Mei Mizuhara Wallpaper: Blue Tranqulity

Mei Mizuhara Wallpaper
Mei Mizuhara Mangaka

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Feature at Free--Wallers, and Illumiated at Celestial-Luminesse XD

Hello Everyone!

OMG Im so excited! XD Well, ever since I've joined Paint-o-Rama I've wanted to do a painted wallie, well I started one at first but it was so hard I got bored and I one day was suddenly bored and wanted to try to play with painting a wallie again so I found a scan I got on MT one day and started to paint on it, it was sort of easy I think. It reminds me of working with real pastels or a real canvas from school :D. Im sorry if I did it wrong or its messed up looking, I was stupid and didnt read any tutorials or anything, just some advice from my master Kan-chan and crazy company from my triplet Rhondi! I was trying to practice for my Paint-O-Rama's contest wallie. :D

Program used is PhotoShop CS2, the Tools I used were a round paint brush, smudge tool, and the burr tool, and not using a template or whatever its called hahato :). First of all EVERYTHING IN THIS WALLIE WAS PAINTED, even the text title I painted over hehe, and second THIS IS MY FIRST EVER PAINTED WALLIE :D. Scan I used --> (Doujin) ANGELIQENOTE 07 by: Tzutan

I basically got a stock of mountains and got the main colors from it and just had fun with it, and same with the skies but I used the scan's colors on it and did what I wanted to it, the water I just played and played with alot :D. I also wanted it to look sort of I dont know goddess like I guess you could say it on the water so I made sort of light water waves rising up around her, and I really like them on her. Painting the main character scan was the hardest and took the longest part of this wallie, she has so many colors on 1600% zoom its unreal lol XD. I hope you all like it, as much as my friends, sister, and I do. I really worked super hard on it. OMG im so nervous right now typing its crazy folks! Thanks to Starr for helping me think of title names!

Comments and Favs are always Welcomed!

Spread the happiness of walling::

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  1. thingperson Dec 08, 2006

    Oh my gosh i love this so much i love the background..wow i cant believe you painted this..she looks so pretty and i love the butterflies..wow..your so talented..*smiles*..im so amazed by you wow..i love this so much..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  2. Rhonda21 Dec 08, 2006

    oh yay triplet you do good painting! you know me like that style hehe. Lovely sky and mountains and water. and well me like!

  3. BlueAngel17 Dec 08, 2006

    you don't have to say sorry that you weren't able to paint good; because what you paint reflects what you "see" through your eyes. It's just a reflection of your inner mind, so there's no such thing as total perfection when painting. ^^ so what if the character's face looks smudged? It's your style. And I love it. ^^

  4. ChopperDave Dec 08, 2006

    Awesome! Very good! The whole painted style just looks so good! Theres just something about this style that really catches my eye! +fav! XD

  5. Sinever Dec 08, 2006

    you painted that?!
    its beautifull
    & I love it

  6. EldaLacus92 Dec 08, 2006

    Ohh, Sammie painted that? It's so pretty >.< and I can just imagine your suffering with 1600% zoomed. This must've been hard and I'm telling you that all your hard work hasn't gone to nothing since this is so magnificent! Are you sure this is your first painted wallie XD ? It looks so professional >.< .

  7. xianghua Dec 09, 2006

    WOW noo way! You painted that!? OMG it's beautiful Sammy! Your an artist now :D
    Everything is soo nice! I love the scan too! The butterflies look so adorable! The mountains are nice you used stock images? Not bad! You merged it nicely :D
    Can't wait too see more!
    Instant fav! :)

  8. enchantment Dec 09, 2006

    wow, the background looks smoothish :) i love the mountains and its really nicely painted :D i love the sky :) nice wall~^^

  9. eternallegend Dec 09, 2006

    everything looks lovely and you did a wonderful job on the painting :D everything is composed nicely and the colours look nice :) i like the butterflies and everything is wonderfully composed XD lovely wall ^^

  10. Kairi-Hearts Dec 09, 2006

    pretty :D :D
    you did a great job so don't apologize!
    i love everything on it.
    oh it's sooo beautiful
    definitly a fav :D

  11. darkangel013 Dec 09, 2006

    OMG! Lacus your the best artist XD
    The butterflies add a real nice touch to it and the are really beautiful.
    I love it see more Lacus XD
    *favs right away*

  12. Kan-chan Dec 09, 2006

    Yey u submited it aww soo good i really love how u painted it and all :D master loves it :D reallly great

  13. starrliteangel Dec 10, 2006

    ahhhh sammy i love it! its soo cute~ nya nya nya. a couple parts are a little odd though. the "l" in tranquility is a little squiggly. The ends of the girl's hair is also a little wierd on some parts. lol im kinda glad youre an art major though, because you figure out this painting thing pretty fast >.< me, on the other hand....well, lets not go there. you need to start working on the kaoru one btw, cuz i think the deadline is dec. 20

  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 10, 2006

    *Splutters* All I have to say is "wow".
    Ok, I need to say more XD
    The clouds. Oh, the clouds. I love them. They look so soft and fluffy! The mountains are great and I love the water x_x The only thing that I noticed that was "wrong" is that the girl's arm is a tinny bit messy. Other than that... just wow. +fav, no question about it. I really can't wait to see your entry for the contest.

  15. gabysango2011 Dec 10, 2006

    i luv it...i think his one is really a good wallie
    the sky with all those clouds is perfect...and everything here is really nice
    + fav

  16. cruciare Dec 10, 2006

    great work

  17. kaisui1tatsu Dec 11, 2006

    Nice job! I would have put more details in it, but for a free hand, it is really nice! yay!
    Oh, and I got my computer fixed! Yay!

  18. Firemace Dec 12, 2006

    Sugoi Sugoi !

    >.< Oopps........ you did it again ! >.<

    Marvelous Work. Truly. Can i say that ? Yeah that. *Yells* "Oh my Goddness ! " >.< XD XD :) That is so much like a Canvas Painting. Er... it is right ? I love those touch up on the Scarf and butterflies.Of course, the clouds too. Hrm.....*look*

    Soothing, wispy and Elegant. Thank you so so Much on your time and sharing it with us. *Still trapped in*

    *Tapes mouth and stares*

  19. Val3f0r Dec 13, 2006

    Wooo.... something different from you PinkPrincess, a painted wally! XD It looks great. You drew the butterflies very well. Good touch on the scarf. Everything else is perfect...

    Great work on this one and good luck for the contest. Looking forward to your contest's wally ^^

  20. Rikkablurhound Dec 13, 2006

    Wow... this is really pretty XD
    I like this one...
    the chara's face looks a bit odd, but its fine, looks kinda artistic XD
    I like everything inside, its painted really nicely & I think the blurred feeling adds on! XD
    Wowie! Its great! XD
    I like the sky & the lake the most XD
    My Bday is comin! I want one! >_< *sulks*
    +fav & fea

  21. lthnadml Dec 14, 2006

    The background is soooo lovely! the sky is the most beautiful! You have done a great job! And the butterflies are excellent idea, the black color makes a beautiful contrast! Great work! ;)

  22. CrazyGiirl Dec 14, 2006

    its really really nice. :) i like the butterflies. fly fly~~ X-P

  23. animanga Dec 15, 2006

    Sorry I took so long to get 'round to commenting. ^_^'
    This is amazing Sam! The fact that you painted everything gets you extra credit from me. ;)
    XD The butterflies & clouds are gorgeous! Really amazing work, kepp it up!
    I've been wanting to do a painted wall for ages, you may have just inspired me. ;)

  24. viekazama Dec 15, 2006

    this so amazing.... i envy you XD


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