Othello Wallpaper: Reversed World

Toui Hasumi, Othello Wallpaper
Toui Hasumi Mangaka Othello Series

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I decided to make a wallie for a change again :D Though this didn't take me as long as a vector would take me ^_^' maybe because I'm still practicing in doing wallies. I chose a male scan to vector that I found from the 'Other' section. I didn't really have a good idea what to make out of that scan, but then I decided to do something different as in changing it from usual black outlines etc. to white... In other words inverse I suppose :o Well it wasn't exactly hard to vector him, just his hair was rather almost as messy as Yuuko's ^_^' It's rather simple isn't it? Though I was never good in making complicated wallies ^_^'
Maybe next time I'll try something more complicated :D

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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Dec 02, 2006

    OH I love it! Its so unique, so different, it catches my attention like that o.O. I love how you thought of doing this. I love the eyes and is that a texture on her ... oh wow great job you did here my girl I love it! XD favs from for sure! Such imagination, and time I bet went into this! Me loves it, such a great wallie my dear Elda-chan X-P.

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. SakuraShirayuki Dec 02, 2006

    just let me fullview it!

    merged: 12-03-2006 ~ 05:45am

    Edit: ooohh nice nice ^^ the texture you used is nice and the vector really clean ^^
    It's simple but nice and her eyes (it's a girl, right?) are the highlight of this wallpaper ^^
    nothing more to say ^^ just FAV!

  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2006

    ooh nice idea, I like the hair (like Yuuko's flowing hair :D) I like the yellow-ish glow to the eyes, creepy but cool :D

    Hmm, the texture looks nice on the skin by itself, but I don't think it quite fits here, because there are no textures on the black or white, so the texture on just the blue looks a bit out of place.

    anyway, cool idea! very creative :)

  4. animanga Dec 03, 2006

    It's so cool! I thought the thumb was yuuko. X-P
    I love the black/white with just one part coloured. :) & all the thin strands of hair really...I'm not sure how to say it, proves you really put time in to it, or something. X-P Because I would probably skip 3/4ths of them. ^_^' I can sort of see a texture on the skin, I like it. :)
    Well great job! :)

  5. Lunariha Dec 03, 2006

    Awww..you make sooo nice wallies dear Elda-chan!
    Oh and this one's on elite gallery! *thumbs up*
    It really catches one's attention...love the black and white effect.
    And I thought it was Yuuko when I saw it...^_^

  6. Sinever Dec 03, 2006

    it sure does catches someones attention
    well done

  7. enchantment Dec 03, 2006

    wow, inverse :) really interesting idea and its really nicely vectored :D everything looks nice and neat :) nice wall~^^

  8. eternallegend Dec 03, 2006

    i like the interesting idea and the colours look nice and contrast nicely :D the vector is nicely done and looks really clean XD everything is nicely composed and overall interesting wall ^^

  9. kashikosa Dec 03, 2006

    Actually, I find this really nice, the texture quite fits the image, he looks really nice! I agree his hair look just like Yuuko's. It really catches the eye, even though I don't think this is your best work ever... Gomen ^_^'

    merged: 12-04-2006 ~ 05:22am
    oh, and this work, is noticed on Vectory ;)

  10. Kairi-Hearts Dec 05, 2006

    oh it's so unique!
    I like the texture you added, it fits with the image^^
    I also love the choice of colors!
    btw, nice vector as always Eldan-san :)
    +fav :D

  11. xianghua Dec 09, 2006

    Nice one Elda-san! I love it! Nice idea with the reverse colour! :D
    Vector is awesome as always!
    Instant fav XD

  12. Odeena Dec 10, 2006

    Man, that hair must've taken AGES! I thoroughly admire your patience Elda-senpai!


  13. rubenz Dec 20, 2006

    I love this ^^ its so unique ^^ the vector is very neat also ^^

  14. enchantressinthedark Jan 04, 2007

    Wow, unique indeed! Even though the colours are inverted, its still a very stunning vector :)

  15. paintmearainbow Feb 25, 2007

    Wow! This is one beautiful vector :) The way you reverse the colouring is very unique and the hairs must be very frustrating to vector so excellent job! -beams-

    Off-topic: The person in the vector reminds me of someone from fruit basket, Akito's mother to be exact. Oh well, I guess I think too much XD

  16. email938 Jan 30, 2009

    love the monochrome effect on this.

  17. Mustang6593 Mute Member Jan 04, 2011

    Thank you for sharing, nice.....................

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