Onegai Teacher Wallpaper: Top Priority

Onegai Teacher, Mizuho Kazami, Kei Kusanagi Wallpaper
Onegai Teacher Series Mizuho Kazami Character Kei Kusanagi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

As always, here's a link so u can full view without using one of ur download quota.
In this pic u can see a very nice couple. Featuring Kusanagi Kei and Kazami Mizuho. I guess it's easy to identify who is who (for the ones who have watched the series), at least, my grandmother could do it (everytime I was watching the series, she was around cuz she liked it). For the ones who can't clearly identify who is who, Mizuho is the one below and Kei is the one above.
Now, about the wallie.
I used about 80 layers.
It took around 2 entire days (it is a lot of time for me...lol)
The pic was completely painted by me in photoshop, and it's based in a screencap taken by me. First, I drew (by hand) the scene, then I scanned it, and finally I painted it.
When I was watching the OVA (Onegai teacher's 13 episode), I loved this scene cuz it's really sweet and nice.
For the ones who have watched the series, It will be easy to understand the title. For the ones who haven't seen it, the words "Top Priority" are said in all the episodes, as something like "Saiyu Sen Jiko Yo". I wrote it in english cuz I'm not sure if those are the correct words in Japanese.
At first I just tried to use the screencap with many filters and adjustments, so it looked better, as a scan, but I didn't like the result.
Well, this is the first time I am doing a wallie like this, I mean, with painting job in photoshop.
Now, I'm gonna try to learn how to vector pics, so if someone knows some good tutorials, please PM me ^^.
Finally, I wanna tell everyone who hasn't seen this anime (Onegai Teacher), to see it cuz it's one of the best series I've ever watched.
These are some groups I'm member of ^^[/b]

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hope u all like it

comments and faves are well received..really.

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 17, 2007

    Oww..i thought you have learnt to vector...
    I'm so glad that this wallpaper is different of your old ones ^^
    hmm....vector tut? I know one http://distantdestiny.di.funpic.de/Tutorials/vectortut/vectortut01.htm Chloe's vector tutorial.
    Back to the wall, i know it's your first time doing stuff like this, and it's normal (for a first time) that the lines look kinda choppy and jagged...the coloring looks nice, did you use the pen tool?
    I totally love the font you used! and also the roses look nice. Are they stock photos?
    My only big problem are those characters on the background....they don't blend very well, and they look too random for me.
    Anyway, nice one
    Keep it up ^^

    merged: 01-18-2007 ~ 07:42am
    ese fue un laaaargo comentario....una cosa q se me escapaba...asumo que la de abajo es Mizuho, la parte interior de su boca deberia tener una sombra mas oscura para agregarle profundidad
    ahora si keep it up

  2. dianas Jan 17, 2007

    kisu kisu..this is very romantic..I love kiss scenes >_<
    and of course a fav from me for ur work :D

  3. Diamond-dreams Jan 18, 2007

    Onegai Teacher, how cute! <3

    Your wallie is really great, the roses look awesome and make the scene even more romantic. There could have been a bit more color on Mizuho's lips, but it looks good anyway. I couldn't really see Morino Ichigo because of the little petal (or leaf) but at least i can regognize her lol. The white roses background looks also pretty, and I have absolutely no problem with all the other characters being there. I have this feeling that Mizuho and Kei don't give a damn about what others think, they just love each other and that's enough. The tittle makes it even more meaningful, I really liked it :D

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. starrliteangel Jan 18, 2007

    heheeh now thats a cool perspective O.O
    Ive never seen the anime, but you did a good job making a wall out of screencaps. Like naomi-chan said, your vectoring is just a little bit choppy, but that will go away with practice. its barely noticeable. I think the outlines need to ....hm...how should i say this...the outlines need to blend in better. right now, most of it is the same px width..if you use the pen tool to vector an outline, you should get different widths depending on shadows, highlights, grooves...that kind of stuff.
    Now, for the bg. I think it looks a little overcluttered. I guess it would seem to be a good thing since the main image is very simple and plain, but I think its overcluttered...in the wrong way? the faces definitely dont belong in the bg..its a good idea, but a little random. Also, while the main image is a vector and solid, the faces in the bg are on low opacity so that doesnt go so great with the main image. I like the roses..but I personally think 1 rose color would have worked out better. For example, make everything red. red roses in the bg would have definitely enhanced the skin tones, while the white ones make them look kind of washed out since the colors are so similar. (the white roses and the skin tone colors are almost similar...meaning they are both pretty light and white-colored)
    for the roses in the front, I think those should have been vectored, and a much deeper red because they look faded out in contrast to the skin. keeping everything vectored is definitely the best way to go, although I can totally understand how tired you were by the time you finished this. (lemme guess...something like how i felt at the end of my fye wall, where you never ever want to vector another image again. ahhaha)

    wow, but I have to say, youve improved the most out of all the CL members ^-^ a definite most improved! *hugs*

  5. Sinever Jan 18, 2007

    nice work gaby
    you have painted it perfectly
    I've tried to paint once but I failed
    well done gaby

  6. Kuro-kun15 Jan 18, 2007

    lol I like how it looks like the ones in the right corner are sneaking a peak. >>; Very nice. ^^

  7. alterlier Jan 19, 2007

    I agree with naomi and starr, the characters on the bg dont quite fit, as the same with the roses....and bla bla....the vector is pretty cool to be your first, next time play a little more with the outline .......it looks to plain...bleh

    anyway I really just wanted to say that the publicity of your groups looks pretty anti aesthetic. lol

  8. sailorchiron Jan 20, 2007

    Good Job! You drew it from a screen cap? Wow! Keep up the good work!

  9. MizuhofanFFX2se Feb 28, 2007

    Nice work there! :)

  10. Moniquinha Mar 31, 2007

    I loved the wall!
    Great image!
    + fav!
    Bye... :)

  11. ama-chan55 Banned Member Dec 29, 2008

    Yeees.... It'very cute and Kawaiiiii <3 (L)

  12. Nubes May 09, 2010

    aaaaaaaaaaawwww! Onegai Teacher... such an amazing series! I absolutely love this wall... so romantic and sexeeeeh!

  13. Neck-kun May 23, 2010

    Excelente Trabajo!... me gusto mucho tu trabajo!

  14. Heinrick Sep 02, 2010

    It really looks better if you full view it.

    merged: 09-02-2010 ~ 10:52pm
    It really looks better if you full view it.

    merged: 09-02-2010 ~ 10:57pm
    It really looks better if you full view it.

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