Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: You Belong To Me

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto, Syaoran Li Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character Syaoran Li Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

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...Hello Everyone,

First of all Thanks to my dear friend SakuraShirayuki who submitted this for me, since MT wasnt letting me. This is my newest wallie, I been working on a present for Doki-chan, but its taking so long that I was having wall withdraws lol XD, that I had to wall somin and once I saw a brand new version of one of my fav tsubasa scans submitted Ruffled Relationship - Syaoran & Sakura by Marissa . I hope you all love it as much as I do lol.

Umm hard to write a description b/c I've done so much to it, I've forgotten or Im to lazy to think of it all lol. First of all I used cloud brushes of different colors on blend modes in the back, I used textures in selected areas of the wall and on the whole wall as well, I used flowers scan and transformed them and placed them all in there it took awhile and alot of layers, added a white sparkle effect from the flowers as if the light and darkness in this wall are clashing each other. I used a lighting effects on the main characters scan, and a bunch of other stuff Im do tired to write out sorries lol. This wall was my most layered wall ever, I tried merging some b/c before I had ended up with 150 layers hehe :D. It took me six hours extracting of the main characters, the most I ever did lol, but it was so much fun to do.

Inspiration and theme to the Wall is my favorite song Snow White Queen by Evanscence -- Lyrics Here, and to laurent.
Special Thanks to Starr, My sister the little helper thingperson, and rhondi on this wallpaper Background collum scans I found one day a long time ago browsing thru the most recent scans it was a misc scan, Brushes from Devintart.

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. SakuraShirayuki Dec 02, 2006

    Waiii nice nice
    so well... wow ^^
    it's fav <33

  2. jose41936962 Dec 02, 2006

    is coooooooooollllll

  3. HeartFulSkies Dec 02, 2006

    omg Lacus this is sooo awesome >_< all your wallpapers are just amazing! -huggles the wallpaper- i'm so sorry i can't get onto MSN to talk T-T It won't be nice to me, so i have to fix it. I'm sorry about the bug u_u still, this bug doesn't take away from the beauty of your wallpaper =D


  4. Rella Dec 03, 2006

    Oh, wow, the scene is soo beautifully displayed. I love the leaves and the fog on the bottom of it. The sky is brilliant, love it like I love the columns there. XD Good job!

  5. rollingmreg Dec 03, 2006

    It is a signboard of a movie or a dramatic picture such as a poster.

  6. animanga Dec 03, 2006

    Just gorgeous Lacus! :D
    I love what you did to the scan & the pillars are awesome!
    The mist and roses are so beautiful, would you mind telling me where you got the roses from? :)
    My only qualm is that although I love the text, it doesn't actually match. I think it needs to be brown and splotchy-but the actual font matches great. ;)
    Well done! :D

  7. DanyChan Dec 03, 2006

    Wonderful wall!
    I love it!

  8. cassandraronald Dec 03, 2006

    wow wonderful wall XD
    omg the bg is awesome I love wad you did to it :)
    and I love the scan too XD
    great job

  9. EmeraldDragon Dec 03, 2006

    wow, great job! I love the colors and textures in the picture. *favs*

  10. Sinever Dec 03, 2006

    well done as usual

  11. thingperson Dec 03, 2006

    Oh my gosh i love this so much the scan is so cute i love it and the background wow it matches everything so good..wow and the effects..your so talented..wow i love this so much..*smiles*.

    From your real life twin Sister,

  12. eternallegend Dec 03, 2006

    wow, amazing XD the background looks nice with all the bits and pieces and the textures add a nice touch to your wall :D i like the concept of your wall and the flowers and sparkles look nice :) i like how everything blends nicely and overall lovely wall ^^

  13. enchantment Dec 03, 2006

    wow, the background looks stunning :) i love the sky and everything blends nicely together :D i love the title, it matches nicely :) lovely wall~^^

  14. EldaLacus92 Dec 03, 2006

    *oohhh* Gorgeous Sammie!<3 I love the steam you've made there near the ground and those bronze roses <3 I love roses XD and ruins and that big moon on the sky! It's fantastic like always ;)

  15. gabysango2011 Dec 03, 2006

    i lov the scenery...full of things...lol..
    the scan is really nice, and the sky, full with moons, lights, clouds, etc...is really awesome
    i luv it
    also luv the textures...
    + fav

  16. Rhonda21 Dec 04, 2006

    AH TRIPLET. You have such skills. lol. But really it looks great! I love how you did the background and the colors are cool. And I love that scan too. So cute. :D Well awesome job!

  17. darkangel013 Dec 04, 2006

    Waii I love it Lacus XD
    I wonder how Kira is going to react to this *wonders*
    The scenery and the image is sooo cool XD
    Keep it up and hope to see more great ones
    Can't wait ;)

  18. Hanazaki Dec 04, 2006

    Stunning piece of artwork. + fav.

  19. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Dec 04, 2006

    What a lovely wallpaper PPL-san! The atmosphere that you've created with the scan and the background is truly a sight to behold... (Though Syaoran looks scary with that eye thing... ^_^') The only thing that I would change would be to either take out the text altogether or change it to match the background a little more. The font that you used seems like it would be better suited for more of a grunge wallie... With this background I could totally see the font being some kind of big looping font... Well, it's still a lovely wall! Keep up the great work! :D

  20. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Dec 04, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper! I love it!

  21. lovecards Dec 04, 2006

    its lovely.....congratulations^^.I love it!

  22. audeaya Dec 04, 2006

    great wall miss I love the idea and the BG you're so great sam!
    XD fav!

  23. patito22 Dec 04, 2006

    This is really nice!

  24. moonelf313 Dec 04, 2006

    Beautiful wallie...I love the textures and the background you used...it is breathtaking! You have come a long way with your wallies! Once again +Favs and can't wait to see more! :) *hugs*

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