Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper: ARIES

Rain (Mangaka) Wallpaper
Rain (Mangaka) Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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I'm pretty annoyed at the moment. I tried updating my scans and they didn't work, tried submitting new scans and it didn't work, and tried uploading this wall 7 times and hasn't worked! I don't get if it's my connection (which it shouldn't be), but this is getting ridiculous u_u

RAIN <3 and PAINTED <3

I've never touched Rain's artwork because I always thought it was too fragile. But after the whole Paint-o-rama contest, I managed to learn quite a bit with painting (oh the frustration!) and did this.

This was actually in itself a hard image to use because I loved it so much >_< It was pretty- and the fact that I'm actually a Taurean didn't help much, because I know nothing about Aries. I wiki'ed it, and got something along the lines of "the beginning of things/ fresh" and a bunch of other characteristics.

Again this was one of my wacky tweaks of the scan by adding the window (dawn) and yeah.

I only used one brush for the whole thing (except for the textures, that's another one), and tried to adopt Rain's painty style. Which I did to some success. \o/

Scan: Aries by DREAM


UA tastes like Lampy <3

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  1. alterlier Jan 11, 2007

    is beautifully frustrating.......that's too good.

  2. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2007

    Beautiful wall misa!
    I love how you expanded her skirt/i don't what's that/dress.
    Looks pretty cool, i like the painted style
    so definitely a fav

    Gotta say this contest is giving us beautiful wallpapers ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 11, 2007

    yeah I'm not a fan of zodiac stuff nor horned girls, but other than that I like the wall. GReat soft colours and lovely work with that window, I love how it merges *_* btw this isnt the first time you wall a character sitting on a roman couch right XD XD repetitive theme lol
    besides that I think you did a nice job on the paint and texturing. One thing though would be on the left side, that place where I can see the round brush repeated~result of low flow I know, but not rilley good. imo that should go. Else is goody!

  4. inREVERIEforever Jan 11, 2007

    This wallpaper is so beautiful. The scan is so pretty. XD
    The painting is wonderfully done and I like the textures you used.
    Awesome work kuroimisa! ^^

  5. flyindreams Jan 11, 2007

    Love the fresh clean look and mood... and great concept, as always ^^

  6. mentis Jan 11, 2007

    A gorgeous piece Misa-dono ^_^. Excellent compositino, and a beautiful soft ambience. Well done :D.

  7. Akaiken Jan 11, 2007

    Wow... first I saw Aquarius from Sofia, now it's Aries from you! Sweet... XD

    Anyways, another simple wall but the ambience is great. And since I still dunno much about art, can't say much really.

    FULL VIEW: Damn... seeing it on full-view is superb!

  8. Ephemeral-Garden Jan 11, 2007

    I think I'm falling in love with Rain's works now. To adopt Rain's painting style is really something, and to see you managed to pull it off, you must've had lots of patience in you or you're just so good with digital brush. XD I did tried painting but I nearly killed myself. @.@ So this is truly a beautiful work of paint.

    Eek. I'm not an Aquarius either. ^^

  9. ayaki Jan 11, 2007

    I should work on my painting skills ..... I tried messing around with my paint-o-rama wall .. but I guess I suck or just too lazy to continue with it >_<
    This looks lovely o_O yep, the painty style looks great here.
    makes me wanna go paint something now...LoL XD

  10. eternallegend Jan 11, 2007

    i like the concept of your wall and the nice colours :D everything is well placed and blends well :) everything is painted really well and i like the nice design XD lovely wall ^^

  11. enchantment Jan 11, 2007

    i love the painting style :) it suits the scan really nicely and i love the idea and concept of your wall :D i love the window and the softish colours match nicely :) lovely wall~^^

  12. Ardenta Jan 11, 2007

    Hi. I'm an Aries and I like your work here bit I don't think that's because of my zodiac I like the colours and you made a very good job on it. :)

  13. Devilet Jan 11, 2007

    Y'know from the little thumb in the gallery I had a feeling this was Kuroimisa's. :D Just seemed like your style.
    Ohh, this is a wall for me, I'm an Aries xD I like how soft and calming the colours are, very pastel like ... and surely feels and looks painted. You have a nice rendition of this style, and have portrayed an overall appealing wallpaper. I was wondering about the window, it seems dark around her arm and leg where the window is .... but that's being real technical.

    Good job on this one, as expected, keep it up!

  14. DREAM Jan 11, 2007

    i don't know what to say.... this is simply one of the finest wallpapers i have ever seen.
    not to mention my favourite Rain artwork..
    so beautiful...

    : bows, smiles & hands lady misa the finest red rose on earth : ^^


  15. Melisandre Jan 11, 2007

    damn, it's gorgeous, I love the chara and the simplicity of the bg is amazing, so clean, so simple, so beautiful, great work and we are lucky finally you could send it :)

  16. Regenbogen Jan 11, 2007

    Very well done, Misa... I've been trying around with painting as well... (am I wrong or are many people starting to paint lately? *lol*)... so I know how difficult it is. I love atmosphere that you have created... and it fits so well to the original scan!
    I am so tired, I cannot write more... sorry! But actually what more could there be said. It's really beautiful and I agree with DREAM, it should be highlighted. ^^

  17. studio Jan 11, 2007

    Looks wonderful, love the colours of course. Your wps have changed a lot, kuroimisa.

  18. fawna-chan Jan 12, 2007

    I'm another Aries in this group of commenters and I just have to say besides the fact that I really love the image of the Aries, I love the soft pale color you used for it. Of course, everything blends in right together 'cept the left corner, which I won't repeat what candy-chan said about but it's just so pretty....:D

  19. shinorei Jan 12, 2007

    I like it. I liked the scan very much & I'm very glad that you made a wallpaper so that I can um, look at it whenever I want. xD Great, great.

  20. soryane Jan 12, 2007

    wonderful ^^ thanks for sharing !

  21. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jan 14, 2007

    wow, pretty background to match the pretty scan :) Neat painting, I love the colours in this, vivid and soft :)

    though I think it looks a tad unbalanced, less stuff on the left than the right... but that's just me..

  22. bluSake Retired Moderator Jan 14, 2007

    Gorgeous. For one, Aries has to be the most striking of Rain's zodiac series; also, your textures match the scan's flawlessly. It has a really nice feel to it.

  23. flyindreams Jan 15, 2007

    Quote by alterlierit is a pretty shocking artwork, be able to create that gentle atmosphere is just not a random thing.

    And that is all... ^^

  24. chisaikame Jan 19, 2007

    that's some awesome painting... you pulled it off great! xD

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