Hyung-Tae Kim Wallpaper: The city is mine

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ahh it is finish i dont know how long i work for this wall .... the most work was that i would relize my wishes and all the visions of the bg ... i try my best ... but still is not looking how i want ... but the most part it's do

I give for this wall the name the city is mine becourse i love the song from J-Zay.... the city is my is my fav song from him and i must say that this song was anytime in my mind as i work on this wall

the girl take her hands of her breast and u can see that she is hypnotice from the view of the city
and i can hear his words *The city is mine...*

ok this is wall is dedicated to 4 persons ok

1. Dinas : she is with one word *beautyful*
2. Esteban : boy your are in my heart i am sure u are my twin ;)
and the last
3. Kentaro : to my funny friend u bring me anytime to smile
4. Clover : a great friend it is destiny that we found us in mt

ohh and befor i go
dont forget to
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  1. Sinever Dec 09, 2006

    its been long time since you submited a wallie
    well beautifull as usual
    I really love it

  2. ichi-ni Dec 09, 2006

    it is really nice, i love the perspective, and the scan is really pretty, the lightning effect very good
    the final render is absolutely beautiful
    great wall
    a fav from me

  3. sailorchiron Dec 09, 2006

    Really nice Semanga-san! I hadn't thought of creating a city for this girl but it fits well!

  4. knightstar3 Dec 09, 2006

    oooh. beautiful work once again! >o<
    i especially like the lighting and how it flows through the windows, and the city looks absolutely wonderful. [;
    nice scan and everything fits well together. great job~~

  5. Kaede-chan Dec 09, 2006

    Gorgeous wallpaper. The background looks beautiful and there's just the right amount of glow :) Except her wings look weird; not that it's a bad thing. But great job. I really love it ^.~

  6. mirkoemir Dec 09, 2006

    I love it, babe. I love the background, the lights, the colors >.< and of course the hot scan XD
    Thank you very much for this gift, babe. You know that you can count on me anytime. Kiss.
    Take care of yourself.

  7. eternallegend Dec 10, 2006

    i like the way everything is portrayed and the colour scheme looks lovely :) i like how you did the lighting and how you made her seem as though she is gazing at the city XD everything is composed nicely and i like the view from the window :D lovely wall ^^

  8. ladyvampire Dec 10, 2006

    this is a really nice wallie! Yes, the color scheme is lovely. Great job! ^.^

  9. zaira Dec 10, 2006

    wow! another awesome wallie from you sema-sama zam! nice one for choosing a cool scan zam! the whole city is good too zam! and for the sunset color look it really fits the whole concept of the wall zam! i love it zam! soooo + fav! XD

  10. gabysango2011 Dec 10, 2006

    i luv it...
    the scan is soo interesting...and the bgr is awesome...i really like the city...and the windows are perfect
    the whole idea is really nice
    + fav

    merged: 12-10-2006 ~ 08:59pm
    also...as i said before..i really like the scan...
    if u can...can u tell me where to find it..?

  11. rubenz Dec 11, 2006

    wow semanga san, its really great, I love the color :d The city, and the window also looks great :D

  12. Norin Dec 11, 2006

    another great piece from you, you sure know how to use your talents!
    Nice job girl!
    I hope you have a nice day!

  13. Rei-Kashino Dec 11, 2006

    wow very nice

  14. Axelerate Dec 11, 2006

    I was about to skip this wall until I saw who made it. Nice wall, but I'm not fond of the omnipresence of the yellow-orangish tone. Imo below the awesomeness of your previous walls.

  15. AngelKate Dec 12, 2006

    This is really beautiful sweetie ^_^ I love the rays of light coming through the window and your city looks awesome! Your walls are always a joy to look at. Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays!

  16. enchantment Dec 12, 2006

    wow, the city looks soo nice :) i love the title :D everything in the wall looks lovely :) lovely wall~^^

  17. dianas Dec 12, 2006

    #cry of happiness# this new wallie of yours dear Sema is sooo awesome
    I love the scan that u chosed..she is sexy but in the same time mysterious >_< ,the wings are magical,
    the colors are just perfect..and the bg is original as ever >_< Is a honor for me to be nominated in the description >_< U just made my day sweetie #big hugs from Di# luv u dear

    merged: 12-13-2006 ~ 12:50am
    just a small detail my sweet can u pls write my name Dianas not Dinas ^_^' #hugles#

  18. pegassuss Dec 12, 2006

    Lovely wall semanga ^^ The scan is lovely and the city is very pretty. I love the scheme, those colors fit really well and I love the use of light coming from the window ^^ Great work!

  19. Kyelor Dec 13, 2006

    I love how the colored sunlight is streaming in through the windows...that's my fave part! ^_^

  20. Wapy Dec 13, 2006

    this wallpaper is a bit empty, isn't it?
    I guess you could have made more detail on the window, and blur a little the lights, they're too sharpen. And the broken glasses on the window look odd. the light balls behind her are cool, nice.

  21. ruprickt Dec 13, 2006

    wow what an awesome and intricate scan great job

  22. Cheza1982 Dec 14, 2006

    Awesome wall.
    I love the lightening effects you use.
    You did an amazing job on this.

  23. Rhonda21 Dec 14, 2006

    oh yay another wall from semanga. and such a pretty background. the window and lighting look great and the city view is cool. Great work!

  24. Alexmata Dec 15, 2006

    Added to fav great

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