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CLAMP, Production I.G, xxxHOLiC, Yuuko Ichihara, Mokona Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Production I.G Studio xxxHOLiC Series,OVA Yuuko Ichihara Character Mokona Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So here's the story:

I found this BEAUTIFUL scan of xxxHolic, but it was kinda 800x600 and blurred. I automatically thought I'll vector this. But when I changed the size, to my astonishment the work looked like a manga blob rather than a CLAMP masterpiece. So I started looking for something a bit bigger or less blurred. Well I found it, but it appeared to be cut (from half of Yuuko's skirt, and just above her head, and some sofa on both sides) AND it had horrible colours (orange a yellow only). So I merged the two, and tried to do my best recreating the bits missing in the better scan (after all CLAMP is mostly about the lineart...) :)
After that came the coloring. Now, it's finished, hope you like it.
PS.I didn't find this scan on MT... ^_^' maybe I wasn't looking for it well...

Oh the different colours of the smoke made me think of Mr Tulip from 'The Truth' by Terry Pratchett (confession: am a big Pratchett fan). It look so chemical, it made me think of mothballs(don't worry if you don't understand... it's just my feeling towards the work)
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  1. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Dec 12, 2006

    This is absolutely beautiful! Great work!

  2. milla-chan Dec 12, 2006

    i just could'nt understand why this scan wasn't in here at all
    Clow-san and Yuko-san, there right, they are so cool, and that dress is one Yuko-san's best

    this picture will be one of my favorite forever :D
    thank you so much for sharing it ;)

    Clamp-fanatic ;)

  3. DarthTofu Dec 12, 2006

    All this xxxholic prettiness all over the place... I want to read it now. ^_^

  4. Hanazaki Dec 12, 2006

    I could have sworn I saw the image scan here in MT. Did they removed it?

  5. aneres Dec 12, 2006

    Yuuko and Clow~~ >w< Sankyuu for sharing this lovely scan.

  6. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 12, 2006

    Points the post up of this one....That is not a scan...what your're looking at is a wonderful art work!
    Lovely lovely lovely...i'm so amazed by this..
    Definitely a fav

  7. haosama3 Dec 12, 2006

    love you forever ....hanks for this scan

  8. mikan-sakura Dec 13, 2006

    *note to all; this is not a scan! O.o
    omigosh this is sooo beautiful...
    I don't have words for it ><
    great vector! + fav!

  9. Zaza4 Dec 13, 2006

    very nice!

  10. EldaLacus92 Dec 13, 2006

    Omg sweetie you're amazing! I knoe that I ogled at it last night more than enough but gods that just amazing >.< ! Though isn't it in wrong section? ^_^'
    And of course this goes straight to Highlight section ;) See you there *hugs*

  11. Rikkablurhound Dec 13, 2006

    Another beautiful work XD
    U fix it alright! XD It looks great XD
    The vector is really clean & nice... wow...
    Its really perfect XD
    But shouldnt it be in the vector art? O_o

  12. starrliteangel Dec 14, 2006

    O.O wow, all that detail.

  13. viekazama Dec 15, 2006

    Gee.... so cool! And all the detail..... speechless :D Nice work >u<

  14. enchantment Dec 17, 2006

    wow, really nice vectoring :) i love the overall outcome :D its really nicely done :) lovely wall~^^

  15. eternallegend Dec 17, 2006

    amazing :D the vector is done really well and the colours look lovely :) the outcome looks wonderful and everything is done really well XD wonderful wall ^^

  16. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2006

    wow, more clamp vector! I love the details and *wow* I'd never have patience to vector that... awesome colouring too, I like what you did with the smoke :)

  17. moonelf313 Dec 18, 2006

    Another beautiful vectore...It is wonderful! +Favs, thanks for making it into a wall! :)

  18. joiboidadoughboi Dec 20, 2006

    nice clean vectoring. bold colors. awesome!

  19. leosama84 Dec 27, 2006

    All i can say is, WOW!
    Makes you want to watch this Anime, just because of this lovely piece of art....
    Perfect choice of colors, beautiful atmosphere created, & the characters seem to like it, most importantly! LOL
    Thanx for sharing this lovely piece of art!
    keep it up!

    merged: 12-28-2006 ~ 03:55am
    All i can say is, WOW!
    Makes you want to watch this Anime, just because of this lovely piece of art....
    Perfect choice of colors, beautiful atmosphere created, & the characters seem to like it, most importantly! LOL
    Thanx for sharing this lovely piece of art!
    keep it up!

  20. MyrrhLynn Jan 03, 2007

    What the heck? Why isn't this Elite status yet, it's so freaking cool! Awesome job with the detail, you are braver then me since I only do vectors if the image quality is pretty good. XD

  21. merelie Feb 08, 2007

    wow, that is such wonderful work
    it is absolutely lovely and kudos to you for having the patience to merge separate images so beautifully
    you'd never know they were separate to look at the end product
    thank you so much for sharing! :D

  22. gilesaquil Mar 02, 2007

    Great vector work! I understand wanting this image to be high quality - it's kickass! ^^
    Very nice job here. ^^ Yea, lines are CLAMP style all right. I guess it adds a lot of appeal to their art.

  23. emma-0 Mar 11, 2007

    Thanks for a great picture! You're right - the smoke looks like something right out of Discworld - I can just see Mr. Tulip with his mothballs in the background! ;-)

  24. Sherrie Mar 14, 2007

    This is really beautiful! I have always, always admired Yuuko's clothes. They are always so beautiful and elegant. I love her outfit here too. You did a wonderful job in recreating it! I feel that it's so nice that it deserves to be highlighted or in the elite gallery. Anyway keep it up! Thanks so much for sharing! ^^ *adds to favs*

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