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Okay, this is just something I cooked up a couple of days ago (oh.. it's yesterday actually) when I couldn't be stuffed studying. Bad Euna! *smacks myself... again*

This is for those of you who have been waiting for 40 weeks for me to submit something other than vectors and scans.

In particular, I dedicate this to bromithia because I forgot his bday last week TT_TT I hope this brings some happiness to brommit~

This idea popped up in my head as I read lines I copied off Clover manga (when I should have been studying Chemistry).

Why did I do this:
1) I've always wanted to do a ridiculously simple wallpaper.
2) It didn't take days and days like most of my other wallpapers (actually, they take months because I'm lazy).

Why is it green?
1) Because clovers are green. duh.
2) It's easy on the eyes. Better than red. x_x
3) I like green. So there.

Why not a four-leaved clover?
1) Because I felt sorry that the three-leaved clovers never got the attenton. Besides, four leaves = too much + crammed leaves.

I only have 9 days of exams & school left so once the holidays are here, I should be able to cook up LOTS of vectors (I'm crazy enough to consider vectoring a whole lot of Ichigo Mashimaro, Furuba and Bleach characters as a resource for antiquePOP).

Hopefully antiquePOP will get out of its hiatus this holiday. I'll try and do something about it.

To those of you who want a slightly brighter colour:


PS - the swirly thing in the bg signifies wind. Don't argue. If I say so, it is. =P

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  1. MallieChan Nov 28, 2006

    awww :3 this wallie is so cute >w<
    But ita simple ;3 i luv it :3 ima add it to my favs

  2. SupermilkchanChii Nov 28, 2006

    OO i Like it too!
    It's so very cute!
    I love how cute simple things are!
    Great job^_^ ^_^

  3. cassandraronald Nov 28, 2006

    I like this wall XD
    it is very simple and cute >.<

  4. janicehamtaro Nov 28, 2006

    this wallie is great. Simplicity is good. and yes i do agree that three-leaved clovers deserve more attention! +fav

  5. asinine Nov 28, 2006

    Ehe clovers have have 4 petals to signify the four virtues of love... or so i heard X-P
    And yes the 3 petal cloverd needs love too :D
    Yay Eunasahng finally make a wallpaper... (Coz you read clover manga..and lazy to study..) Artistically the wally has nothing much to whine about... hehe the swirl is wind X-P
    LMAO now go back and study :D

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2006

    Cool idea. The colors are really neat and I love that "sponge" effect. Great job!

  7. pamkips Nov 28, 2006

    the simpllicity, I simply wuv it
    great job

  8. mukumuku Nov 28, 2006

    Simple but cool ^^ .. I like

  9. rythem Nov 28, 2006

    green is su-weett <3 very simple (lol) and nicely done ~ I like the composition and rough line strokes :3

  10. eternallegend Nov 28, 2006

    i like the simple look of your wall and the green is a nice refreshing colour :D i like the effect on the leaves and the composition of the clovers :) nice wall ^^

  11. enchantment Nov 28, 2006

    wow, simple and cute :) it looks really lovely and i love the greenish colour :D lovely wall~^^

  12. inuyashalove04 Nov 29, 2006

    Wow...this is a very simple wallpaper. But...I really like it. I think it's because of the simplicity of it. The color is easy on the eyes and it's different from the other wallpapers that I've been looking at lately. Very cute idea also...nice work.

  13. ayane-heine Nov 29, 2006

    wow.. Euna made a soothing looking wallie... *_*
    I was just about to find a simple wallie and here it is.. :D
    Although this wallie is simple, i kinda think that it is cute and nice with simple details... XD The swirl is the wind? ok.. ok.. Thanx for sharing such a kawaii wallie.. ^^

  14. Piliichihara Restricted Member Dec 01, 2006

    uhhh.. nice ,... very very nice.. what more can i say..

  15. Criox Dec 01, 2006

    Haha! Euna-chan. You make a simple and natural wallie for brom. Nice indeed. Thats all I can describe. ^^;

  16. bromithia Retired Moderator Dec 05, 2006

    So cutee :D Thanks for dedicating it to me Euna <3

  17. eonir Dec 29, 2006

    Very neat :D
    Many artists on MT forget that wallpaper is the background for icons :-)
    Hail Vector Art and minimalistic art!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. firewind Jan 16, 2007

    so refreshing!

  19. lon3lyAzn Feb 16, 2007

    so beautiful. i love the color.

  20. reismione Jun 08, 2007

    simple :)

  21. MPhnx Jun 28, 2007

    euuunnnaaaa! <333333
    beautiful wallpaper

    how are you girl? long time no see ^^
    beautiful wallpaperrrrr <333333333

  22. junpak Dec 13, 2009

    so simple and refreshing i really like it

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