Original: Flowers do grow here, but they aren't edible.

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It has been a long time since I last submitted anything. XD I am sorry for the long title, but I am so bad at coming up with them. ^_^'

I am also sorry for drawing something this weird, but I had to let the unelegant side of me out ( if I had any to begin with XD ). The characters are maded up by me and I wanted to draw them in a run-down-factory-like area. ^_^' For some reason there had to be a dumpster full of singing slimmy things in it and a big rat and cockroach fight going on! ( I am betting on the big cockroach because they are just nasy to touch and mister big rat would run if he touches him. XD ) I think my characters fit in with the setting. XD This should be a place that they call home.... XD I am pretty sure it's hard to see the 4th character in this drawing, but he is located by the dumpster.... taking a nap...

It was alot of fun to do all the details and shadings. I used both 2B and a Design Ebony pencil to shade and draw most of the picture. I even used the wite out and a maker to do those ugly random designs on the brick wall. I also used an eraser for the highlights in the main character of the drawing's hair. Not a lot of materials were used for this weird drawing. ^_^'

This drawing was originally drawn on a 11x14 (27.9x35.6 cm) paper. I had to resize the drawing inorder for it to fit into the scanner. Since I did't know where to find a huge good quality scanner, I had my dad go to a photo editing center to resize this drawing ( I feel so bad letting him do it :( ). He finally got it to resize, but I notices that there are some details missing on both sides of the image (they aren't that important). XD

My drawings may not be that great or even good, but feel free to comment. I don't mind and I guess I should go to my corner now... -_-'

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Chosen by fireflywishes and euna

This is a lovely piece of artwork full of detail and hard work. Careful shades and highlights show that FlowerDog is capable of professional looking black and white drawings. It's a lovely work, FlowerDog, so stop complaining about your unelegent side!

Proposed by fireflywishes and highlighted by euna.

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  1. kokuyu Jan 07, 2007

    wonderful doujinshi, even more original makes this super fantastic! though little materials were used, the result looks so complex as if you really used a lot! XD
    thr wrinkles on her dress & her hair are finely done detaily too. one thing i felt was despite the disgusting background (and her rather gothic skull dress), i didn't even feel that way, enchanted by her looks (a great contrast between ugly and beauty). you've also done well in her eyes.

    by the way...i've 2 questions:
    how long does it takes you to complete it?
    what's the meaning of this title? ( mind to detail its theme? ^^)

  2. Criox Jan 07, 2007

    awsome kawaii drawing ne ne! Hahaha! It sure take a long time to draw this. Thats a cutw title anyway lolers! Fav*

  3. freaks Jan 07, 2007

    well sorry to say this to you,but i think it's beautiful :D love all the details and the shading skillz,you deffinetly have those:) and the title..that makes me think about the "inside world" of each one of us.

  4. harakiri Jan 07, 2007

    Yuck, a cockroach - I am so glad that they don't live here but I once saw some on my holiday trip to Spain.

    As for the drawing, it is amazing. It is refreshing to see something gloomy like this from you. You managed to create a "run down factory" atmosphere very well and there are so many nice details in the picture. I also like the extreme contrast between the dark surroundings and the pale white face of the girl.

  5. skye Jan 07, 2007

    woah, those bricks even has cracks :P lol
    theres so much detail, i think you did a great job with shadows and i love how you did her hair ^^ and yeah that is one long title ^_^

  6. Ardenta Jan 07, 2007

    Great picture, I think. I like the girl's outfit very much ;) Keep up the good work.

  7. LITTLECHIISAN Jan 07, 2007

    oooooo its realy great@!

  8. chisaikame Jan 07, 2007

    ah.. very interesting piece! a definite diversity to your previous submissions. :D in this drawing i particularly liked the hand holding the flower..! it's wonderfully shaded and has that realistic sketch to it..! XD one more interesting thing are the skulls- i wouldn't know you fancy them.. jk! what i mean is: the detail you have given them is excellent- the shading is great, and the depth is very noticeable! :D oh and the bangs - is just lovelily rendered! :D i absolutely love the hair.. :) hmm- however, i think the clothing folds/dynamics could do a bit more work, but your pace alone will cover this in no time..! and yes, a very curious title indeed.. XD gambare kudasai! :D

  9. pamkips Jan 07, 2007

    holy crap that's a lot of shading ^___^....
    ZOMG, so many details....nicely done

  10. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2007

    Wonderful piece FlowerDog! I would definitely agree that it is a big change from your previous submissions. Lovely job on the shading for the foreground character. I would agree with what chisai said about her hand, but I also think that you did a great job on her hair. The shading/folds on the arm on the right side of page (her left arm) could use a little work...

