Fate/Zero Wallpaper: Winter's Chill .:[Dedicated to: Heartfulskies]:.

TYPE-MOON, Ufotable, Fate/Zero, Irisviel von Einzbern Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Ufotable Studio Fate/Zero Series Irisviel von Einzbern Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OMG Hello Everyone! :D and HAPPY NEW YEAR! X-P

My newest creation lol. After finishing up that FOREVER effort worth it painting wallpaper of mine, I needed to do somin fun on Photoshop so I did this. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and will have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D

This is a present for my little imoto-chan Doki-chan aka Heartfulskies, she is a doll and so so so super cool and we are smily addicts and we just have so much fun together. I love her! *hugs* (>^_^)><(^_^<) [thats us lol, i tried]

Its been awhile since I used a Stock photo so I missed it, and wanted somin more easily done. Oh boy was I wrong -_-, this took like what three days >.< of trying to get it right. First her scan had yellow on it, so I had to paint over those parts to fix it lol. It then took over 7 filtered/blended/color changed layers on two stocks each. I then made the sky in the background, by getting a stock photo of clouds and turning it into a brush and made the sky with a blend mode also on it as well. I also made the snow, the snow was made by getting a regular soft brush and changing the brush settings alot around, I then put filters on the snow to give it a more matching scan look. I then on top added a texture on it above to add to the colors, but the texture was to ruff so I filtered it, it gives the scan and bg a more stroked look to it. So it did take alot of work, more than I would have wanted lol, but I love how it all fits together so wonderfully with the colors matching so nicely I think it just draws you in, I really wanted a winter wall this year I've waited ages to make something with this cute scan. I did the text a cool way to I think, I duplicated the text layer and changed it white and put effects and filters on it to give the text a snowy look as well. I hope this wallie is okay, I tried :D.

Thanks to my twin sister thingperson for her help, and my friends ChopperDave aka Chipmunk Dave, and Kaisui Tatsu aka Vicki, and my Triplet Rhondi! They were so sweet to me and alot of help, I bothered them so much ^_^' but I love them lol.

Thankyou all who gave me such great support of my previous wallies and espically my painted ones I tried so hard, thankyou so much I hope all your wishes for the new year come true, you all deserve the best!

Comments and Favs are always Welcomed!

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  1. kaisui1tatsu Dec 31, 2006

    Good job! I love the feel of the wallpaper, and the snow flakes really help to bring it out!

  2. thingperson Dec 31, 2006

    OH my gosh i love this so much i love the scan of her she is so pretty and i love the background and the snow..oh this is so pretty your so talented..*smiles*..i love this so much..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  3. Mya102 Dec 31, 2006

    Omg, its so sweet

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2006

    The background seems a bit chaotic, like, I dunno what it is.
    The scan is neatly extracted and I like the snow flakes. Nicely done!

  5. norine07 Dec 31, 2006

    nicey..! love the snow effect..! >.< the can is so kawaii..! awwww...your so good..! >.< keep up the good job-ne..! >.< love all your works very much..! ^^ +faves

  6. 108Stars Dec 31, 2006

    Waaaiiii,so kawaii~! ^o^

  7. sleepymyst Dec 31, 2006

    The a really cute scan that you found. Great work

  8. Rhonda21 Dec 31, 2006

    Pretty winter wallie. so cute! I love the scan so much and you did well with the background. I like all the snow. :) You did a great job once again me triplet! :D

  9. ChopperDave Dec 31, 2006

    I really like this scan! And the background really does justice to it! Another very nice wall Lacus! ^_^

  10. x-lawss Dec 31, 2006

    Happy New Year~! XD
    Your wallapaer looks great!

  11. Sinever Dec 31, 2006

    nice wallie
    i love it Lacus
    & Happy New Year^^

  12. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2006

    Quote by Chloe-chanThe background seems a bit chaotic, like, I dunno what it is.
    The scan is neatly extracted and I like the snow flakes. Nicely done!

    I gotta agree with Chloe-chan, the background is too chaotic for me, maybe it's because the filters :\
    The snow flakes are lovely! Really nice work there!
    Anyway, great wallie!
    Keep it up :)

    merged: 01-01-2007 ~ 01:49am
    Happy New Year!

  13. EldaLacus92 Dec 31, 2006

    Kyaa! Hey I remember this scan! You showed it to me some while ago :) It's so pretty <3. I love the snow flakes and it gives you a chilly feeling :) . It's totally lovely and Happy New Year to you :)

  14. pamkips Jan 02, 2007

    it's a traffic of snowflakes ^___^ I like it
    oooohhh yesh it's pweety

  15. enchantment Jan 02, 2007

    the background looks really nice and the title fits your wall nicely :D i love the snow :D nice wall~^^

  16. eternallegend Jan 03, 2007

    the snow adds a nice touch to your wall and the background is composed nicely :) the title suits well and overall great wall ^^

  17. KyoFan368 Jan 03, 2007

    That is an amazing wall! The background looks fantastic. And the snow looks great. The scan loos wonderful too! You did an awsome job on the wall! Thanks for sharing! :) :D :pacman:

  18. cHiBiMiYuKi Jan 04, 2007


    know what? this is my 1st time here, and what attracted me to register as a member is YOUR ART! Waaaaa....

    s00ooo perfect! (^_^)

  19. enchantressinthedark Jan 04, 2007

    This is very cute ^^ And yea I agree, the background looks fantastic ^^ You shouldn't put too many snow flakes though, makes the wall kinda busy looking ^_^'

  20. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Jan 04, 2007

    This wall is enchanting! It captures the holiday season...it displays it's spirit for the world to see! I can tell you put a lot of work into this! Thank you so much for this magical gift! :)

  21. CXC Jan 04, 2007

    Nice Really Like It... Add To Favs ^.^

  22. sadbird Jan 04, 2007

    love the colors. amazing! great job

  23. EternalStar Jan 04, 2007

    This is a beautiful winter wallpaper. I liked how you used the colors and the snow looks awesome ! ^_^

  24. DeathPulse Jan 05, 2007

    I like your wallpapers, tell me of any new stuff to come. I'm new and need a scanner, but until then i'm looking for good art and stuff.^_^ Later...

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