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O.K, Let's go straight to the point. I've been babbling too much ABC lately when drawing this.

I know little of Kingdom Hearts actually, only Donald Duck in mind; to be honest. So, I've to start from scratch by researching all about it. While searching for potential images, I came across Riku in anime-type, unlike the common 3-D version. Since its line there are clearer than colours, I came to suggest using pen as outliner in my artwork. (size 0.2 black pen)

Of course, there are many Ruki-related features I want to incorporate into it. But, as I haven't gained much understanding of him yet in a short period of time here, I decided to use prominent items first. On the other way, it seems to be better, <simplification> as I don't want to mess him up

Highlights here are adding the sword details only the hilt, while the love-shaped 'keychain' (is that the word?) blends with the name 'RIKU' written in slightly modified western calligraphy. The 'light' which sprangs up from the alphabet 'I' makes up a candle light, signifying brightness in his heart despite being blindfolded into realm of darkness while in his quest.

Consumed Time: 4 days ahead; 5 hours a day

Credits to:
#. Eguana's Blind Riku
#. Riku's Keyblabe pic from Kingdom Hearts screenshots

Materials executed: 6b graphite pencil (for Riku's cloak), 2B pencil, eraser (for bright shades in cloak), tissue (to blend the shades evenly), black pen size 0.2

Problems encountered: My printer was already spoilt! >.< So, I've to draw in front of the computer screen. x_x For health reasons, I have to limit my time to 5 hours....That's why the outcome of the artwork looks different in size if you flip both the original's and my doujinshi's images....*sight*~

Anyway, I've deliver my promise to you, Mandy. Sorry very much if it's deviated from what is suppose to be expected.
I'm always welcome to comments for future improvements. :)

Thank you very much!

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  1. enchantressinthedark Dec 27, 2006


    YAY YOU REALLY DREW RIKU FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! <333 *fangirl hearts* Why can't I draw so well like you T_T Haha thank god you found a simple version of Riku to draw, the FMV version ish soooo detailed and realistic ya ;) But it looks lovely all the same ^^ I love the way you drew his KEYBLADEEEEEE (and blindfold X-P ) <3 The only thing I love other than Riku ish his keyblade XD His face looks kinda longulated a bit tho ^_^'

    I'm sooooooo gonna print it out ! <3333333333 THanks a lot koko-chan! You did a lovely job! *___* *jealous* :pacman:

    *admires Riku*

  2. royaldarkness Dec 27, 2006

    AWESOME! *giggles at Mandy's reaction*
    I'll let the silence of admiration do the talking here XD *gazes admiringly at both Riku and Tamaki*
    YOU HAVE FREAKING TALENT KOKUYU-SAN! Really, REALLy wish I could draw as well as you!

  3. Yu-huang Dec 27, 2006

    Sugoi, I'm at loss of words to describe the greatness of your work.
    Like royaldarkness, I too envy your incredible talent at making Doujinshi.
    Naturally, this is worth a fav from me.
    Keep up the great!

  4. starhellokittyangel Dec 28, 2006

    That's some awesome shading, you have a lot of talent ^^ Now that's something to be proud of, keep up the great work

  5. NeverEnd Dec 28, 2006

    also no need me comment further,but this time the one word change,its COOL

    eh,i really like this kind of character...the name is Riku eh? From kingdom heart..i see..sorry never play before also lol..

  6. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2006

    Really nothing much to say that hasn't already been said, kokuyu! Yet another excellent submission from you! Lovely job on the shading! Keep up the great work! *skips off to check your Ouran submission*

  7. celestial-Ceres Dec 29, 2006

    Looks great!^^

  8. RikuRox Jan 22, 2007

    Omg Riku! Hehe, really really really great job! He looks awesome and I love how the I is a candle and the keyblade and his hair and yea, everything :D hehe

  9. Keiyan Feb 01, 2007

    *sighs* this is sooooo poetic ;_; he looks so sad yet mysterious not sporting his usual slightly arrogant smirk lol God i love Riku XD Excellent work! Thank you soooooooooo much *^^* looking forward for more art work from you! Keep it up don't let all that talent go to waste ~.^

  10. Toya999 Feb 04, 2007

    omg!....I actually didn't see this...where was I when u posted this one....Riku Rulz!
    haha, was an old fan of his...hehe....haha, my desk was filled with printouts of him but, cause darkness rulz...lol!....he is cool i must say, the drawing is very very nice...great work!

    that's a +fav for sure.

  11. angelgirlz Jul 10, 2007

    Whoaaaa~! This is awesome! I wish I could shade like that~!

    But sadly I can't... XD Omg this must have taken you hours!

    Cannot express the awesomeness~ XD I hope to see more from you! ^-^

  12. yukiyo Jul 12, 2007


    I'm sooooooo gonna print it out ! <3333333333 THanks a lot koko-chan! You did a lovely job! *___* *jealous* :pacman:

    *admires Riku*

    perfectly said xDDD

    eeeeehhh! i wanna be able to draw like you kokuyu-san! T_T sadly, i cant draw ^_^' let alone shade like that >_<

    Riku is one of my favorite KH characters <333

    *instant favorite* <333 DRAW MOREEEEE~ :D

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