Ar Tonelico Wallpaper: Flutter Away

Ar Tonelico, Aurica Nestmile Wallpaper
Ar Tonelico Game Aurica Nestmile Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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this wallpaper has around 30 layers and took me 3 hours to do, just to let you know the girl is standing in water and if you look at the flowers(on the water) has a reflection and same with the character, there are also reflections for the tree and for other flowers that are still in the air, don't know if you can see it but there is also a cloud just hanging of behind the tree ^_^' i edited the text and then added in the curls :Dpretty simple really but took me awhile to do the water and the vibrations haha XD

well hope you like it, any problems with it please notify me so i can see if i can change it :)

UPDATE: okay, i've made updates to the girl, hope it looks better now, oh and thanks so much Sinever and DREAM for telling me the problems, owe you one!

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  1. Kuro-kun15 Jan 11, 2007

    *Stares at picture.* Omg... I really like this... It's so.... Cute... Pretty.... *Drool.* Oh, sorry. lol It's very nice, and the girl is beautiful. Fav! ^^

  2. Sinever Jan 11, 2007

    I like the concept of your wallie
    & the colors are nice
    but you should clean the image of the girl
    this link will help you to clean the images
    well done & keep it up

  3. DREAM Jan 11, 2007

    hey there dude i have seen your gallery and am curious as to why the lady there has been so poorly extracted?
    there is a lot of visible edge tear around her hair and outline. i would; as Lady Sinever mentioned you need to clean up the scan.
    i highly implore you to to use the PEN TOOL for extracting. never use the WAND - it suxs.. you could also paint over the edge pixels if necessary and use the GAUSSIAN BLUR aet at perhaps around. .4 pixels [no more]to blend in with the bg.

    btw- you made a beautiful bg - i hope you re-extract/clean the lady.

  4. pooolj Jan 12, 2007

    so pretty it looks so cute, very beautiful, good job

  5. Sinever Jan 12, 2007

    much better
    good job Begi-san^^

  6. DREAM Jan 13, 2007

    the update looks much better.
    see here for my analysis: http://premium1.uploadit.org/LordDream//Minitokyo.Anime.Wallpapers.Ar.jpg

    i hope that helps some.
    and keep practicing with the pen tool. :)

  7. roly-poly Jan 15, 2007

    wah, such an intense analysis. -_-

    i like the image. its verr prettyful. i also like the reflection. and the flowers just floating about. and the text as well.

    but i think the flowers [both reflection and the real ones] lack too much definition. it's nice that you tried to make it kind of out of focus but looking at it, it looks too much like the spray can on ms paint.

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