Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century Wallpaper: lalah sune

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century, Lalah Sune Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this is my long overdue wall for flyin's 7 Virtue Project.
As mine was abstinence, or thats what I chose, I decided to take a more non conventional approach to it. Im not a big fan of the traditional connotations of this virtue consisting of mainly...abstinence from such things as sex, food, etc. Instead I took an environmental and somewhat Buddhist approach to it. These excerpts from the wiki article on it, sum up what I was going for pretty well:

"In India, Buddhists, Jains, and some Hindus abstain from eating meat on the grounds both of health and of reverence for all sentient forms of life. Total abstinence from feeding on the flesh of cows is a hallmark of Hinduism."

"The environmental movement does not necessarily advocate abstinence from bodily pleasures such as sex, but it does promote a lifestyle in harmony with the simplicity of nature, due to the limitations of non-renewable resources."

How this relates to the actual image? ill leave up to the viewer. Ill just say, I wasnt going for a literal visual representation, but more the mood I got from the image. With that said, for those that don't know, the lovely character in the wall is Lalah Sune from the Original Gundam. I simply vectored a scan I liked of her and extended some of those nice ol' swirls. ill post more res soon on pixel-ellipsis.net, and as i said before, be on the lookout for the new layout.

Also, go check out the awesomeness that is Instant Noodles:

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  1. fawna-chan Nov 29, 2006

    I don't read or watch mobile suit gundam, universal Century or otherwise but I do get that feeling from the wallpaper. :) I really like the swirls and this is just another great vector. XD

  2. shiningdays Nov 29, 2006

    pretty much awesome yes indeed. background colour doesn't agree with me, but everything else is awesome so i shall fave :D

  3. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2006

    I'm not a fan of Christian values much, but this wall is great. I like the scan you chose and how you worked with it a lot. very light~

  4. DREAM Nov 29, 2006

    actually this may be a slight stretch on my end but the first thing that i thought of was Mohandas Gandhi's concept of "Satyagraha" which could be argued is the ultimate ideal.

    btw- i caught your "Eden" wall on the manga of the same name and read about it on wikipedia. sounds incredible.. anyhow just wanted to give a thanks..

  5. AyumiNemoto Nov 29, 2006

    Love the vector and im in agreement wtih shining days, the background is just not working for me either >.< Keep up the great work ^^

  6. moonlightdreamer Nov 29, 2006

    wow this a really cool wallpaper I love the way you have made her look like she has wings!

  7. HitomiEyes Nov 29, 2006

    wow this is really an amaizing wallpaper! the wings so cool!fav!

  8. mentis Dec 03, 2006

    I can see your theme of India represented in this character, as well as the warm tones. Though in a way your character has a bit of "righteousness" in her too ;). From my first hand experiences in Buddhism, I do not quite get the feeling of abstinence from your piece.

    However, as a work of art in its own right it is excellent. As in your other pieces your vector skill is clearly top notch. Allthough maybe you are tired of hearing people say that :P. Your use of line in this piece makes for a very dynamic and strong composition, which is naturally strengthened by her "wings and flight."

  9. WWLAOS Jun 07, 2007

    Beautiful, emotional wallpaper. It really does have a sort of "one with nature" feel to it. I love the warm, earthy colors, especially on the big, sweeping curves. For some reason, her face sticks out too much in my opinion...I think you could have used much, much softer colors for the eyes (not so much white as more of a light peach for the whites of the eyes and a calmer shade of green for the irises) as well as a slightly deeper shade for the mouth. Actually, I kind of like the look it has if you just completely blank out the face except for her dot. But, heck, I'm no artist, and it is beautiful the way it is.

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