Rurouni Kenshin Wallpaper: Garden Of An Era

Nobuhiro Watsuki, Studio Gallop, Studio DEEN, Rurouni Kenshin, Kaoru Kamiya Wallpaper
Nobuhiro Watsuki Mangaka Studio Gallop Studio Studio DEEN Studio Rurouni Kenshin Series,OVA Kaoru Kamiya Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello Everyone, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

OMG! Finally my newest wallie, and was a contest entry and hope still can be fore paint-o-rama. Theme will was Japanese Ancient and Feudal Eras, and we had to work with vegetation (I hope i got enough in there lol). I know its past the deadline for entries, but Please accept this, its tooken me weeks and weeks to get done and also during finals week to, just doing the reflections on the right side and bottom of the wallie, painting her scan and redoing it twice, and one bush took over 34 hours to do! Im sorry if its messed up looking, I tried, Im so super tired beyond belief you dont know. I am super proud of myself though, I had a vision for it and didnt give up even though it took me so long to do, and I did something different and chaledged myself, I hope you can see it thru my work as well! Many sleepless nights I can tell you that! XD

This wallie was fully painted by me (even my text I painted over yes) in my own style and using only a mouse, and the Brush, Smudge, and Blurr tool in Photoshop CS2. I got five stocks and put them together to make the layout for this and painted away and also added in some of my own stuff. I hope you like it, I think it came out wonderufully, full of scernery, depth, and detail as much as possible. I added in a mount fuji in the back thanks to Starr for the idea of it! XD I had about over 130 layers I know lost count XD.

My Fav part of the wallie?: The Reflections, why: b/c it took so long and so much thinking
The most fun thing to make?: The bridge b/c I had to think on how to do it and it was easy.
The hardest part?: the reflections it killed me, trial and error and over and over again! But worth it in the end.

This is a present for my Crack Fairy Triplet Rhondi, Without her encouragement, advice, and company I would have never made it thru alive without crying or giving up. She spent many sleepless nights keeping me company up from 4pm till 6 am while I worked on this, I love you so much, Thankyou for all that you've done! I also want to thank my twin sister Elizabeth aka thingperson for her support as well, staying with me as i worked on it, and was so sweet to me and also encoraged me, thankyou. I love you so much! XD And thanks so my best friend Starr for her encouragement as well.

If you didnt already know, Starr and I had a theme going on. She did a Kenshin bloody wall, and I did a Kaoru pretty wallie lol, arent we cute XD.
Clicky Linky to see the matching wallpaper XD
.la morte. by starrliteangel

I will write more later to tired yet hyper to write lol. OMG im so nervous right now its unreal, i've waited so long for this. Also thanks to supermonchi for giving me hope I can maybe still enter the contest It helped :D. Merry Christmas and a thankyou to everyone and my friends who supported me this year with my walling and everything, I love you all.. I can never say enough thanks but thankyou and my all your wishes for the new year come true :D!

UPDATE: added a shadow of her thanks to mickyoko for pointing that out.

Comments and Favs are always Welcomed!

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  1. thingperson Dec 25, 2006

    Oh my gosh sam i love this so much..oh my gosh you painted this..wow..i love that scan of her so pretty and i love the background it goes with her so well..wow that idea was great..and its so creative..i love it..wow..your so talented..wow..im amazed by you..i love this so much..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. Rhonda21 Dec 25, 2006

    OMG TRIPLET! I SO LUV YA! Of course I had so much fun staying up with you so it was no trouble at all you silly. You worked so hard on this and wow you actually stayed calm pretty much lol. Look at that background. It is like WOW. SO MUCH WORK. I can't believe how well you did. Wait yes I can cuz you awesome! I love the grass the water the reflections the bridge the rocks and well everything! Aww you so crazy and sweet it is unbelievable awwww. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. And really I think you did a really great job. I love it! :D

  3. sakuya-sama Dec 25, 2006

    WOW, I really loved this wallie, the vegetation, the plants, the bridge, the mountain, everything ^ ^ and the scan of course, because I really love Kaoru XD
    I can imagine how was difficult to build this beautiful scenery, but thank you for didn't giving up because you would deprive us of seeing this perfect wallie :D

  4. FutatsuNoNegai Dec 25, 2006

    Yes finally a nice and lovely Kaoru wall!It's very nice!I can never do that,I like the wall from the top to bottom XD Love it!I don't know what to say anymore...Love it to the point of speechless!XD It's my fave!

  5. norine07 Dec 25, 2006

    lacus-san..! it's beautiful....! ^^ love it lots..! >.< nice one..! it looks so real..! >.< you painted it? even better...! XD +faves. your so good at it..! >.<

  6. Oriya Dec 25, 2006

    very good job, look naturally, but one point, her shadow.. it is on wrong side. look at this little bride shadow, and hers. but everything else is really impresive

  7. ChopperDave Dec 25, 2006

    Wow...just wow. I honestly cant find words to describe this. This is incredibly beautiful. Bravo Lacus, bravo. +fav

  8. PinkPrincessLacus Dec 25, 2006

    Oh thankyou so much for your comments I Really Really Really appreciate them so much. Oh and at Oriya I made it to where the it was the same as the bridge's shadow/reflection so I thought it made sense to to have her shadow where it is b/c the bridge being rounded and having a plant shadow next to it probably just makes it seems the bridge has a different shadow maybe :D. Thankyou so much though for your comment XD.