    As for the background... I love all of the little details! Especially the graffitti on the walls. I think the white out and sharpie really worked well. However, I think the perspective in the back alleyway could use a little work. There's just something about the intersection between the two walls that doesn't look right to me. But it's still an outstanding piece of work! (And I like the title... sounds like someone should write a fanfiction to go with it!)

  11. enchantment Jan 08, 2007

    wow, this looks great :) i love how you shaded everything and the background looks really nice :D i love the details :) nice work~^^

  12. frozenwilderness Jan 08, 2007

    wahhhh it's sooooooooooooooooo detailed o____o

    wonderful job on all the shading and background <3 and like others said, definitely a huge change from the usual.. very refreshing :)

  13. studio Jan 08, 2007

    Omg FlowerDog. I honestly have not seen anything from you even if I had heard you were rather good! Great background & love that top.

    & the big round eyes; very bold and spirted. :)

  14. Devilet Jan 08, 2007

    That's simply amazing ... It's well shaded and the lines are so neat ... You can really draw xD Haven't seen a piece from you in a while. Looks like you haven't lost your touch.
    Wonderful job.

  15. o0Beginner0o Jan 08, 2007

    woah!, great job on the drawing, i guess the tittle really is quite random haha, i really like the shading you did on this 1. the background is really detailed and what i like the most is the hair...yes, why the hair *lol* i just really like the lining and the lighting effects i guess

    it's a +fav from me

  16. rythem Jan 10, 2007

    *jawdrop* u sure improved lots from your last submission o_o

    I simply love how you shade .. everything . my favourite parts are of course the eyes , hair , and the skulls xD and the details of the small beads of her .. umm collar/necklace/... I'm out of vocabs ;__; .

    simply lovely work ~ *O* but by chance maybe you could smoothen the shading parts ? like the floor and boxes , you could make it smoother by rubbing the shadings softly with , say .. tissue paper , or anything else that's similar XD

    but keep up the excellent work flower-chan ~ ;D (and don't call me rythem-'sama' kay ? it makes me feel old ~ =0= )

  17. asinine Jan 12, 2007

    Ohh i just love it when people starts drawing this kind of things...
    Just shows to the world that making this is so much possible XD

    meeep! your shading is simply remarkable... not to mention... the details... omg .. there isnt a spot that is scrutinised with careful shading and detailing...

    Definitely worth the highlight!

  18. A-10hybrid Mute Member Jan 12, 2007

    Kinda gloomy. I mean, look at what she is wearing! Non the less its off the chi-zane! For real dawg, or cat. Keep up the great work and stuff.

  19. URanimEnigma Jan 13, 2007

    How sad? But, the image portrays optimism. Perhaps perseverance.

  20. julian1 Jan 14, 2007

    i'm impressed by all the details, FD. the hair, accessories, folds on the clothes, and even the bg! but if there's one thing off, it's gotta be the perspective. but i can see that you put great effort in it. FAV!

    ps: it's a long time since you submitted anything... but you're back!

  21. Toya999 Jan 17, 2007

    very nice doujinshi, amazing, great work!

  22. norine07 Jan 19, 2007

    omg lovely shadings..! >.<

  23. Anjhurin Jan 20, 2007

    OMG, a sock... ahah, that's so funny, it does remind me of those 'speaking socks' and a lot of things from my childhood ^_^. That's like so... out of place, but then again the whole drawing is full of paradoxes.
    The characters seem to be a good bunch of fellows :). One question : where exactly did the flower grow, cause i can't see anything but concrete.

    Anyway, awesome pencil / eraser drawing, just looking at the girl's dress makes me breathless !

    Thumbs up :D

  24. acid-awakening Jan 31, 2007

    I have to say I just absolutely love the:
    -And everything else i missed out which is alot
    By looking at this, it's just a piece of heaven drifting down on your pencil

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