White Album Wallpaper: pinwheel

White Album, Mana Mizuki Wallpaper
White Album Series,Visual Novel Mana Mizuki Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hyuu~ :D

Here is some nice winter walllie from me ne ~
What i made here:
As u can see on scan I v made background with trees that goes from yelow to pink
than i have painted this cottage with window and roof. Next one was girls hand XD
(hju... lot of work ) than right side of wallie with fence and beams and shadows
and.... here is new walie ^_^

Maybe bg looks little blury but i wanted to continue with original artists idea ~
make girl most important thing with this sketch style and all around shuold be
like water-painted ^^

Scan: it was on many imageboards and i think it deserve to be on wallpaper ^^
Time: well about 7 hrs (i paint slowly X-P )
scan used: Here

Comments and faves are always welcome ^_~

Thankx u all for support! :nya:

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Chosen by flyindreams and Saikusa

A charming extension of what was such a slimly cropped image. The treatment of the imagery is as charming as the girl herself; bautifull preserving the gentle colours and adapting techniques to fit.

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. Melisandre Jan 01, 2007

    It's cute! I love the bg and the chara is really sweet, nice work :D

  2. Kiako Jan 01, 2007

    nice wallpaper, the colours look good, and i like the scene.

  3. Anason Jan 01, 2007

    Nice wallie

  4. flyindreams Jan 02, 2007

    Sweet! Very nice job with the scan extension and keeping the paintedness, it looks great!

    ...I wonder why she's holding a pinwheel in the middle of winter though xD

  5. Rhonda21 Jan 02, 2007

    oh this looks so pretty! I love the way you did the background. It looks great. Cute scan as well. Awesome job!

  6. x-lawss Jan 02, 2007

    This looks so great XD
    I wonder too... why she's holding a pinwheel in the middle of winter ^_^'

  7. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2007

    I love the background! And the girl's cute, too. Great wallpaper!

  8. mokonab Jan 02, 2007

    nice bg
    I like the pinwheel and the girl is nice too
    but i do not like the mist on the right side
    but it is ok
    in the end it looks very good :)

  9. quantixar Jan 02, 2007

    Sugoi desu! :D

  10. Pisces Jan 02, 2007

    Wow! Nice work . I like your effect and collor ^ ^.

  11. FlowerDog Jan 02, 2007

    Your wallpaper is beautiful AleXan. You did a wonderful job with the background. The background does match the character very well and you are right about the fact that it makes her stand out. The background maybe a little blurry, but I can still see the shading details. You did take your time to make an outstanding wallpaper. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

  12. enchantment Jan 02, 2007

    its painted really nicely :) i love the background and everything looks really nice :D i love the concept and overall, lovely wall~^^

  13. eternallegend Jan 02, 2007

    i liike the composition of the background and everything is painted nicely :D the earthy tones look really nice and i like how everything is presented :) wonderful wall ^^

  14. FallenAngelZoicyte Jan 03, 2007

    this is a really nice wallie. thanks for sharing it!

  15. tian82 Jan 04, 2007

    The background look beautiful and suit well with the girl. Good work on this !

  16. Kyelor Jan 05, 2007

    Her hand holding the pinwheel doesn't quite capture the same sketchy texture as the rest of her body, so I could kinda tell it was drawn in. It's very well drawn though, I know hands are really hard to do! ^_^ Amazing job with that background, the cottage and trees look quite natural, and they're very fitting to your scan.

  17. o0Beginner0o Jan 05, 2007

    let me say this once and once only......YOU PAINTED THIS?!, i'm extremely jealous right now >_<, well it's a well done wallpaper and i plus fav from me!*shudders*....so jealous

  18. BlackAnna Jan 05, 2007

    Good Job... WoW !

    So pretty! :D

  19. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Jan 05, 2007

    You have done very beautiful work on this wall! It has the cozy warmth of winter and all it's slumbering beauty. The trees really add to this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  20. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 05, 2007

    I like what you've done with the scan. I think that the scan looks kind of grainy compared to the parts that you've continued, but besides that, this is a great wall. Good job!

  21. rainbowseason Jan 05, 2007

    im loving it ^O^..
    thankies very much for sharing it with us *hugs*

  22. semanga Jan 05, 2007

    one of the best winter snow walls what i have see in this last weeks
    i love it that is not so much colorful and that it is a very cute girl with big eyes
    thanks for share your awesome work with us keep it up

  23. Jyzaphiel Jan 06, 2007

    really great work, respect!

  24. andyloh006 Jan 06, 2007

    really sweet.

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