2007

    Aww, that is simply gorgeous! The title is really fitting. The scan is really cute and I *love* that cat, it's soo cute ^0^! Keep up the good work!

  6. RNA072100 Jan 21, 2007


  7. Anason Jan 21, 2007

    I really do like it :nya: :D

  8. x-lawss Jan 21, 2007

    This is so cute~! The color looks so good!
    Keep it up! XD

  9. rika23 Jan 21, 2007

    So kawaii~ Neko-chan XD
    i really like the scenery .
    i love gah~

  10. starrliteangel Jan 21, 2007

    WOW that is adorable! its really cute and pretty! I just see a couple problems with how you put the wall together, but otherwise its a really good wall. Heres just a couple suggestions
    -the floor needs to extend out more because it looks too short. Also, the floor panels closer to the viewer need to be larger, and the ones farther out need to get thinner. Since you didnt do that, the cat and the girl look like theyre floating a bit and it makes the perspective around their feet a little wierd.
    -the screen door needs to have some kind of groove running along in the floor. right now it looks like its floating off the edge of the floor. (this is a bad example since its one of my worst walls, but if you look at my fruits basket wallpaper of kyo, you'll see that the screen door has a groove/panel under it for it to run on.)
    - you need to get rid of that shadow or guassian blur around the cherry blossoms. it makes it pop out...

    i think this is your best wall so far! Definitely a most improved wallpaper! Great job ^-^

  11. xianghua Jan 21, 2007

    Wow awesome wall Steffimon-san!
    The landscape looks great! Nice scan too :D

  12. anime-xp Banned Member Jan 22, 2007

    very nice wallie its very well done

  13. Meteorskies Jan 22, 2007

    Really impressive, kawa

  14. Xx4azngrl8xX Jan 22, 2007

    AWWW! It's soooo cute! I hope you can make another one soon.

  15. eternallegend Jan 22, 2007

    i like how your wall seems so peaceful and calming in a way :D the cherry blossom trees add a nice touch and i like the nice scenery you created :) i like the nice colours and the theme you are portraying XD the title suits well :D lovely wall ^^

  16. xmaryx Jan 23, 2007

    The quality is great!
    The wall is so beautiful ^^
    a great work ^^
    I want to made something like that T.T

    Very great work ^^


  17. britney1202 Jan 23, 2007

    nice one!love it especially the background

  18. Yuzupt Jan 23, 2007

    Great job
    It's really cute
    Lovely bg and lovely nekos

  19. royaldarkness Jan 23, 2007

    Aww this is so cute ^^
    I love the light, cheerful colors of the background, suits the girl very well!
    Good job on this wallie :D

  20. mystvearn Jan 23, 2007

    nice wallpaper, adding you as friend:D abit soft on the edges which makes colours spill out? not sure if this was meant to be the idea since the character has good border outline

  21. MissyG Jan 23, 2007

    And like royaldarkness said, the colors are so cheerful ^^ haha, the kitty to the left look cute too XD Also, brightness is good too! Good job, keep it up!

  22. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 23, 2007

    Gosh! I was making a wall for that contest with that same scan!
    mmm I wont change my scan, ill continue with the same one
    I said the same as you when I saw the scan
    but my wall its a bit different from yours
    yours is supercute
    and with soft colors, seems you did it with a very warm cute feeling
    nice work
    good luck in the contest

  23. sakuya-sama Jan 23, 2007

    how beautiful and intense ^^
    really good wallie

  24. rafaellaGP Jan 23, 2007

    nhaaa cute1 *__*
    I looove cats1 *.*

    nha beautiful! I really like this background!
    this sakuras is so perfect fos the scan! =}

    I love it! ^^


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