Wakaba Wallpaper: A drop of colour

Wakaba Wallpaper
Wakaba Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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This is my entry for UA's CUTE contest/ theme!

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Inspiration for this eh. I was gonna use Otohiko Takano but then I was like (u_u)zzZZzz and went through my pictures folders again and found this. I really liked the birds and the concept. Just I didn't have an idea for a background. But I suppose all that painting came to the rescue and I eventually got this.

Scan: Okinawa Series [July Cover] by DREAM

I might submit a series of these Wakaba items. If I get brainwaves that is. This one came pretty naturally. Yay! \o/


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  1. kashikosa Dec 12, 2006

    Wow, this wallpaper is moving! I love the drop of color. It's such an interesting idea! The bg is simple but it fts well with the scan. On the whole this gives an impression as if it was painted with a bamboo paintbrush... Fantastic job!

  2. alterlier Dec 13, 2006

    the warm colors called my attention and now I have to say that the whole piece in full view is pretty damn cool, you were precise puting as a bg the road, in sorta way gives an eternity, fantasy kind of feeling, well that helps the character, all is just as is supposed to be but have one tiny question what's up with the huge sign? lol

  3. DREAM Dec 13, 2006

    finally Wakaba has been walled. that's one of the things i love about you most, lady misa - not only do you wall extremely well but you always take the most difficult artists as inspiration, imo.

    like Shunpei and now Wakaba etc. i love how you got rid of the predominately green bg and made the green leaves/petals transparent there. the clouds give the atmosphere a very other-worldy presence as well.

    simply a beautiful wall. note: it's a shame that MT doesn't allow b& w scans as Wakaba is in her element when she uses mostly b&w with a very liberal dash of color.

    + favs
    : gives a simple-ism nomination :

    : leaves lady misa 2 red roses :

  4. eternallegend Dec 13, 2006

    wow, the colours are nicely chosen and the composition is nicely done :D i like the interesting idea and the way everything is portrayed :) the title is really interesting XD nice wall ^^

  5. Ephemeral-Garden Dec 13, 2006

    Definitely spells original. It's very intriguing and somehow mkaes me feel so relaxed. The soft palette presentation makes it look so dreamy, it's just wonderful. Truly magnificent.

    Looking at your wall makes me feel the urge to wall another Jay Chou's song. >.<

  6. Spidey-Matt Dec 13, 2006

    FINALLY I get to comment on this wallpaper. I tried a couple days ago to full view (not that it needs to be seen in full view) but everything was downloading extremely slow. It is truly a beautiful design. It

  7. Akaiken Dec 14, 2006

    Wow... Misa's got a bunch of ideas nowadays. Even though the whole wall's kind of simple, the details given for representation absolutely rocks!

    Seeing this on the thumbnail view is already relaxing... what more if I see this on full view? XD

  8. viekazama Dec 15, 2006

    Geez... this cool XD

  9. enchantment Dec 17, 2006

    wow, an interesting design :D i love the idea of the path that leads upwards :D its a really nice conept :) lovely wall~^^

  10. inREVERIEforever Dec 19, 2006

    This is such a beautiful wallpaper. The soft colors makes me feel so fuzzy and warm inside. ^^ How you created the smooth road and clouds is just plain wonderful. This is definitely cute. Really love it. :)

  11. mentis Dec 26, 2006

    What a beautiful piece Misa-dono! Well done! I love it, what else can I say? :D

  12. Regenbogen Dec 26, 2006

    Sorry Misa, I haven't been around here to much lately... that's why I'm only looking at your wallpaper now. At the moment I'm in Germany with my parents. It's so boring, I should find some time to come around more often. I love this wallpaper, beautiful work as usual from you, Misa.

  13. markjo Jan 01, 2007

    Definitely unusual in a good sense - unique design with the flowers dominating the whole piece. Love the glowing edges, they look blurry and soft, also the colours are very warm and inviting.

  14. bluSake Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2007

    The flying-fish/birds are quite interesting; and the bg suits the image very well. :)

  15. seval Jan 20, 2007

    Very beautiful! The clouds, the flowers... I liked the surreal atmosphere of the wall. Perfect. :)

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