Tomatika Wallpaper: We Intertwined

Tomatika, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, Naoto Fuyumine Wallpaper
Tomatika Mangaka Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Series Naoto Fuyumine Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Yay---New Year and 2nd wall from Kawaii
shouldn't that be a boooo..?
weeeeeeeeeeee full view se crappy details
textures are fun

Inspiration is pouring out of me...why? I went to the Panic! At The Disco concert a few weeks ago..and it was just simply.....awesome...so I got a crapload of ideas to share......I just need to express them.....which will be soooooon~~~

This was supposed to be painted.......but I only got around to accually paint the scan.....*mish* anyways for I wall I spent alot of time working on.....it's not as good as I wanted it to be......but I did "accomplish" ((in my mind I did)) one thing:::to take something as rad as Dogs and totally twist the concept and make something like as random as this
----I say this because most Dogs wallies are all vectored and awesome...and mine....is blah

but anyways the whole title came from a lovely The Hush Sound song...'we intertwined'...such an awesome song

the scan-----Dogs~Ballerina With A Blade
yesh anyways I started and outlined it and painted it...until I decided to remove the outlines and extract the painted scan ((bad idea...seeeee you can tell)) soo yesh.....the I added a crapload of textures..and played with the hue and brushes and came up with this

Anyways I really don't feel this wall that much


YESH I <3 BODY SHOTS no head for meeeeee

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2007

    Yay, first one :P
    I'm still waiting to the wallpaper to full view, and i must say that thumbnail looks pretty good already...

    Damn, this looks awesome! I love the textures...they're amazing!
    A little things to point out....the extraction, i can see some white parts on the left side of the scan, on her dress and her chest, i and would also blurred the scan a little bit...so this way it will better with the background >_<

    Ne pam, when did you make zeh wallie? 'cause it says (c)2006 XD

    At any rate, this goes to my favs and Happy New Year!

    merged: 01-02-2007 ~ 08:41am
    Lolz you spelled wrong "balade", it's blade *runs away*

    EDIT: Yo, i've just realized what i've read in your description....I envy you SO much at this moment, you went to P!ATD concert ;_; me wanna go too...

  2. lunagata Jan 02, 2007

    Wow it's really nice :D
    I the textures are great, and I love the moon at the back
    I love the image you used, the dress and the boots are awsome XD
    ++adds to favs++

  3. knightstar3 Jan 02, 2007

    ooooh ^^
    the colors me like~~ hehe
    i really like the concept here, 'we intertwined' :3
    nicely done

  4. audeaya Jan 02, 2007

    OMG kawai you're so talented!
    I love the idea! It's so artistic (my vocabulary in english is so poor i can't tell you all thing nice you did in this beautiful work)
    in one word : UNBELIVABLE XD
    great job miss ;) +fav

  5. Devilet Jan 02, 2007

    hmmm, I like the colours and stuff, very dark and melodic.
    Some things seem a bit flat though, like the poll she's holding on. Textures are kinda neat, good job.
    Her face seems a bit too smudged to me, but I really enjoy this perspective and idea. x3

  6. inREVERIEforever Jan 02, 2007

    Wow such a pretty wallie. :D I love the textures you used.
    Nice choice for the scan, it's really cool. ^^
    I really love the whole concept of the wall. +fav

    p.s. you're so lucky you got to go to a Panic! concert. I envy you. :P

  7. mikan-sakura Jan 02, 2007

    it looks painted but it isn't *stares* woah you are so talented omg
    i really love this concept!
    Great job! +fav
    and Congratz It's a Special at F-o-E! ^^

  8. anji Jan 02, 2007

    Nice and elegant image. Nice worked with colors and texture.
    I like when it has this painting feeling.
    My only down point is that you didn't keep the katana of the girl in your wall. (I love katana OX) lol But it wouldn't fit well in the mood you created so it was a good idea ;)
    Keep it up the good work!

