NANA Wallpaper: The Darkest Love ..:[Dedicated to: Rikkablurhound]:.

Ai Yazawa, NANA, Ren Honjo, Nana Osaki Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka NANA Series Ren Honjo Character Nana Osaki Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello Everyone, Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

I know I now have two submittions in one day, I hate that but this is a present for my dear friend/kitty Rikka-chan! Its her birthday today Dec.31, Happy Birthday Girl Love ya!

My Girl Rikka wanted something painted for her birthday she told me a couple of weeks ago, and also told me her new fave series was Nana so TADA! X-P. Even though I know nothing about this series it looks very romantic I likey that :). I have no clue if you like darkish walls Rikka Kitty but I hope you like it XD.

I wanted something different and simple yet unique for this wallpaper. I didnt paint it all this time though, I was on a time limit to finish before her bday ;), so only the main character scan wasnt painted by me. First I did it all like in color as you would see a normal room. Although my first vision of it was to be only a few selected colors and something unique to it, I've been trying to challedge myself lately and become an even greater waller with lots of techniques. Thanks to my new friend Alterier, she gave me the inspiration to encourage me to try to think differently, now I may not have done a good job at it, or as good as she would have liked me to do, but I tried maybe one day I'll do a even more better one but for now Im proud of this one lol. :D It took me awhile to experiment with the bg so i made the bg look with lots of effects then turned it into jpege and then redid all the i had done to it already did a 360 on and repainted the whole room in red tones and black. I made a lighting source to give to a romantic yet dark mysterous unique atmosphere, but made it as if the lights were coming from city buildings outside. I wanted the strokes to be random and every which way giving it texture color. Even though some parts look black i did paint the whole wall behind them and etc took many layers and many hours of effort and thinking most of it came to me though so not to hard b/c I had a vision for it before hand. Oh and once again painted using Photoshop CS2, and only a mouse with the tools of Paint Brush, smudge tool, and a bit of blurr tool.

Thanks to my twin sister my little helper thingperson for her critiques on it, and my triplet Rhondi for her advice as well, *hands out crack* now its time for crack party with the crack fairys HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007! lol

Comments and Favs are always Welcomed!

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  1. thingperson Dec 31, 2006

    Oh my gosh i love this so much..its painted your good a painting sam..your the best..yep yep i love the background..your do good making it yourself..its so creative i love the background.. oh my gosh its so cute and i love the colors you used with the scan of them..it fits them with that dark feeling you want..wow..and the light that shines with the red..wow..its great..i love it...



    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST RIKKA KITTY...*hands you a mouse to play with*..hehe

    sam once again..this wall is great..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. laurent Dec 31, 2006

    Ow, a Nana wall. Now there's a gallery I never would've thought finding a wall of you. And it's a very special wall. The contrast between dark and white is very eyecatching. I love the bordeaux red-purple colour ... so stylish. And nice incoming-sunlight effect !
    A very special wall. I like it, so yeap, you guessed well, this goes to my favs !

    Your lover boy, your Kira aka Laurent

  3. alterlier Dec 31, 2006

    is really small to my taste but is just great, even the thumbnail looks awesome like I told you, to be painted looks different, nice style, dark, weird, original, it was a nice challenge from what I see uh?

  4. Rhonda21 Dec 31, 2006

    OMG CRACK PARTY lol. Well anyways I love dark walls as you know so of course me likes this and the colors XD You do such a great job painting me triplet. Yay! And this is something different and more unique from you so YAY! Well great job!

    And happy birthday RIKKA!

  5. Sinever Jan 01, 2007

    nice work
    I like dark BG
    well done
    Happy Birthday Rikka

  6. kaisui1tatsu Jan 01, 2007

    Nice job! I love the emotions that the scan portray, it is like they're lips are about to touch. Because of that it offers a lot of movement *cuddles* And this is a totally different type of subject matter for you to work with, you ver rarely ever do dark wallpapers. Great job!

  7. EldaLacus92 Jan 01, 2007

    Wow! <3 This wallie gives you a mysterious feeling and of course.... ROMANTIC <3. Lovely!

  8. Rikkablurhound Jan 01, 2007

    Oh, yay yay! XD
    *huggles lacus*
    That ish so nice! XD
    I like it, its dark & romantic & the painting looks nice, its also very mysterious XD I really, really do like it XD
    Thank U so much for makin me a NAna wall! XD *huggles*
    Thanks Liz for the help too! XD *huggles too* XD
    Thank U Lacus Kitty *sobs*

  9. xianghua Jan 01, 2007

    Nice wallie Lacus-san! You painted the bg wonderfully! It's great you tried to make a dark atmosphere here it' goes very well with the scan which is very romantic :D
    Happy New Year to you as well!

  10. pamkips Jan 02, 2007

    oh it's dark and interesting ^__^ ZOMG? it was rikka's b-day yesterday
    *creates new photoshop doc* oh yesh

  11. norine07 Jan 02, 2007

    wow nicely done..! >.< the colour you used are lovely..! it really show the love concept..! >.< great job..! your good at painting too..! >.< +faves

    rikka chan..! ^^ happy belated birthday..! ^^


  12. enchantressinthedark Jan 04, 2007

    Beautiful, dark and smexy XD I've always loved dark walls weeeeeee~ And the painting you did ish truly wonderful ^^ Wish I could paint like you X-P

  13. gabysango2011 Jan 08, 2007

    awesome...i really luv this one...
    it is soo dark...i luv dark things...
    + fav...of course...it is awesome

  14. royaldarkness Jan 08, 2007

    Whoa interesting wallie XD Love the darkness of it X-P

  15. AngelGirlDarkVersion Jan 22, 2007

    ohh a Nana & Ren wallpaper! luv the background

  16. animanga Jan 29, 2007

    SO late but, LOVE IT!
    I love how plush & velvety the red looks. It has an awesome atmosphere, well done! :)

  17. 2clio7 Nov 09, 2009


    gracias por
    la imagen
    es mas ke genial

  18. marito55 Mute Member Apr 26, 2010

    nana is a very good series. thanks for sharing ^ ^

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