  9. Sinever Dec 25, 2006

    amazing wallie Lacus
    you painted the bg wonderfuly & I dont know what to say a bout it
    I love it & best of luck in the contest

  10. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2006


  11. KyoFan368 Dec 25, 2006

    That is an amazing wall!^_^ You did a fantastic job on the background!^_^ It looks totally amazing! The scan is cool too! You did a fantastic job on the wall! Thanks for sharing! :) :D :pacman:

  12. supermonchi Dec 25, 2006

    OH-MY-GOD this is awesome lacus, your hardwork and sleepless nights definitely paid off!
    All done with a mouse as well, I salute your patience, truly.

    Love the 'boldness' of this wall, the fact that you're not afraid to challenge yourself this much and to actually finished it off, that's very admirable. A lot of people including myself sometimes come up with huge concepts but then halfway realised it's too hard and give up, so I salute you again for pulling it off.

    Okay, some feedback. I really like the sense of depth and the overall 'quiet waters' feel, not to mention your water reflection kickass. Everything is coloured nicely with shadows and highlights, looks great especially on the leaves and bushes. I would love to see more details on the leaves and some of the surfaces, but given the time and mouse limitations, there's not much to complain about.

    Though I also have a gripe about the girl being too big, especially in comparison to the bridge and the island that she's standing on. Same goes with the lamp statue thingy on the background - which is fine now in relation to the girl but looks huge in comparison to the bridge. Anyhoos, small things, no big deal.

    Well, glad I can be encouraging to you to get this wonderful piece finished - lol! :)
    Merry Christmas to you, now you can relax and enjoy your holidays! :)

  13. mickyoko Dec 25, 2006

    Nice work. Try to fix the light source. It seems that Kaoru did not follow the fall of light.

  14. HeartFulSkies Dec 25, 2006

    Nyah lacus this is just lovely work <3 It's oh so much better than mine xD I just can't get to get the hang of painting lol. All of your scenery is to die for <3 And everything is sooo detailed >w< I'm definetly faving this, Lacus~ You're such an awesome painter.

  15. starrliteangel Dec 25, 2006

    hehehe, see i toldja mount fuji would look good ^-^ Im glad you used it!

    merged: 12-26-2006 ~ 01:18am
    ok ok...T-T Im sorry...I'll write a longer comment then. >.< OMG right! we have to link each other's wallies ^-^ I'll put my linkie up later. MERRY CHRISTMAS! you did such a great job on this wall. Im so glad you took those red blossoms off the tree. hehehe. the garden and the bridge and the reflection and everything else looks soo great! That hard work and those sleepless nights really payed off. ^-^ *huggles Sam* well now you can sleep more! hehehe. oh, btw, here is another christmas present. *puts Sam and Dean in Sam's bedroom*

  16. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2006

    Very cool painting! The water is fantastic and I love your clouds >_<

  17. gabysango2011 Dec 25, 2006

    i luv it
    it's really nice
    in the thumbnail looks like a photo
    it's awesome
    i wanna learn to how to paint like that ^^

  18. pamkips Dec 25, 2006

    *pulls out knife* from now on you will not be allowed to make anything in photoshop.....I wuv this sooo much and you are amazin' @ painting

    you can seriously tell you worked really hard @ this....soooooo kuddos

  19. kokuyu Dec 25, 2006

    nice scenery. this is something i've been looking for. how unique to see her standing on an artificial island ;)

  20. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 26, 2006

    Holy crap! waaahhh this is so awesome >.<
    I love the background *_* it's pretty and so well done!
    It's so amazing the way this wallaper looks...i mean, as far as i remember most painty wallpapers i've seen are really blurred (including mine >_<) but this is so neat and beautiful....
    Ahh~ definitely a fav :)

  21. esiotrot Dec 26, 2006

    Wow... The background looks so real and 3D... Kaoru looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  22. aqiaqua Dec 26, 2006

    Nyaa I never saw you submit this :P. Anyways, lovely wallie. I really love all the detail you put into painting the grass. It's amazing O_O. And it's a really lovely scene. Sure a few odd bits here and there, but really good for some of your first painted wallies!

    Fave from me, ze Aqi-chicken, lol.

  23. Rikkablurhound Dec 26, 2006

    The back of the kimono(purple & white) is far too blur compare to the rest of the dress...
    The water & reflection is pretty but some of the tress at the bottom are too messy & smudged up... >_<
    The reflection is just beautiful but the trees under the huge tree is too blur & smudged up that I cant really make out what it is.. >_<
    and, theres a few specks here & there I think you forgotten to clean... >_<
    Its really pretty, the sky, mountain, huge tree & the water... >_<
    but theres still a lil mistake... >_<

  24. EldaLacus92 Dec 26, 2006

    Ohh pretty *sparky eyes* it's so pretty, I can clearly say that you're very good friends with the brush tool :D ! Oh! Also; I'm happy that your war with the pentool is over ;)
    Gosh I just love the plants O-O They look so lively and light and wonderful <3.
    It's just so pretty >.< pretty, pretty, pretty <3.

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