Simoun Wallpaper: Resisting Is Futile

Studio DEEN, Simoun, Floe Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Simoun Series Floe Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I love this image, and I found
a vector of her on 4 chan, but I don't know who
did it or what series she's from but I had to wall it.

So thank you very much to whoever
the vector artist is, All credit goes to them.

I wanted to pretty up the wall
and make it a perfect bg for her,
since shes all cute and stuff.

And actually, it's not pink...kinda like
maroon, yea right Enchant-Chan won't
except that XD Anyway I had fun walling
this cutie and I hope to find the artist of the
vector, their really talented, Thanks for the vector <33

Comments and all welcomed :3

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  1. pamkips Dec 24, 2006

    it's marooooooooooooooon
    omigosh kitten stop making patternful-textureish wallies
    i'm begginin' to envy your little omage of walls with interesting
    pweety backgrounds

  2. 8ball Dec 24, 2006

    Looks like one of the girls from Simoun, but can't say. Great wallie!

  3. FlowerDog Dec 25, 2006

    Wow, the vector is very nice. Good find Kitten and the overall look of the wallpaper suits the cuteness of the chatacer. Nice work here. :)

  4. aqiaqua Dec 25, 2006

    Haha that's a funny title. Lovely vectoring, the texture ish cool. Fave from me. Merry Christmas!

  5. Rhonda21 Dec 25, 2006

    oh that is such a cute image! hehe. And a lovely background as well! Matches well. Nice Work!

  6. Northy Dec 25, 2006

    Yeesh! Bow to the power of the cuteness. Failing that, bow to the power of the cleavage instead. :\

  7. ROSEANA Dec 25, 2006

    it's very nice....this sweetcolor on wall ....lovely walll...
    thank you^o^

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 25, 2006

    Lol, simple, but effective. Nicely done! I'll make more resolutions for EDD!

  9. Hideki313 Dec 26, 2006

    i love these scans *.*
    and i really cannot resist her cuteness xD
    thx for that!

  10. Carmen Dec 26, 2006

    You say, resist to make a wall of this picture is futile?
    You are right, she is quite cute :)

  11. enchantressinthedark Dec 27, 2006

    LOL Interesting title XD I know why you made that title because when I downloaded the wall................I find it hard to keep away from her eyessssssssssssss HER BIG BLUE CUTESY WOOTSY EYESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs XD Maroon ish okay ^^ I kinda like it ^^ But don't give me bright pink or else be blinded I will X-P I like the shade of maroon you picked here ^^ weeeeeeeeeee~

  12. ejwcobra Dec 28, 2006

    Quote by 8ballLooks like one of the girls from Simoun, but can't say. Great wallie!

    i have to agree with 8ball, that is one of the characters from the series Simoun. i can tell not only by the girl herself, but her clothes are fairly unique to Simoun as well.

    besides that, its a great wallpaper with an interesting... texture? style, perhaps? anyways, its artistically interesting and i think you did a great job on it.

    ja ne

  13. walkure245 Dec 29, 2006

    This is absolutely adorable. Indeed, whoever did the vectoring job did an amazing job. Kudos to them. But your walling skills are all yours. ^_^ The pink bg matches her style and really goes well with the cute theme. This is really good quality. Good stuff~

  14. XERAGONX Jan 14, 2007

    Nice Wall! She looks really cute! It's going to my favorites! Really also like the background!

  15. moonlight-shawdow Jan 15, 2007

    Ah this Floe from Simoun.Hmm i gots to finish that series its really good and the OP.+ED. are really nice
    i like this walls BG its very patternfullish

  16. Kanash Jan 22, 2007

    As moonlight already said, its Floe from Simoun.


    There are most, if not all of the characters in the anime.

  17. roguecody Feb 05, 2008

    Very cute. I love it.

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