Sanctuary Knocker Wallpaper: In This Broken Place

Carnelian, Sanctuary Knocker, Phi (Sanctuary Knocker) Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please full-view ;)

Thank you so much for the feature at Hoteru-no-Shiki group! I've never gotten a feature before! :D

This is suppose to be a somewhat simple wall. The last wallpaper I did I created everything so this time I felt like doing a wall that was a little easier <.<
There isnt a whole lot to say about it, but I really hope you all like it cause I actually did work hard on it believe it or not >_<
Time: ....4-6 hours I think
Layers: 21

hoteru-no-shiki (Newtime Magic)

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  1. Felesya Jan 06, 2007

    4-6 hours? you only did the clouds and the water, and the perspective of the water is terrible o.O otherwise..i like the scan and the colors of it..*always tries to say something good* >__>

  2. xianghua Jan 06, 2007

    Nice one Windy-san!
    Beautiful scan i love Carnelian art <3
    Good job ;)

  3. xxtommisan13 Jan 07, 2007

    this is ruly nice n--n..
    i luv carnelian art too! *O*
    adios! ^^

    merged: 01-07-2007 ~ 08:27am
    this is truly nice n--n..
    i luv carnelian art too! *O*
    adios! ^^

  4. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2007

    Yeah...it looks nice, i like the scan you used.
    I think the sky should have a gradient...from blue to ultramarine blue, 'cause it looks kinda plain.
    Anyway, nice job
    Keep it up

  5. thingperson Jan 07, 2007

    Oh my gosh wow i love this wow the background and the wall and the girl on the bench is so creative i love all of it..wow..this wallpaper is a feature for Newtime magic at HNS.


  6. inuyashalove04 Jan 07, 2007

    I really like your wallpaper. The image of the girl is beautiful. I love the broken wall behind her; showing the water. But I've got to agree with Naomi-chan2612...I would have added a dark blue color with-in the sky...something like a navy blue. But, you did a good job anyway. :)

  7. URanimEnigma Jan 07, 2007

    As some have their own preferences, sometimes it is important to see things that are created from the creator's point of view. This wall has numerous emotions. Each element, from the ones in front to those that fade behind them into the distance, has it's own emotion. It's own color representing a different feeling. A broken wall representing something that has been destroyed. The girl on the bench waiting with her luggage gives the impression that she still has love for the world she is in. Or in a way accepts her place in the world. The dark skies in the back having no color, no more than the clouds and white stars, representing lack of emotion. And the ocean below it signifying life in wait, but in motion-A depressing feeling.

  8. cygnet Jan 07, 2007

    It's a lovely wallpaper but I just don't like the sky and the cloud
    It feels like you only turn a blue sky image into B/W version
    But other than that, it's still awesome

  9. nxia Jan 07, 2007

    wow! greatly made wall! XD
    I love the emotion of the character used and how it blends well with the atmosphere. But i would rather prefer to a bluewish clouds but not so much ^___^ all in all 4/5.
    Great Job and thanks for sharing!
    *straight to my favs.*

  10. awa0216 Jan 07, 2007

    Great pic.

  11. Jyzaphiel Jan 07, 2007

    hmm.. for me it looks not so simple as you say^^
    it really looks great, nice job! :)
    very nice sceen you've created there..

  12. Sinever Jan 07, 2007

    I love it
    the bg is awesome
    well done

  13. x-lawss Jan 07, 2007

    This looks nice~!
    The clouds and sea looks great :)
    Keep it up...
    And she is cute too XD

  14. Ardenta Jan 07, 2007

    It gives me the end of the world feeling. I like it. :)

  15. CagalliYamato Jan 07, 2007

    tsugoii! *0*

  16. CherryBlossom006 Jan 08, 2007

    this is really nice!
    ^^ *luv it*

    merged: 01-08-2007 ~ 01:15pm
    this is really nice!
    ^^ *luv it*

  17. royaldarkness Jan 08, 2007

    Wow, i really love this wall :)
    It looks amazing, and I really love the background!

  18. Ketsumi Jan 08, 2007

    Indeed, it is a simple wallpaper.
    I like the mood of the picture used.
    I can't exactly judge your wallpaper without ever seeing the original scan,
    unless I can clearly tell that it was entirely your own creation.
    My only criticism would be the stars/glitter.
    They are almost entirely the same color and shade, giving it a flat feeling to it.
    However, you did work hard on it as you have said.

    Good job~

  19. sash Jan 08, 2007

    Lovely wallie ... i like the girls expression .. and yes i did full view it .. save if .. fav it .. and the only thing remainin`was to comment a little .. besides her look i love the sky .. looks awesome .. good job and 10x for sharin` ;)

  20. neomusahi Jan 08, 2007

    Great wall... i like the BG..
    nice colour blanding.. thanks a million for sharing this...

  21. ipiotchi Jan 08, 2007

    omg im speechless

  22. Rella Jan 09, 2007

    Nice! I totally adore the scenery and the scan. Everything gives off such a dark theme but in a nice way. It's really pretty. =D

  23. flamealchimist Jan 09, 2007

    cool wallpaper!

  24. drastikhate Jan 09, 2007

    This really have the aura of loneliness yet very interesting. You did a fine job!

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