Fuco Ueda Wallpaper: - Feels like Heaven to touch -

Fuco Ueda, Bliss Express Wallpaper
Fuco Ueda Mangaka Bliss Express Artbook

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

my excuses for the abrupt changes on the original scan, was inevitable.
I'm not into painting that much, but this time it was also inevitable.
the scan, again by DREAM btw was extremely quite touching, I placed myself in an inferno, with this unique demon in a world of devastation and me as a completely capricious person, wanted to change it to a particular, splendid heaven, that just when you are about to touch it, to feel it, it goes out of your mind and suddenly you are reading this.

I said I was not that much into painting, and is true, I dont have the patience or the will.. or whatever....but heck for me...cuz if my idea was with this special scan ...it was like something that you just know you have to do....and so...I spent my beautiful unproductive time doing it.

nice colors uh? I cannot say that I didn't kind of enjoy it....specially those clouds/ghosts/candies whatever you think those colorful things are.
but I do apologize is because the essence of the main/original thing, kind of went out of anything it was, but it's good at the end, she is not more a demon, she can now call herself a whole pretty nice angel.

ps, bogen, I'm sorry for stealing all the scans that you seem to want to wall...I just do it first :pacman:







Chosen by Revan and kuroimisa

Ohhhh my *__*
Everything in this is blended in so incredibly well and the movement in this is just wow- overwhelming o.o Have a look at that sky- isn't that sky absolutely amazing with the brush strokes and the colours?
This is just beautiful! Words can't describe how good this is- maybe 'cept for "ahhh you've done it again, alterlier XD"

Proposed by Revan and highlighted by kuroimisa.

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  1. Blueheart Jan 18, 2007

    very cool! it looks like a hand making drawing.
    good job!
    the colors are very cool!

  2. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jan 18, 2007

    Quote by Blueheartvery cool! it looks like a hand making drawing.
    good job!
    the colors are very cool!

    Same here. ^^

  3. Ardenta Jan 18, 2007

    :) You made a very beautiful and unique wallpaper, you should be proud of it ;)

  4. DREAM Jan 18, 2007

    i think i love you- finally a Fuco Ueda wall. ^^
    my new desktop. :)

    better watch out for lady regenbogen. :(

    : tosses a red rose :

  5. starrliteangel Jan 18, 2007

    ohhh i love DREAM's scans! and you made an awesome wall out of it too. youve changed things around quite a bit, and I think I like this morbid-ish atmosphere as much as the original scan. (although her hair does scare me a bit because i think it makes her look like the girl from the ring O.O) very unique and the painting looks really good. How did you do that? haha it took me forever to figure out how to get a watercolor look in photoshop, and then you come up with this superb wall of yours out of nowhere. the background scenery is wonderful...and it goes well with whats in your description, because you can almost feel time flowing past as you look at the wall.

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 18, 2007

    DREAM's scans are awesome >_<
    And this is also awesome! Love the colors and the painting is neatly done. It really looks like the wall is moving. Excellent work!

  7. annakee Jan 18, 2007

    to touch it, to feel it... tay bien ca*** con placebo ne ;)

  8. Revan Retired Moderator Jan 18, 2007

    The intensity of this wall is just beyond words. I wouldn't think of anything needing change it's perfect just the way it is.

    This is truly an awesome work!

  9. Rhonda21 Jan 18, 2007

    oh wow this is so beautiful and I just love it so much. You did a wonderful job!

  10. Kyelor Jan 18, 2007

    It's a very dramatic wall...the colors just sort of whisk you away while the swaying forms grip at your heart...

  11. Misato-Kun Jan 18, 2007

    Such a splendid piece! A wonderful endeavor into painting, making a unique and ethereal piece. Muy bonita!

  12. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2007

    Can't describe how beautiful this is. It's just so gyahhhhh *hits the buttons* >___<;

  13. knightstar3 Jan 19, 2007

    amazing piece of artwork definitely! the effects, painting, are incredible :D
    the colors blend so nicely together, and just as Kyelor pointed out, its so dramatic and very strong. ;)

  14. eternallegend Jan 19, 2007

    wow, the colours look nice and help create the atmosphere :D i like the way everything seems to be portrayed and the painting looks wonderful :) i like the concept of your wall and the background looks lovely :D lovely wall ^^

  15. enchantment Jan 19, 2007

    wow, this looks amazing :) i love the colours and the way you did the background :D the sky looks really nice and everything seems sort of surreal like :D i love how you did everything and the wall looks splendid :) with all the work you put into it, its a really wonderful wall~^^+fav

  16. Devilet Jan 19, 2007

    When you make stuff like this I wonder why I don't have you on my watchlist. As you are a very talented artist, I can say this is no exception. It is a very emotional state of scene .. I sense a few feelings when looking at it. I also am fond of scans hiding eyes, because eyes tend to have so much emotion ... and without them, the character is very null. Much like we feel sometimes. Gosh thanks for this wonderful wallpaper, good painting skills you've got aswell, even though it is not your thing.

  17. FlowerDog Jan 19, 2007

    It's so different from most wallpapers that I am use to seeing and it was very refeshing to look at. You definitely painted in a lot of details that the original scan doesn't have and the transformation looks amazing. I have to agree that I really do love the colors and the way they flow together in the sky. The concept does have me thinking, but my thinking process is slow. XD Wonderful work alterlier! :)

  18. euna Retired Moderator Jan 19, 2007

    Nice job. You've done some good work with painting and colour works. It's good to see some new styles coming =D I particularly like the black paint. It adds that primitive sense to it which seems to fit in well. I can't say much since everyone else has already said them. Awesome work and keep it up!

  19. MissyG Jan 19, 2007

    That looks... really creepy, but I -LIKE- it :O! Just wow, I like the way you did her hair XD Looks really creative and the whole wallie itself is really unique. I like the red touch the whole wallpaper has, though I see it more of a hell-theme, I'm fine with heaven too ^_^'
    This is definately a favourite~ Good job!

  20. frozenwilderness Jan 19, 2007

    Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to disagree with this highlight. I really like the concept.. but personally I think your paint job was sloppy rather than neat or stylistic. I know you wanted to go for a watercolor/paint effect but to me it just looks a mesh of photoshop round brushes that the you used on low opacity/flow. Additionally, I don't really think the lighting is that great.. it could have been a lot more dramatic imo, but it seems that it's more diffused throughout the picture and isn't intended to bring focus to the character, nor is it situated accurately in some areas. Seeing the sky as it is now, I'd recommend doing backlighting, and darkening the front of the character while just highlighting her sides to show that light is coming from behind her. Anyway, you get props from me for the effort... hopefully next time you'll learn to refine your painting & coloring style a bit more and I'll look forward to seeing an improvement.

  21. o0Beginner0o Jan 19, 2007

    wow, this is wonderful, really like the way you did the colours

    well i don't want to express myself with words, so i'm adding it to favs keke

  22. DarthTofu Jan 20, 2007

    :O That is really really awesome.
    The colors! The colors! I like the painting style.
    BUT It's kinda hard to tell what is the foreground and what is the background. More depth.

  23. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2007

    No me siento con animos para comentar, pero estoy totalmente impactada con tu wall...
    fantastico trabajo

  24. zaira Jan 20, 2007

    woah! very detailed! i like the whole concept of this wall!
    great as usual! + fav!

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