  9. darkangelcrisis Jan 02, 2007

    :D beautiful i love the end product. the text fits in nicely also and the textures are a nice touch. my only complaint would be a few choppy areas around the dresses and post balcony thingy...or whatever is a lil flat. :D but this is really a great piece of work/

  10. Sinever Jan 02, 2007

    its wonderful
    you did a great job
    the bg looks good

  11. auraderecca Jan 02, 2007

    nice, looking all classy. i love green and all those melo colors. This works for me. Haha... nice nice

  12. Devildude Jan 02, 2007

    A talented piece from a talented waller... love textures.. even more love the painted styles... you are made of awesome and hawtness... this wall is too.

  13. FlowerDog Jan 02, 2007

    Panic! At the Disco's album 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out' was pretty good, so you must of had a great time at there concert. ;) You did achieve everything you wanted to do in this wallpaper. The overall look is gorgeous and you should give yourself more credit because I bet that it's not always easy to materialize your imagination. I have a hard time doing that and you seem to do it very well. This was a very interesting wallpaper Kawaii-Chicken. I really would like to see more of your inspirational works. :)

  14. Melisandre Jan 02, 2007

    God, it's amazing! I love it, the textures, the colours, it's a really great work. It looks gorgeous, very clean and unified, congratulations dear :D

  15. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2007

    Yay for another wallie!
    Love the bg, it's really awesome. The colors suit the mood perfectly and it's just really neatly done. I'll put this one (and the other one) up on EDD~

  16. eternallegend Jan 02, 2007

    i like the concept of your wall and the way everything is blended :) the colours are nice and help add to the atmosphere of your wall :D i like the composition of the background and the textures add a nice touch XD lovely wall ^^

  17. enchantment Jan 02, 2007

    wow, the background looks really nice :) i love the use of textures :D you painted her really nicely as well :) nice wall~^^

  18. flyindreams Jan 03, 2007

    Cool! XD Love the colors, grunginess, and overall look. It's stylish. Only bit of critique would probably be that her right feet look kinda too big/bright in comparison to her other leg. Otherwise this looks pretty sweet! :)

  19. Rhonda21 Jan 03, 2007

    Oh Wow! I really love this! Everything looks so pretty and cool! You did a really great job!

  20. thingperson Jan 03, 2007

    Oh my gosh i love everything about this wallpaper the viens and the lady is so cool and creative how you postioned her..wow..and the over all color of this wallpaper is so pretty..wow and i love the background..wow..i love this so much.


  21. PinkPrincessLacus Jan 03, 2007

    THIS IS SO PRETTY! XD Sammy likes, K features at HnS and CL for this one ;) (sorry copied some of your feat summary as a comment lol)

    This wall is so beautiful. Its soft tones, and textures just make it a site to see! Its darkness in it adds a mysterious beauty that you just want to stare at forever, the vector and position of the main character adds a unique touch to this pretty wall, its whole atmosphere is divine.

    Great Job Pam! XD

    ~* Lacus *~

  22. Rikkablurhound Jan 05, 2007

    I think this is very nice XD
    Somehow she seems to be one with the nature around her XD
    I like it alot...
    I also like the colors XD
    Its very well done XD
    +fav & fea in FW

  23. fukushuusha Jan 05, 2007

    The idea is really good; same goes for the mood. But i can't say the same for the execution. The flatness is really eye catching which is a problem. Also the curves of the body is not proper ion some areas <_< I wonder why. The main thing that bugs me is the lightning. The shading of her and the fence thing should be really thick in order to get rid of that flatness. It could also made a good contrast but...

    The color choice for the mood is really good tho...needs improvement but nice piece thats for sure.

    PS: and yess you got me with the position of her. Damn and people think its not easy to seduce me xD

  24. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2007

    I don't get why you're not happy with this wall, it's really nice. The whole collage concept is well applied and looks good, whatever your first ideas were. The only thing would be behind the ballerina, there's some useless scenic clutter; the stars shouldn't be there.

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