Final Approach Wallpaper: Outsides World

Aoi Nishimata, Princess Soft, Zexcs, Final Approach, Shizuka Masuda Wallpaper
Aoi Nishimata Mangaka Princess Soft Studio Zexcs Studio Final Approach Series,Visual Novel Shizuka Masuda Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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featured at celestial-luminesse and hoteru-no-shiki

this is my first painted and vectored wall combined so i hope it turned out okay XD

this wall was something i started around two months ago and i only just got around to finishing it ^_^'

the background was completely painted and vectored and the only thing i didnt vector or paint is the character

this wall took a few days to complete, im not really sure on how many hours it took since i started it quite a while ago, so maybe around 18 hours to complete since i kept changing my mind and doing something different to the wall

there are about 100 layers

i cant remember where the scan is from since i had it on my computer for a while now

i added a few textures to give it that look :D

night time is a time that allows a piece of mind, a time to relax and unwind in a way

it is a time that allows your mind to wonder and to think about anything or nothing at all

the sky during the night is vast and dark contrasting with the sky during the day when it is bright

the dark of the night allows one to let go in a way and to have the burden of day time pressures to be lifted temporarily

during the night is a time when many slumber in order to get ready and have the energy to move onto the next day

the night time is a time when you can put your mind to rest

within the darkness of the night there are mysteries especially in the vast sky and beyond as it allows your mind to wonder and think about things you may not normally think of

edit: i changed her colouring to blue so that she suits the background better, thank you starrliteangel for the advice







hoteru-no-shiki ~*~Star Revolution~*~


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  1. Sinever Jan 14, 2007

    you did a great job eternal-chan
    I really love it
    everyone is painting these days man I suck at painting
    well +fav

  2. starrliteangel Jan 14, 2007

    aww you did a great job on this one! I see some little things that could be improved, but its still the best one youve done so far! The vectoring is very neat, and everything fits in so well. the perspective is really nice and different. and the sky! O.O I love the sky! Its one color too and its still looks great ^-^ You have a nice number of shooting stars because it doesnt completely fill up the sky, but theres still enough to give that celestial look. and you did a wonderful job on painting it too...it looks really pretty. OMG, though, this wall is so completely wonderful...I dont know how to say this, but the only thing thats keeping the wall from showing its "true potential" (i dont even know if that applies to wallpapers. LOL) is the character....sadly, the main part of the wall. Her coloring keeps her from fitting into the bg. Im not saying you picked a bad character, because i think her pose and everything fits in really well. The problem here is the fact that everythign in your wall is blue-toned while your character is not. What I suggest doing is to somehow give the girl that nice night time blue tint. there are so many ways that you can do it. For my recent kenshin wall, to give him a blue tint, I duplicated his layer, took the top layer, went to images --> adjustments --> hue saturation. checked the colorize box, and then played around with the hue, lightness, and saturation till I got a dark blue. I set that layer to a hard light and lowered the opacity. the girl is also too bright, since i see the moon is pretty far off, and its not glowing that much. I would go to images --> adjustments --> hue/saturation and lower the lightness bar a little bit so she looks dark, but not so much that she loses her coloring. otherwise good job though!

    merged: 01-15-2007 ~ 08:38am
    MUCH better! Good job and feature at CL! the blue coloring to her completely completes the wall! hehe.

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jan 15, 2007

    I love it, really nice bg and the concept is
    very nice, I love the title makes you think
    about whats going on in the wallie.
    I think the scan doesn't blend enough
    with the bg, but it's good in a way because
    it sticks out <33
    Great job :3

  4. rika23 Jan 15, 2007

    gah~ the sky XD kawaii no!
    *kissu * *kissu*
    Kyah~ + fav
    you getting good at this XD

  5. Jyzaphiel Jan 17, 2007

    impressive work, respect!
    i like it :)

  6. IzumiChan Jan 17, 2007

    OMG, the opened window looks so PRO! O.O
    You vectored that? It's perfect! *o*
    The floor and the viewpoint are also very cool. :D
    I also adored the clouds, they blend gorgeously. XD
    The only part I didn't like... was the girl. XD
    But althought I haven't seen her before, with the new blue she's perfect for that kind of light. :D
    Great job! \0/

  7. Rhonda21 Jan 17, 2007

    oh this looks really good! you did great vectoring and all. So pretty! And very nice how you did the sky. Well cute wall! great job!

  8. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 17, 2007

    Nice vectored bg!
    colors are lovely
    the girls looks a bit out of place, but maybe thats the idea, to make her different
    overall nice wall!

  9. FallenAngelZoicyte Jan 18, 2007

    wow. this is a nice wall. i love the blue and the vector/painting looks really good. the building is well constructed too.

  10. enchantment Jan 19, 2007

    i love how you painted your wall :D the clouds look nice and i love the balcony :) i love the texturey look :D nice wall~^^

  11. thingperson Jan 21, 2007

    Oh my gosh i love this its so pretty i love the clouds and the colors of this wallpaper its so pretty wow..and i love the wall to so creative.

    Oh and congradulations this wallpaper is the Star Revolution mini group feature at HNS..*smiles*.


  12. x-lawss Jan 22, 2007

    I love night wallpaper~! XD
    It help put my mind to rest :)
    Nice, keep it up!

  13. ayane-heine Feb 10, 2007

    I think that it is pretty well painted.. A simple wallie but it gives me a peaceful feeling.. I can't really see that title on the wallie.. I think that maybe you can change the colours or ont put the title up.. Since it looks like a patch over there if u don't look close.. >.< Simple bg effects bring out the wallie more.. Thanx for sharing a good piece of work!~ :D

  14. esiotrot Feb 19, 2007

    This looks so absolutely gorgeous! I love all the blue! It looks marvelous! Thanks for sharing the beautiful masterpiece! I like your taste and talent...

  15. Kyelor Feb 23, 2007

    That background looks amazing! It matches the girl really well and the textures are really soothing ^_^

  16. moonfire Mar 17, 2007

    ooh.. you did a very good job on the bg. very well done. it looks really beautiful. i like the sky most. nice work on this one! :D

  17. bella-ella Oct 26, 2007

    She looks so small and alone :o Another perfect piece.

  18. Tifa-chan Aug 01, 2008

    love the background of your wall! ^^

  19. EternalEthelion Dec 19, 2008

    she needs someone to be by her side there haha XD

  20. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 24, 2009

    Beautifull ^_^...

  21. MoonDust Mute Member Mar 17, 2010

    lovely picture.thanks a lot for sharing.

  22. cmehreashole Mute Member Nov 02, 2010

    nice picture .........................

  23. KwonLeeNa Dec 17, 2010

    thanks for sharing ...... Nice picture ...... sorry for my english which is not good .... the colors and graphics are great ^. ^
    gently but also very attractive ... it's a wonderful wallpaper .... you work very factor ..... good luck ..... A good day will come to you

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