Jigoku Shoujo: Catch Me, Can't You?

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NOTE: This doujinshi contains detailed images. Please full-viewed it!

Well, for only 1 reason, there're not many chibi version of Jigoku Shoujo. So, this is a great opportunity for me to create one using my style (perhaps may help contribute to that anime company!). For this time's theme is a parody of Jigoku Shoujo with sub-theme of Oseibo (Japanese winter gift) season, which suits well the day I submit this doujinshi. Thereupon, I would like to dedicate this to my friend Enchantressinthedark for all her effort in creating a userpage skin for me. :D

Inspired by anime Shakugan no Shana-tan, the style of [Catch Me, Can't you?] is exaggeration which are beyond what we usually see in this anime. Plus, the 'criss -cross' shading technique is used here to give some of the objects its own textures. Meanwhile, the balance formed in this art piece is Asymmetrical Balance.

In order to make a 'photo frame' effect, some objects are not drawn in whole images, so as to give an outcome of 'more things' outside the frame within.

However, the lacking of such chibi version made me constantly wonder around for other similar information. Thus, this doujinshi is from numerous combinations and modifications of ideas (while, some too were my original creations).

The large squares and rectangulars are classic Japanese stamps. Besides signifying an old way for mortals to send (letter posting) their grudges to Enma Ai before the invention of Jigoku Tsushin (Hell Website), it also denotes the season where Japanese people prepare for New Year postcards to be delivered to their loved ones. Other than that, instead of the usual characteristics where Enma Ai has the authority over her straw dolls, here she is being poked fun to chase after her dolls (in party hat and sash?!)! The package which the doll is holding is the cherry oseibo , which is Enma Ai's favourite fruit. Nevertheless, the chaser is not just her alone, but the spider and serpent too.

The far lower left item is berry juice inside wine barrel. At the same time, the item at the lower centre part is a fan-shaped chocolate cake (one of my original brainchild) with strawberry and sliced kiwi fruit as toppings. The shape of the fan is made of chocolate chips while its sticks from Pocky sticks. Its filling includes white mint chocolate. Both the berry juice and fan cake provide a holiday celebration ambience.

All animals shown here are those associated with Japanese supernatural mythology. As for the for the spider, it's adapted from this anime, which appears in the sunset world where Ai and her assistants reside between assignments and watches whenever Ai ferries a soul to Hell.

A special feature of this doujinshi is this serpent's visibility through these stamps only. In additional, the stamps' images are none other than these characters popping out from them.

Problems encountered: The 1st 3 days I can't think anything inspiring. Second then is determining the shape of every object. Enma Ai still posed a challenge to me in creating a chibi version. Because of that, I had made a few mistakes and had to re-draw it on new paper. As for her hair, I've try reducing its graininess by using 2B pencil instead of graphite 6b pencil, and made it evenly by wiping with cotton.

Time comsumed: 1 week++ = 2 days struggling for ideas, 7 days to completion (including eat, sleep, walk, watch anime, visit MT & doing research). The rest is double-checking and writing this report.

#. chibi fox-from a gift wrapper
#. butterfly symbolism
#. butterfly perching from DVD cover 2
#. Ren-tan of Bincho-tan anime (reference for this Enma Ai's chibi structure)

Last but not least, this doujinshi possessed 2 questions after viewing:
1) Who will you think is the person behind that straw doll?
a. Ichimoku Ren
b. Hone Onna
c. Wanyuudou
2) What will happen if Enma Ai caught that doll by the red string?

Alright, that's all for my presentation. Sorry for taking your time. But I hope you'll enjoy it well. Domo arigato gozaimasu! *bows* before I end it, any comments?

Join us; We'll help avenge your grudge>>>Jigoku-Tsushin-MT

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  1. wingsofsteel Dec 12, 2006

    i think its really cute.

  2. NeverEnd Dec 13, 2006

    one word to describe it,wonderful.

  3. o0Beginner0o Dec 13, 2006

    whoa....OMG this good now i know why you sad to full view it

  4. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Dec 13, 2006

    Back to Jigoku Shoujo, eh? Another lovely addition to the gallery kokuyu! Lovely job on all of the details (Both written and drawn! I think you have the most detailed descriptions of any other member in the doujinshi section! XD) The only thing I can really suggest would be to make Enma Ai a little fatter going along the lines of SD Chibi... She looks a little too thin here. But as for her hair... I think changing to a harder leaded pencil and blending it better worked wonders! Excellent job! Keep it up! :D

  5. SharinganKnight Dec 13, 2006

    I swear, like 2 pixels loaded of the full version and I was like "yup, Im faving this shit"

  6. enchantressinthedark Dec 13, 2006

    Whoa, such a detailed and beautiful drawing, for me? *glittery eyes* Thanks very much koko-chan! :D When I downloaded it, the whole bunch of details blinded me for like, 5 secs XD Took me quite sometime to scrutinize all those details you drew ^^ Very beautiful and somewhat cute! Nyuu...you're making me jealous of your drawing skills again X-P The doll running, I was laughing XD What's Sakuranbo? Its written on the book its holding ^^ The Enma Ai you drew here, makes me wanna hug her! :pacman:

    As for your question......I'm guessing Hone Onna XD

  7. Firemace Dec 13, 2006

    No Not Wonderful. *Replaces the Word*

    CHIBI-ful and colourful :) Thumbs up. Hey, i now know why my pencils and charcoals are low in supply over here. XD

    Nice. Super ! *yays for you* ;)

  8. Toya999 Dec 13, 2006

    great work!

    talk about a very detailed drawing.....very breathtaking indeed!

    great work!

  9. norine07 Dec 13, 2006

    ren-kun..! nice one..! ai will congrats you..! ^^ hahax.! wow your good at drawing, shading and all are fantasic..! your really a good artist...! thanks for sharing..! +faves

  10. fidiou Dec 14, 2006

    In effect, very detailed and good making! The strokes and shading are mastered and the all is lovely. Great doujinshi!

  11. sakuya-sama Dec 16, 2006

    everything is prety good

  12. royaldarkness Dec 18, 2006

    Wah this is really awesome! So detailed....and enma ai looks sooooooo cute in here :D
    I wish I could draw as well as you! *glares*

  13. enchantment Dec 19, 2006

    aww, its a really cute drawing :) wow, soo much detail XD its really nice and i love the idea :D chibi XD nice work~^^

  14. Danielly Dec 28, 2006

    this is so perfect i love it a lot XD

  15. plastickleo Jan 13, 2007

    Wow it was very detailed O.O

    The Shading and the contrast, it is a great work, very good composition.

  16. Badly-Charly Feb 15, 2007

    omg no XDD
    how cute is this?
    and soo much detailed *_* i love it ! ^^

  17. smallworld Jul 14, 2007

    Its really detailed and amazing!
    Great work! :]

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